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  1. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    IF what I'm hearing is accurate then The EFL are going to crack down on clubs who've breached FFP rules . . Villa , The Wendies and the shaggers are being investigated .. Points deductions cannot be ruled out !!!!
  2. colin

    City Ground to be re-developed

    You cheeky fooker
  3. colin

    City Ground to be re-developed

    Ignore him mate , he's become so negative with all things related to NFFC that I wonder why he bothers at all .. Shame really since he used to be a decent bloke ..
  4. colin

    Stoke v Forest

    Going to this one .. Don't want to jinx us by predicting ..
  5. colin

    City Ground to be re-developed

    I believe that only one of the boat clubs is affected and will be relocated to an olympic class new facility towards lady bay bridge mate .
  6. colin

    City Ground to be re-developed

    I'm sure that the Nottingham Rowing Club could have been persuaded to move if Doughty had made them an attractive offer . As for the council I believe I'm correct thinking that Doughty reneged on payments for the Trent End loan so no wonder there wasn't a reservoir of good will !!!
  7. colin

    City Ground to be re-developed

    This news only gives a lie to the Doughty mantra that it was not viable / possible to increase our capacity at NG2 by redeveloping the main stand . Seems as though Maranakis has found both the will and the way!.
  8. colin

    City Ground to be re-developed

    Fuck me Savo only you could spin a negative on this terrific news . We've been saying for years that the old gal needed dramatic improvements and at long last we're getting them .. The project will create massively improved facilities and hundreds of jobs for Nottingham people . What's not to like ?. You need to cheer up you miserable fooker !!!! PS : A figure of £50mn has been mentioned , now I'm not an architect or builder but I'd estimate a figure 3 to 4 times that size for a project of that magnitude !!!
  9. colin

    City Ground to be re-developed

    https://twitter.com/NFFC/status/1101...366679040?s=19 This video gave me a real lump in the throat moment . Sorry fellas the link doesn't appear to work . One of you clever fookers might enable it ....
  10. colin

    City Ground to be re-developed

    Maybe the final design for the new Peter Taylor Stand has yet to be finalised ?????.
  11. colin

    Forest v Derby

    Read this week that Brum are likely to get a 12 point deduction for ignoring the EFL directive regarding FFP .. Therefore think they can be discounted from finishing above us . i still think the pray offs are out of our reach but 3 points at Stoke might well change my opinion .. This is the time of season when one club usually makes a late charge up the table ., Could it be us ????
  12. colin

    Forest v Derby

    I believe that the old addage " your luck evens out over the course of a season " is a fallacy Chas .. It certainly hasn't for us so far and would take a remarkable turn of events for it to do so !!
  13. colin

    Forest v Derby

    Make that 6 points Danny , Leeds , Preston and West Brom ...
  14. colin

    Shit Referees

    Not only that Rick , Gayle dived again trying to win a free kick on the edge of the box ... What a bunch of cheating fookers ..
  15. colin

    Shit Referees

    Typical Warnock , miserable fooker .

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