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  1. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    Exactly , sometimes the obvious is staring you in the face !!!
  2. colin

    Jan strengthening project..

    Does Mir's return to Wolves mean that we're close to be bringing in a forward ?. Currently should Grabban get injured we have no other capable forward to replace him ...
  3. colin

    Jan strengthening project..

    Strange that both the 2 forwards we signed on loan from Wolves ( Bonnatini and Mir ) turned out to be duds ..
  4. colin

    Forest v Rovers

    That's exactly what I said to Yos after yesterdays game Dane . With his pace and seemingly unlimited energy Cash would be a major headache for any opposing fullback . Think he and Jenkinson would form a very impressive combination . Once we get Ribeiro back at left back / wing back plus a pacy , skillful left winger we should be a match for most sides in the division .. Oh , of course we need a capable back-up for Grabban too ...
  5. colin

    Forest v Pie eaters

    Watching the game was only marginally more enjoyable than root canal surgery . Our central midfield were conspicuous by their absence . Yates a little boy lost , Ameobi about as effective and useful as an octopus falling out of a tree . .. Our play lacked any urgency and creativity , completely turgid . Wigan were lively all over the park and deserved the 3 points . If they had a competent goalscorer they would have got them .
  6. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    Off the top of my head Jamie I'll give you Wes Morgan , Grant Holt and David Mc Goldrick .... All , after leaving us have gone onto a career of some note in the Premier League .
  7. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    Think you've been at the cooking sherry again Jamie .. If you cannot recognise a player with genuine talent then I despair . How many times in the past have we seen a player leave only to shine and prosper at another club ... Too many in my recollection .
  8. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    Couldn't agree more my friend . He's the one player who if played consistently in his best position is a class above the average Championship journeyman ..
  9. colin

    Hull City v Nottingham Forest

    Danny , without wishing to be pedantic we play Wigan on Sunday !!. Great 3 points away at a side who have shown some impressive form of late . Retribution for their win at NG2 a few weeks ago and keeps us in the mix for a playoff place .
  10. colin

    News chit chat

    Yes Jamie , I quite agree that the old bill took the correct action in shooting the fucker .. Of course the pathetic PC brigade will wring their hands and protest that it was over the top and that old bill should have just told him off for being a very naughty boy !!! CNUTS ...
  11. colin


    The Mickey's are not going to take this result laying down . You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a demand for a retrial .. The real question is , how , if at all this will affect any potential compensation claims ?????????????
  12. colin

    Qpr v Forest

    Fucking hell wasn't expecting that score . Apart from Uncle Albert thought all our boys had a sound game . Good that we were able to give Semedo , Carvalho and Bostock some game time with 2 of them getting on the score sheet as a bonus .. We've got strength in depth everywhere except perhaps up front . So pleased that Carvalho scored a goal , it will do his confidence the world of good .
  13. colin

    Qpr v Forest

    yes on channel 407 Sky Action .
  14. colin

    Forest v Cardiff.

    If ever a team was atypical " ale house brawlers " it is Cardiff .. Truely a side created in their former managers image .
  15. colin

    Brizzle v FOREST

    I'd take a point there at any time . Seems we were the better more dangerous team before Yates saw red and got himself needlessly sent off . Silly boy .. Pity Lewis didn't convert from that 1 on 1 .. This Forest side are showing some real bollox and determination . To reduce Brizzle to zero shots on target when they've averaged almost 2 goals a game at home this season ( especially with 10 men for over 30 minutes ) deserves applause ...

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