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  1. colin

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    Taylor from Charlton looks a plyer .
  2. colin

    Fawaz suing Forest

    Forest to appeal ....
  3. colin


    Will we see the shaggers cry on the telly again ????????
  4. colin

    Forest Memorabilia

    Mark , I'd contact the person responsible for PR ( Johnny Owen ????? ) Think this would make a great backdrop to the trophies in our boardroom .............
  5. colin


    Correct decision , never a penalty ... We'll never hear the end of the bleating from the shaggers though ....
  6. colin


    Of course it's only my opinion for that is the purpose of this forum to voice ones opinion .,.. I do not expect everyone or indeed anyone to agree with me ........
  7. colin


    David , sorry to disagree but there was everything to play for ............. 27,000 + spectators had paid hard earned money to be entertained and they were NOT !!. MON has had the opportunity to show that he is capable and willing to produce a team that's enjoyable to watch ... He has failed on all counts , symptoms of yesterdays's man ................................... A sentimental appointment if ever there was one ..
  8. colin


    Given yesterdays apology for a display against an already relegated unmotivated Bolton I have only feelings of ambivalence towards the forthcoming season .. This despite renewing my season ticket makes me wonder if my time wouldn't more enjoyably be spent pursuing other activities .. I can honestly say that I have no faith whatsoever in MON's capacity to produce a team capable of entertaining winning football . Each passing season seems like deja vue , same shit different manager ...... If I were EM I would do everything in my power to get Jokanovic ( sic ) in asap .....
  9. colin

    Forest v Bolton - Final game

    It's going to be a sell out in the home areas of the ground . As of yesterday late afternoon only 20 tickets were unsold ... Incredible support all season . How many will Bolton bring seeing as it could be the last game in their history ????.
  10. colin

    QPR v Forest match thread

    It was indeed John , good food , drink and excellent company ...I always thoroughly enjoy our games against London based sides irrespective of the result . The craic with the lads is entertaining to say the least !! Got to get you up to Nottingham for a home game next season ..
  11. colin

    Karanka out

    Whilst we all crave stability it has to be from a strong and durable position .. MON has a maximum of just over 12 months to go on his existing contract providing our owners are convinced he's the man capable of delivering success .. And that gentlemen is the be all and end all of it !!!
  12. colin

    Karanka out

    He’s carrying too much baggage for anyone to take a punt on him !! If he can’t get a job at a Mickey Mouse club in Scotland then he’s got no chance darn sarf..
  13. colin

    Nottingham Forest vs Middlesbrough

    Could it be that out of expediency MON has discovered his best team and formation ?. The question is , will he pick the same players / formation / tactics for our remaining 2 games ?. If he does , will EM give him the opportunity to manage us next season , and , in your opinion should he ???????????
  14. colin

    Sheffield United v Forest

    THIS !!!!!!
  15. This was my , and I suspect many others , greatest fear . EM should have gone all out to recruit Jokanovic given the squad of players at the time . His brand of football is roughly similar to AK’s only more pleasing on the eye and more productive.. His Fulham side arguably played the most attractive football in the Championship last season ..
  16. People are already turning against him Chas .. What is very apparent is that the players are as confused as we are , there is little to no pattern or cohesion to our play . Yesterday it was back to square pegs in round holes , utter dogshit !! He is a very intelligent and articulate man but his brand of football is from a bygone era ...............................
  17. The general concensus amongst my friends after yesterdays debacle was " he has to go , past his sell by date and yesterdays man ". Indeed I couldn't find a single person in favour of keeping him . The Greek journalist who seems to have an impeccable record of reporting what EM is likely to do has said that he thinks MON will be on very thin ice indeed .. One thing is for sure once the crowd turn EM will act ...
  18. colin

    Forest v Swansea

    It's indeed a mystery the answer only known to himself and Keano ..
  19. colin

    Forest v Swansea

    Gupi , it was in response to them taking the lead that MON decided to make those substitutions , hence it was the catalyst ...
  20. colin

    Forest v Swansea

    Swansea were by far the better footballing side as can be expected from a team having perfected their style of play over several years in the Prem . We were literally second best for 90% of the game , chasing shadows . We didn't help ourselves by continually giving the ball away and in our selection of 3 holding midfielders none of whom has any semblance of attacking creativity whatsoever . Grabban was miles off the pace which was only to be expected , Yates was a little boy lost and Watson completely anonymous . Strangely them scoring the first albeit disputed goal acted as a catalyst for our improvement . We pushed forward another 15/20 yards and compressed their play . Swansea have had a real problem in defending set pieces and so it proved again . 2 Forest corners impeccably delivered by Lolley headed in by Murphy and Wague respectively , job done and Swansea robbed !!! For those deriding O'Neil set pieces is the one area of our game that has improved ... We will not make the pray-offs but then again who amongst us realistically expected us to ????????????
  21. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    IF what I'm hearing is accurate then The EFL are going to crack down on clubs who've breached FFP rules . . Villa , The Wendies and the shaggers are being investigated .. Points deductions cannot be ruled out !!!!
  22. colin

    City Ground to be re-developed

    You cheeky fooker
  23. colin

    City Ground to be re-developed

    Ignore him mate , he's become so negative with all things related to NFFC that I wonder why he bothers at all .. Shame really since he used to be a decent bloke ..
  24. colin

    Stoke v Forest

    Going to this one .. Don't want to jinx us by predicting ..
  25. colin

    City Ground to be re-developed

    I believe that only one of the boat clubs is affected and will be relocated to an olympic class new facility towards lady bay bridge mate .

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