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  1. colin

    News chit chat

    Ditto , and a potentially very dangerous one ...
  2. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    As far as I'm aware we are waiting for a work permit for him before announcing his signing .. Allegedly he was in the main stand watching last nights game ...
  3. Whilst I agree with much of your post Darcy I think that as the season progresses Tachtsidis and Dias will add an extra " flair " element to our play . We've also not seen what Yacoub brings to the table but I suspect he's more in the mould of Pep , Bridcutt , Watson , Colback and Yates .. Having so many new players it takes time for them to understand and implement Karanka's ideas ... Patience is required , but I do agree that Carvalho is at least a class above ..
  4. We need to up the tempo and have greater movement in our play especially the attack . Like the aggression in our tackling and pressing when we're not in possession. Feel we lack a little confidence but when that comes it will gel nicely ..
  5. Jaysus mate , all work and no play makes Dane a very unhappy boy ..No work life balance there !! Have you considered that they're loading you because you're a RED DOG ??? SheepShagging Bastards ....
  6. He's carrying an injury that is likely to keep him out for at least the next 2 games mate .. Any chance you getting to the Haven this Wed or Sar ??
  7. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    He's a horrible little bastard but would be more than decent at our level ..
  8. Nail on the head Chas !! I have a feeling that we might have witnessed a pivotal point in our season and we're going to see a progressive improvement in our form . Karanka has several players he can bring into the team that should strengthen us , Yacob , The Bubble Tachtsidis the Iranian Striker Ansarifard and Soudani ..
  9. It's a sign of improvement when you leave the stadium after an away fixture against a relegated team being frustrated at only earning a point . Our defence , for a change , was resolute , midfield industrious if not lacking a little in flair ( until the introduction of the 2 Geezers ) but lacking the finishing quality up front .. Swansea were far happier with the point than we were . Indeed , if I were a neutral spectator and didn't know better I'd have thought Forest were the home team .. How we didn't score in the final 10 minutes is a mystery ...
  10. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    Leopards, Spots mate
  11. Where did the £4mn figure come from mate ?. It would surprise me a great deal if that were true given the largess that.s been afforded to Karanka .. As you say there's much more to it than meets the eye but Warburtons' alleged explanation just doesn't ring true to me ...
  12. Dane mate where did you get your information from ?. I too heard the same rumour but since Warburton , to my knowledge ,has not publically said this I assumed it was mere supposition . Even if true it would hardly be the reason for his dismissal / resignation ... He could have simply said OK let's change our plans to match your expectations .. NO my friend I believe that there was much more to him leaving the club than that ... However , unless our owners make a statement on the issue we'll never know .........
  13. The fact that this forum was threatened with legal action by a certain sports agency if we didn't remove a thread intimating " impropriety " perhaps lends credence to this theory .............. We really do not know and the club isn't saying ..
  14. very true mate ... Hope to see you soon , first one is on me !
  15. There are rumours of certain " indiscretions " plus a difference over our recruitment policy that precipitated Warburtons departure .. Out of confidence the club have been very tight lipped over this issue .

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