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  1. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    Aint that the one the fat fucker went to the other year and was in the paper because they started groping the waitresses. They leave a fiver tip and the cunts think it entitles them to a feel . . They had to carry the Chef out last year suffering with exhaustion trying to feed the fat cunt. , and his waiter had to have oxygen from a para medic because the fat fucker run his legs off keep asking for more snap.
  2. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    I aint got no problem with him duck . He's just being obstreperous in his usual obstreperosing way . But I aint the kind of cat that takes obstreperousness easy. If he stops being obstreperous I will mind me own Biz . But if he thinks he can slag Unions off while I am on here he better think on . It aint unknown for me to start slapping the nut on.
  3. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    No mate I stopped drinking for awhile and do a lot of walking , Needles do a Elderflower and ginger tonic water , that fits in with my fitness regime . I still drink Ale but not as much as I did before. Plus I help my lad who coaches Grandsons football team . They are in the Derby league and have only been beat once .
  4. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    You would not get through the door yer fat cunt , They are only twelve foot wide , The folk who run the Needlemakers are lovely folk , ones still works as a paramedic . And fair play to them for trying to strive out on there own and make a go of business . They aint gone running to you fucking cunts the banks you and your fucking greed have destroyed this country . They put live bands on and have an open Mike evening (where I hope to do a spot in the near future) , where local talent can go and perform before a live audience . Some of the bands maybe not my taste heavy metal hence the folk in the photographs. But I aint the kind of person that would judge someone from a photograph. They have started putting food on like homemade soup and a crusty roll . Ham and Salad rolls . Pork pies etc . They even do a Ploughmans lunch for a fiver . But by the look of yer I reckon you must have et the ploughman and the ploughmans Hoss.
  5. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    I dont go in the Spanish anymore , My new locals are the Station road Working mens club , A club you will never get membership at because yo have to have been a worker, and the Needlemakers The name says it all, a tribute to our industrial town till that piece of shit Tatcher got in power and destroyed the country for a quick profit . Your heroine you fat tory cunt. I worked all me life duck most of it for piss poor pay, Me and me sister had to go door to door selling pegs and Bull rushes to put snap on the table when we were 10 year old . . Yo went to Greyfriars prep school , had yer arsed wiped for yer and et yer boiled egg with a silver spoon off the backs of the working classes . The hardestt job you have ever done is lifting yer dinner plate out the oven . But I heard since you bought a forklift to do it for yer now . That pension I get now is what I paid in every week never missed for over 50 years mate no fucker ever give this cat owt.
  6. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    Im retired yer fat pie eating cunt . f you stepped on the White cliffs they would fucking collapse. British workers in your industry nearly bankrupted the country and hard working tax payers like me baild you out . You are in a job because of me yer fat fucker.
  7. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    FUCK OFF you fat lazy cunt yo have never had a days collar in you fat life you fat fucking pie eating cunt , if yo stoppedd going on trains there would be room for ten more passengers .
  8. Hes gone all quiet since Farage went for the German passport and UKIPs imploded . I heard its IKS's turn to be leader next week ..
  9. Lvivska


    Anyway hows it going duck , what do you weigh in now . Bet you are piling it on now you are getting older . you hit twenty stone yet?.
  10. Lvivska


    This post made me laugh. when I saw who posted it. If someone is a **** or something is cuntish . this **** is for it . fuck all changes on here.
  11. Lvivska

    Forest v Brentford

    Should get on our hands and knees and beg Billy Davies to come back.
  12. Lvivska

    Forest v Derby

    spot on .
  13. Lvivska

    Forest v Derby

    This is why this forum is fucked ,Top Forest Fan posts up he has a ticket and enters into the spirit of the upcoming fixture and then fucking wanker West Ham fan gives him shit . Toss pot Moderators stand by and let it happen with no reprimand to wanker west ham fan.
  14. Lvivska

    Forest v Derby

    I have a ticket for this , my favourite game of the year. These bastards always turn up , where as us you never know what you are going to get.
  15. Lvivska

    Who we signed & who we sold

    Thats how it is every where I have worked , you get pulled aside told to buck up or you will be fucked off, And thats what happens. I run a small team mostly made up of agency blokes so its forever changing . I aint ever had to chuck fucks into anyone or go to my gaffer and say so and so aint pulling his weight . I just tell em straight first day how it all works and that their job is to make sure I dont get a bollocking , I have had lads who have left years ago and still keep in touch with me . One of me lads owns a Restraunt in Naples now and he owned a couple over here he was an ex pro played for Millwall he was just passing through really just wanted cash flow good grafter. He was as firey as fuck but me and him never had a cross word. . Day he left he said I was the best gaffer he had ever had and hes always asking me over his place. I treat all the lads with respect and friendliness and stick up for em when upstairs come the ****. They think agency blokes are all shit and I sometimes have to tell em in my own way they are blokes who want to earn a living like every fucker else. Man management is the hardest job there is because of personalities .

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