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  1. I got the time now duck. 53 years of working finally chucked in me ticket . Off to Ukraine in July via Train Boat and Bus . Mostly I will be walking , Especially from Wlodawa then into Bylorus and down into Ukraine to Lviv . couple of hundred mile. Bet that fat pie eating cunt Essex Red could not do it. Is he still on here or as the Cholestrol got the fat cunt.
  2. Do you need to be told , Even a cunt like me knows its man made . Try this as an experiment . Shut all the doors and winders in your living room light a bonfire in the middle of the fucker see how long yer can sit in the fucker before yer hhave to come out . Or try this put a pipe from your car exhaust in through yyer car winder and then start tthe car up . Yer get my drift kid . Fucking hell I should have been a teecher
  3. And their reply is You started it hundreds of years ago , Industrial revolution, China is a relative new boy as a polluter they were mainly agricultural till my life time. So dont lecture us till you start doing something . China is one of the main drivers now on pollution , they aint got no choice they are suffocating to death. If you believe it or not makes no difference does no harm to be clean does it . I do my own bit by walking instead of car driving or use public transport . I have now gone vegatarian as well . I aint seen any noticable difference in my health either. I never fly anywhere, a massive polluter. My life style changes have cost me fuck all I aint done no harm and perhaps a miniscule % of good. anyway you will probably survive doing fuck all as will I not sure about my kids and grandkids .
  4. Lvivska

    Huddersfield v Forest

    Is that why yer got the sack off the buses.
  5. Lvivska

    Huddersfield v Forest

    Yeah and yo slagged him off yer bowled edded cunt
  6. Lvivska

    Forest v Derby

    Fuck me I am going for a lie down most positive post from this cunt for fifteen year.
  7. Lvivska

    The politics thread

    Still the voice of talking sense on here I see . Just said a similar thing to IKS . Lots of lads I know own businesses self employed etc living great lives . All you get out of em is BREXIT MEANS BREXIT etc . Ask them what they hope to get to make their life better by coming out they cannot tell you. fucking deluded . I know what Farage is going to get but he cannot tell me what I am going tto get . Why does someone with a great life what to chuck a spanner into the economic works is beyond me.
  8. Lvivska

    The politics thread

    You have a great life want for fuck all most of it under EU . but now you want to change it. to what, you dont fucking know , And you call me a cunt . You aint ever been the same since your Hero Farage shit on you . I told yer he was a cunt but no IKS thinks he kows better . Now UKIP as got the coppers in again and will be looking for another leader. Put yer sen up for it youth , yer about the only cunt left that aint been leader.
  9. Lvivska

    The politics thread

    Then stop moaning then yer bald headed cunt
  10. Lvivska

    The politics thread

    Wheres the UKIP leader on here IKS?, You would think he would have the decency to say, lviv old lad yer were right but no . hes harder to find on here than fucking Lord Lucan.
  11. Lvivska

    The politics thread

    Look at this cunt he dont know what Boris's deal is but he will take it . He did not know whatt Brexit entailed but he voted for it . Tell me now , What are you going to get from coming out the EU that you aint getting now . What is it about your life that will change for the better being out .?. I know the answer but I want to hear the fucker from a brexiter,
  12. Lvivska

    The politics thread

    I aint worked in Steel works for ten years . I work for an import export company as a liasion officer with Border Force and other agencys , Best job I have ever had, the company is the best company I have ever worked for and the governors are all sound folk who recognise effort brains and hard work . I am nearly 67 been working since I was eight years old selling Pegs and Bullrushes with my Mam door to door. I have chucked in my notice two times and the gaffer chucked it back at me saying cant let you go . They let me choose my own hours, gave me three agency lads to help me, and a secreatary to do me paper work , Nice bird as well shes 62 but got a body of a 59 year old . Shes always asking me round her pad for a glass of Red wine but I am old school I never mix business with pleasure unlike some . I have seen loads like you at Steel works they start first day at 6 and at 8 they fuck off cannot stand the heat the Dust or the Graft . There was no buttons to press everything was hug and tug. Told yer before I am as fit as a butchers dog walk ten mile everyday . I dont drink so much now as I like to stay in trim and there is always some cunt in the pub spouting bollocks and it gets on my nerves and the missus says she is fucking off if the coppers come round again.
  13. Lvivska

    The politics thread

    This cunt as wanted out from the begining . Now there might be food shortages hes starting to get worried. Yo will be alright without snap for six months yer fat cunt . Dig yer fucking lawn up and plant taters yo will be alright for chips then . Get some fucking fowls in so as yer can have egg and chips . Never did me no harm thirty odd years in Steel woks and still working. Austerity is coming to you , you big fat Tory cunt .
  14. Lvivska

    The politics thread

    Three years in and this cunt twigs on .
  15. Lvivska

    Forest v sheep

    I was mate, my lad took me but did not pick me up till late we were in upper Trent end, Bell end row. . Mate never sit there you and Dane B would cause a riot .

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