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  1. Danny

    NFFC Rumours

    Makes sense considering how far down the pecking order they are. I’m expecting a bit of a cull in January.
  2. Danny

    Boxing thread

    Watched it round my mates and predicted Osyk inside 8. Whilst Bellew did ok in the first few rounds, had you been listening to the Sky commentary you’d think he was knocking Osyk all over the place. Only Paulie Malignaggi spoke any sense. A brave performance from Bellew but the gulf in class was obvious from the get go. He can retire now with a decent wedge tucked away and his health intact. He wrung out a career far beyond his natural limitations and ducked nobody so for that he should be credited.
  3. Moaning about yesterday seems churlish at best. Whilst the first half was crap, we turned the screw in the second and aside from a couple of decent saves and wayward shots we’d have won. As much as I’m no fan of Karanka it’s not his fault Grabban had an off day or Butland pulled off a couple of great saves. On another day we’d have won comfortably.
  4. Turgid first half but we picked up in the second. Butland’s save from Lolley was brilliant and most other keepers in this division would have seen the ball whistle past their ears. Yacob is a huge improvement on Colback and Watson and it was strange to see him on the bench today after his brilliant debut last week. Darikwa was great, as was Dawson. Poor day for Grabban who should have buried that chance early in the second half. Overall a draw seemed fair but it’s yet another match where we could have nicked all three points.
  5. As long as he respects the minutes silence, which I’m certain he will, then McClean is entitled to his own views so fair fucks to him. As for the result - 2-0 to the good guys.
  6. Danny

    News chit chat

    Agreed. Sue Perkins is the absolute worst for me though. The least funny human on the planet.
  7. I don’t doubt that you’re right but I was just pointing out that up until this year Derby have spent a load more than we have. In regards to the main point, the football is absolutely dull as fuck for the most part with the odd flash of inspiration. You can read that two ways I think; this is as good as it’ll get under Karanka as our style, if you can use that word, aligns with the one he previously used whilst managing Boro. Alternatively the team are yet to properly hit their straps and we have had a fairly tricky run of fixtures where we have played a lot of the better sides in this division. As of yet I’m not sure where I sit with it although I probably lean more to the former. If that’s the case then I can put up with it whilst we’re picking up points. I do expect our giant squad to show its worth over the festive period though and our greater fitness should mean we begin putting a few sides to the sword.
  8. Maybe this summer but for the previous few years they’ve spent big money building their squad. The likes of Davies, Johnson, Ince, Carson etc won’t be on pennies either. It’s only because of their lavishness in recent years that they had to tighten their belt this summer.
  9. Danny

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Cheers mate. Really good of you.
  10. Danny

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Cheers Colin. Really appreciate it. My old man (24 year army veteran) advised me last night that a trick for preventing blisters is to piss on your feet. I think I’ll just settle with struggling through any which may arise.
  11. Difficult for anyone to argue against that. It’s fantastic getting to my seat and seeing the ground pretty much full every match. It adds to the occasion and, whilst collectively we can be a bunch of moaning bastards, when we get behind the side it’s great hearing noise coming from all 4 sides of the ground. Compared to other clubs, I’m looking at you Leeds, our tickets aren’t that poorly priced. People enjoy watching a winning side so yesterday’s result was great as hopefully it’ll keep them coming back for next week against Stoke.
  12. Solid without being spectacular is the best way to sum up yesterday. We contained a Sheffield United side, who sat top of the league, with ease and limited them to scraps. Going forward we weren’t that much better but we managed to carve out one decent chance which Grabban stuck away. I’ll take that all day long.
  13. Bit of a grind that. Yacob was good on his debut. Dawson was great. Grabban showed the worth of having a proper goal scorer in your side.
  14. Danny

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Ansifarad just been officially announced. Best get a good look at him now lads as we’ll likely not see him again.
  15. Danny

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Cheers mate. Really appreciate it. I’m sure some of you lot will remember him off other forums so might be interested to know that SDE is doing it as well.

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