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  1. Lvivska

    NFFC Rumours

    It means O'Neil as found the key to the booze cabinet .
  2. Lvivska

    NFFC Rumours

    Does he wear a Poppy?.
  3. Lvivska

    NFFC Rumours

    He was that good hes cleaning the third team shithouses out now at Wolves .
  4. Every manager we get you want him gone after 10 games . I am with those that have a brain and stick with Karanka.
  5. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    I have been asked a couple of times in polls my opinion , I always give load of bollocks answers . Who would I vote for in an election a few weeks ago . I said Tory . I think theres thousands out there like me and thats why polls aint so accurate these days.
  6. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    You did .
  7. This one is to close to call , both teams playing well nothing to choose between them , Again its one of them where the team that knows what this game means to the fans wins.
  8. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    I told yer that before the vote but you still voted leave. Now yer realise what a fuck up it all is yer making out yer didn't.
  9. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    Just look at the state of the fat cunt.
  10. Lvivska

    News chit chat

  11. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    What did you do Friday night yer fat cunt take the missus to the Pie and Mash shop . for a fucking cockney knees up in da owd kent woad. Bet the fat fucker as three pies on top of his two stone of Mash .
  12. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    Landlord and Landlady lovely couple working two jobs to get a business going and working bloody hard . What does the Banker man do . sneers at em and takes the piss. They are community minded do loads for the old folk next door and Tubbs takes the piss . Landlord is still a Para Medic . Is there any wonder this place is dying on its feet when you have the carcass of Essex Red dominating the threads with his fucking hooray Henry sarcasm belittling salt of the earth folk like this hard working couple . Wheres the Mods why aint this fat fucker been fucked off?.
  13. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    My pension was not free fat lad , I paid into it every week for 50 years . 153 quid a week to live on and cunts like you think the government is doing a good job. Lads notice how Tubbs as gone quiet about Brexit , now he knows financial services will be affected and all the smart money is moving from London . Look on the bright side Tubbs no more free dinners and Skunks giving yer free tickets to Monaco you might lose some weight. . KEITH who the fuck as a mate called Keith {lmfao} .Probably gave yer the tickets so as he could get in the gates you and yer mate leering at the birds through the chainmail fencing . Just remembered now yer other hero Arron Banks is being investigated by the N.C.A. , They get involved when theres Foreign money involved . Russian money , How is it you always associated with wrong uns Tubbs and fat fuckers. .

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