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  1. colin

    Main Stand Redevelopment .

    Was revealed in a conversation with a senior Benoy ( the architects ) employee ...
  2. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    Providing we're still in contention for a top 6 finish I doubt that EM will sell any of our better players in January . Indeed , I fully expect us to strengthen the squad with 2 or 3 quality players ..EM wants promotion pure and simple ..
  3. Good to see plans for replacement of the Peter Taylor Stand are well advanced and that disruption to our fans will be minimised .. It seems that the construction of the apartment phase of the project is essential to the whole redevelopment process ..
  4. colin

    Forest v Derby

    He's been quite a revelation at right back . Seemingly has unlimited energy and the ability to get up and down the pitch at full pace for the whole game . Whilst still developing his technique and positional sense he's unquestionably destined for the top flight ...
  5. colin

    Forest v Luton

    There are indeed Mike . At times they make me ashamed that we follow the same football club .
  6. colin

    Forest v Derby

    You dopey old c*nt Dane .. Have you fotgotten the Arsenal made a very successful habit out of grinding out 1-0 wins in their heyday ... Seriously though I agree with much of your post .
  7. colin

    Forest v Derby

    What an emotional rollercoaster that was . Begining with the fantastic " Tribute to the Fallen " and the playing of the " Last Post " which was well respected by both sets of fans .. A typical tight local derby game followed with both sides determined not to give their opponents the advantage of an early goal . Perhaps Derby should have scored first but were denied by a great save by Samba . ( our best keeper in many years ) . The first half ended with both teams having lots of energy but lacking a quality final pass .. Second half started and it was immediately apparent that Forest were pressing Derby much higher up the pitch . Thiago Silva started to boss the game in central midfield , at times showing some outrageous skills and determination , and our pressure finally paid off . One mistake from a Derby defender and Grabban showed his predatory instincs giving their keeper no chance . Forest were comfortable in defence and despite one decent save by Samba failed to trouble him much at all .. Ameobi was causing them all sorts of problems with his mazy runs . What a paradox this player is , showing outrageous skills one moment , the next , looking as clumsy as an octopus falling out of a tree .. Although all our boys played well special mention to Ribiero , Silva , Worrell and Cash .. As I've said before I still think this team will not show its full potential and best form until after Christmas . If we can supplement them with 3 top quality signings , Colback + a winger and a striker I believe we can realistically challenge for a top 6 spot come seasons end ...
  8. colin

    Forest v Luton

    I honestly do not think that we'll see the best of this group of players until after Christmas .. Aside from Grabban , Lolley , Cash , Figs and Watson ( who seldom played ) we're a completely new team from last season . If we can sign 2 or 3 quality forwards in January we just might trouble the top 6 at the end of the season .... Here's hoping ,,,, Oh , possession stats mean nothing it's what you do with the ball when you've got it that matters ..
  9. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    No , not if we have serious ambitions of getting promoted .. Of course the picture might be skewed if they were to include Dwight Gayle in the deal plus say £ 20mn .....
  10. colin

    Forest v Brentford

    Just got back home . Today showed that Sabri has infused the players with a real blend of determination , togerness and team spirit . For the first time in many years we look as though we can overcome any opponent by the shear collective will of our endeavours . The defence is as solid as a rock , midfield is still a work in progress but Watson is playing with a zest that belies his age . Where was this player last season ?. My only area for concern is in attack where we are totally dependent upon Grabban .. Should he get injured then ..........................
  11. colin

    Blackburn v Forest

    Plenty of moaners on other forums Jamie . Given the massive changes in playing personnel , management etc this season I personally doubt that we'll see us at our best until Christmas at the earliest .. So , these early season results are very encouraging .
  12. colin

    Blackburn v Forest

    Quite agree Chas , we're in the best form and league position in many years .. There's nothing at the moment to complain about , although being Forest some fuckers cannot see beyond the negative and will do so regardless .
  13. colin

    Forest v sheep

    Got a distinct feeling that Bennett and Lawrence will do some bird over this to set an example about drink / drug driving .. As for the donkey Richard Keogh at his age and being club captain he should have known better and set a good example . Still once a complete spanner always a complete spanner ... Got a feeling we're never going to see him cry on the telly again ...
  14. colin

    Stoke v Forest

    Thought Mc Clean's goal for Stoke was clearly offside .... Wank officials yet again ... However delighted with the win and the 3 points !!!
  15. colin

    What's Lviv backed today.

    Brennan Johnson and Alex Mighten perhaps??

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