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  1. colin


    From the reactions towards this appointment both on this forum and elsewhere I'd say that he is very much a " MARMITE " choice .. Got to say that my own initial reaction was of being completely underwhelmed , but upon giving it further consideration I really don't know what to think .................................
  2. colin


    And there gentlemen is the reaction of your average NFFC supporter .
  3. colin


    I must say that my initial reaction to this news was being completely underwhelmed . However , having given it more thought I think it could be inspirational especially if Marinakis fully supports him with funds for improving the squad .. Let's be honest here if reports are true of a " fractured " relationship and dressing room unrest at Karanka's team selections and tactics in recent games then matters can only improve ... IF MON has convinced Marinakis that he still retains the hunger , desire , experience and acumen to bring us success then who am I to pour scorn on his appointment . It's up to us supporters to get behind him , his coaching staff ( whomsoever they might be ) to encourage them to bring the success we all desire ..
  4. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    Hearing contrasting rumours about MON bringing Keano in as his assistant .. Some say they're negotiating , others say it's highly unlikely ... You pays your money and takes your choice !.
  5. colin

    Karanka has gone

    Having attended most of our games this season I had noticed a pronounced change in Karanka's demeanour during the past couple of months . Certainly his interview after the Ipswich game was very curious . From that point with few exceptions our form has been erratic at best . Home defeats to Preston and QPR plus the away defeat to Milwall and the collapse at Norwich were alarming ... IF sories of Karanka taking umbrage at the owners installing management in the heiracy are accurate then he was on a very slippery slope indeed .. Had we had won those games his position would have been very different and the club would have been sitting comfortably within the top 6 . This allegedly was his mandate .. I like I guess most of us desire stability after years of farce and chop and change . However , our owners demand success with entertaining football and seem not to tolerate their manager having mardy outbursts . Publically , Karanka has behaved with dignity and grace however we do not know what has gone on behind the scenes . If he had demanded a lot more money for fresh signings because those he previously selected were duds then .......................................... At the end of the day should they install a better manager with a more attacking and winning philosophy we'll all be happy clappers .. Only time will tell ........
  6. You're correct Chaz he will not be in sole charge of recruitment . There will be input from our chief scout , director of football , financial director to name but a few . I expect he will ask Marinakis for the genre of players he wants and players will be identified who fit that bill within our budget .
  7. I quite agree , however , I am of the opinion that there was more than a hint of self preservation in Karanka's decision especially with Marinakis present and watching . I'm told that there are people within our management structure who believe that we should be doing better than we currently are and Karanka's position has been questioned .. Certainly the results against Preston , QPR and Milwall plus the meltdown against Norwich will not have endeared him.. The Leeds result has saved his proverbial bacon ................... for now !!!
  8. Since we've not seen them play in our first team we don;t know the answer to your question ... I agree it would have been nice but as I've said before with Karanka still walking a tightrope then self preservation took priority ...
  9. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    Apart from the football we had a lovely day out . Biggest disappointment for me was neither Appiah nor Yates getting the opportunity to show us what they could do .. As others have said at 2-0 down it would have seemed to be an ideal moment to introduce them .. However , I'm reliably informed that Karanka's position remains under close scrutiny so he might have considered a heavy defeat would tip the scales against him ........................................................................
  10. Cracking day out irrespective of the result . .. Meet up at the Sloaney Pony for a noggin or 5 before the game , then back again afterwards for a few more followed by a rather tasty Italian at a small bistro near here .. Whats not to like ????. ( maybe the score )
  11. Jamie , I wouldn't judge his facial expression as a barometer of his feelings . Look back at his winner a few seasons back at the shaggers and his facial expression was similar ... I'd say it was more a " now drop me if you dare " look ........ The lad just wants to play on a regular basis ..
  12. I want our players to at the very least show some grit and determination. Our full backs especially Darikwa need to take their man on and supply some quality crosses from the byeline not stop 35 yards away and hoof an aimless ball straight onto their centre backs heads ... Lolley , Cash and Carvalho must get into their 18 yard box at every opportunity to assist Grabban.. Bring in Toby alongside Fox .. Push forward 15 /20 yards to compress play and deny them space .. If the players have any pride they’ll give their all for 90+ minutes which is the least we should expect!!
  13. colin

    Millwall v Forest

    That’s pure presumption on your part Chas . Maybe you’re correct but equally you could be wrong !!!
  14. colin

    Millwall v Forest

    Yes probably just completing negotiations with the new guy ...
  15. colin

    Millwall v Forest

    OK , put yourself in Marinakis ‘ position and consider do you honestly believe with our current form there’s a realistic chance of promotion this season . No , of course not , Since Ipswich our results at home have been pathetic.. I cannot see this improving any time soon because Karanka has been worked out by our opponents and he’s too stubborn to change . So the question is do you give him even more money in January in the hope that he’ll succeed??? Not for me !!

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