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  1. Danny

    Wigan v Forest

    Weird to go into these matches expecting a win but can’t see anything else for us this weekend. After a couple of weeks off hopefully Semedo and Sow have shaken off their knocks and Lamouchi will have almost a full squad to pick from. I reckon 2-0 to the good guys.
  2. Danny

    Wigan v Forest

    If Grabban gets knackered there we’re fucked so might not be a bad idea to try get Mir into some form, especially as we’re coming into the busy Christmas period soon. Don’t like Ribiero on the wing but still think we’ll have too much for Wigan.
  3. Danny

    Wigan v Forest

    Quite. As long as Grabban keeps putting performances in as he has been doing then I’m not particularly arsed if he’s not the joke-cracking type.
  4. Danny

    The politics thread

    Since when did we live under a dictatorship? No MP is obliged to vote this deal through, especially without any time to scrutinise it. I’ve seen this morning Raab describe NI getting a ‘cracking deal’. If it’s that fucking good then why aren’t the rest of the UK getting it also?
  5. Danny


    Thoroughly deserved. He’s been a complete breath of fresh air. He doesn’t try to bullshit anyone and he appears to genuinely appreciate the history and significance of the club to the fans. You get the sense that the players wholeheartedly buy into what he’s trying to do also which has been a rarity over the past decade and beyond.
  6. Danny

    Forest v Brentford

    Unsure about this one. It’d be great to go j to the international break on a high so the optimist in me is punting for 2-1.
  7. Danny

    Blackburn v Forest

    10 matches in. 9 unbeaten. Unbeaten from home. 3rd in the table. 1 point off the top. I’ll have that.
  8. Danny

    Stoke v Forest

    I love this Forest team.
  9. Danny

    Stoke v Forest

    Forest 23/10 tonight. Surely worth a few quid.
  10. Danny

    Stoke v Forest

    Stoke are shit. Their manager is a dead man walking. We’re flying high. Usually I’d expect us to balls this up but this is a different Forest. Win 2-0.
  11. Danny

    Premier League chit chat

    Teddy Sheringham - Spurs
  12. Danny

    Arsenal v Forest

    Taking the positives, this result will mean the squad don’t get over-confident and should reset their focus for Friday. It was a free hit of a match and we weren’t expected to win. Get a result Friday and this will all be forgotten.
  13. Danny

    Forest v Barnsley

    Bit of a cliche but that’s the type of match we would’ve lost in recent years. We weren’t at our best at all but we found a way to win and defended heroically. That’ll breed a different type of confidence in the squad; the fact that we’re capable of pulling teams apart, such as Birmingham, but also putting in the hard yards when it matters shows that we’re not a fair-weather side.
  14. Danny

    Swansea v Forest

    Brilliant result. Nice to see us picking up some momentum.
  15. Danny

    Swansea v Forest

    1-1 I reckon but wouldn’t be surprised if we sneaked a win.
  16. Danny

    Arsenal Tickets

    To sell almost 8,500 for a match in London on a Tuesday night, regardless of the cheap tickets, is an amazing feat. Hopefully we put on a decent showing.
  17. Danny

    The politics thread

    Muslims make up about 5% of the population. I don’t think you’ve much to worry about.
  18. Danny

    The politics thread

    So if none of us know what will happen and all sensible predictions are that at the very least it’ll cause a temporary shortage of certain medical supplies, higher food costs, potentially food delays etc what is the sensible argument to leave? No-one on the leave side of the argument ever mooted a ‘no deal’ so all this ‘leave means leave’ is bollocks. It was sold on the idea that we’d get a great deal and now we’re being asked to accept no deal whatsoever. Ideologically I’m not averse to leaving but still goodness knows how many years on no-one has put forward a positive, realistic argument as to why this would be a good move.
  19. Danny

    Any takers?

    League One and Two’s transfer window closed at 5pm today. Scotland’s closes at midnight so there’s still a possibility of moving more on. I’ve seen rumours of Smith to Hearts so fingers crossed.
  20. Danny

    Any takers?

    Cummings to Shrewsbury on a 2 year deal. What a complete waste of space he was.
  21. Danny

    Any takers?

    Bridcutt to Bolton has been confirmed.
  22. Danny

    Any takers?

    They’ve recently been taken over by some some Saudi Arabian sheikh. Regardless, £8 million is far too good to turn down for a player like Appiah so hopefully we snap their arm off.
  23. Danny

    Forest v Preston

    Another win for us I reckon. 2-0.
  24. Danny

    8 points from 5 games

    Sow, Semedo and surprisingly Ameobi have all been excellent so far.
  25. Danny

    An Apology

    Pleased to see it’s back.

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