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  1. Danny

    Martin O Neill

    Wasn’t he on trial at Port Vale or somewhere equally shite? He was never going to be top class but you can’t help but feel he’s wasted his ability.
  2. Danny

    Martin O Neill

    Farke was asked to slash the wage bill so I’d expect his first season was a bit of a free swing in that respect.
  3. Danny

    Martin O Neill

    Why do you think ‘stability’ will make any difference to O’Neills ability to get us up? It’s easy to bounce around buzzwords like that but what do you actually mean? What have you seen so far that gives you confidence that O’Neill is the man to do it?
  4. Martin O’Neill ain’t Brian Clough and nor is anyone else for that matter. The game has moved so far on since those days it’s pointless comparing. Gone are the days of us breaking transfer records and signing elite players like Peter Shilton. Stability is only worthwhile if what you’re doing is succeeding, or at least has a chance to. Has O’Neill shown you anything which gives you faith that he’s capable of leading us to a promotion push next time time out?
  5. Danny

    Will we go up

    No chance this season. Too many teams ahead of us and we’re not consistent enough.
  6. Do you trust him to bring the right players in? He doesn’t deserve owt if he’s come in with the remit of getting top 6 this season and misses out. Whether you think that’s fair or not is a different matter but there’s a reason he was given such a short-term deal.
  7. Nope. He’s done better than I thought he would but I don’t think he’s up to it.
  8. Danny

    Conspiracy Theories

    Something doesn’t sit right with the whole thing. The hardest thing to understand is why British police are still chucking money into this. What other missing persons case has had this amount of resources put into it? I also find it difficult to comprehend why Kate was so unco-operative with the police during her initial interview. Surely if it was your kid you’d provide any and all help you could in the hope that it could lead to her being found safe and well. The sniffer dogs as well seems to be a massive red flag. The parents surely are involved far more than has been confirmed.
  9. Danny

    Ipswich vs Forest

    It was an absolute arse of a decision and yet another one to go against us. If it’s true that these things even themselves out over the course of a season then we can look forward to some absolute gifts from referees in our remaining 8 games.
  10. Danny

    Ipswich vs Forest

    If it wasn’t already, this season is over now. I expect O’Neill to get the elbow in the summer.
  11. Danny

    2019/2020 Season tickets

    Same here. This season has been better but for the past decade or so the football has been largely inconsequential. Having a ticket just gives me an excuse to head to Nottingham on a regular basis and catch up with family and friends.
  12. Danny

    Ipswich vs Forest

    Absolute must win I reckon. 1-1 I fear though.
  13. Danny

    2019/2020 Season tickets

    Just renewed mine. Slight drop in price from last time round. I’ll be interested to see if we reach the 20,000 limit set by the club. I think a lot will depend on how we finish the season.
  14. Danny

    Forest v Villa

    I think Yacob started O’Neill’s first match but aside from that he’s not featured. It’s an odd one as he was always one of our better performers when he played and he’s a cut above Yates.
  15. Danny

    Forest v Villa

    For all the clamour about Carvalho not featuring much under O’Neill he was shite last night. Ansifarid showed why that was his first start. Hopefully he won’t have any more. Pele looked like a completely different player than the one who impressed so much against Hull. I feel last night was probably more indicative of his true level. Yates looks more limited with each time I see him. He’s steady but I doubt he’ll be anything special. No-one really came out with any credit to be fair but Pantillimon was bilge again. I reckon a decent goalkeeper stops all three of their goals. That’s not to say all three were his fault but he could’ve done better with all of them. Mike Dean was a bellend which was to be expected. Luckily both Bristol and Derby drew so we didn’t lose much ground on the top 6 but we can’t afford any more performances like last night. For what it’s worth, I can’t see us making the top 6 and I expect O’Neill to be replaced in the summer.

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