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  1. colin

    News chit chat

    It's another sign of our fucked up politically correct society .. Meantime every week in London at least one youngster dies from stab or gunshot wounds and no one is arrested...... So , we can assume a cardboard box is more important to the liberal brigade than young lives !!!
  2. colin

    What's wrong with the UK?

    I totally agree with you Savo . Jobs should not be allocated on the basis of gender , race , religion or creed but on the best qualified for the job . . Sadly in the PC society today common sense does not exist in decision making ... Shame .
  3. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    Come off it Andy you and I both know that we wouldn't mind her warming our bed....
  4. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    Indeed Classy Crumpet .. I believe I read somewhere that she's a lawyer so beauty and brains .......
  5. Jamie , you can quote all the statistics and historical data you chose but it doesn't mean diddly squat in today's context .. Different folks _= Different strokes .. It's results that count and even if the substance takes precedence over the style then so be it .. IF Karanka gets us promoted he'll have done the job he was employed for . Nobody will give a shit how he achieved it ... .
  6. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    You couldn't be more wrong mate .. Try Google !!!!!
  7. Jamie , would you be happier were we to play a much more expansive game but pick up much less points ?. The old saying that Points make Prizes was never more true than in the Championship this season . It's never been so competitive as it is today . We are playing at home in front of an average of over 27,000 each game and the atmosphere on Saturday was vibrant . So , the football cannot be as dull and boring as you maintain . Forget what happened with Karanka and Boro that's irrelevant to us . Just consider he's assembled a new squad of players and it takes time for them to blend .. Meantime we are getting decent results. Maybe the Shaggers are playing in a more exciting manner but it's where WE finish at the seasons end that he'll be judged on ... Since Marinakis bought the club it's been on an upward curve and there's a feel good factor we've not experienced in years .. Chill out mate it's not as bad as you think ...
  8. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    Ansarifards' wife is delectable . Probably a class above the other Forest WAGS ...
  9. colin

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Happy to help Danny . Good on yer , may all your blisters be small ones ..
  10. Bestie , I'm sure that all on this forum would prefer to watch the style of football that you allude to . However , at this juncture we need to be pragmatic because we have a completely new squad who are still learning each others game and nuances... This doesn't happen overnight as you well know but in the interim the team deserves our full support . Let's take Carvalho for example , he is a very talented and gifted player but his footballing ability and game vision belong on a higher level than the Championship . However , he does appear to go " missing " in some games because of this . I take your point about the cost of a matchday ticket but here again the club have made advances to attract more bums on seats .. It's not all bad you know ......
  11. Well said Chas , I despair at some of our fans at times .. Where I sit in the Upper Bridgford there's a couple of lads next to us who are never happy no matter how well we play .. From their comments it's clear that they know fuck all about professional football .. They drive me doolally ....
  12. Bestie , would you rather we had beaten Burton but lost to Sheffield ?? . There were 10 changes to the team against Leeds @ Burton so it was hardly surprising that we lacked cohesion . Karanka has been hired to get us promoted pure and simple .. If he achieves that objective he will have succeeded...
  13. Jamie , would you rather we adopted an " all out attack policy " and increase the risk of losing these tight games ????? . Karanka has to be pragmatic at the moment , substance over style if you will .. Please bear in mind that Sheffield United have been building their team for 3 seasons whereas we have only a few months to our construction ... Our progress from perenial relegation strugglers to play-off contenders has been something to appreciate not deride ...
  14. No , it was not " horrible to watch " if you have any understanding of the game of football .. Yes it was contested by 2 teams that were resilient in defence neither wanting to lose .. There were moments of flair , albeit few , but it was thoroughly competitive and entertaining . I heard virtually no negative comments leaving the ground and none in the pub afterwards ,, Nearly 29,000 people turned up so if things are as poor as some would have you believe then this is not reflected in our attendances .. What must be taken into consideration is the fact that our playing squad has undergone a major reconstruction and with this in mind our development thus far is most satisfactory .. Yesterday we had 2 players making their debuts ( Yacob , a candidate for MOM , and Ansarifard ) Given this transformation it was only to be expected that it would take time for the team to blend ... You cannot deny that there has been a massive upturn in our results ...

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