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  1. Hes gone all quiet since Farage went for the German passport and UKIPs imploded . I heard its IKS's turn to be leader next week ..
  2. Lvivska


    Anyway hows it going duck , what do you weigh in now . Bet you are piling it on now you are getting older . you hit twenty stone yet?.
  3. Lvivska


    This post made me laugh. when I saw who posted it. If someone is a **** or something is cuntish . this **** is for it . fuck all changes on here.
  4. Lvivska

    Forest v Brentford

    Should get on our hands and knees and beg Billy Davies to come back.
  5. Lvivska

    Forest v Derby

    spot on .
  6. Lvivska

    Forest v Derby

    This is why this forum is fucked ,Top Forest Fan posts up he has a ticket and enters into the spirit of the upcoming fixture and then fucking wanker West Ham fan gives him shit . Toss pot Moderators stand by and let it happen with no reprimand to wanker west ham fan.
  7. Lvivska

    Forest v Derby

    I have a ticket for this , my favourite game of the year. These bastards always turn up , where as us you never know what you are going to get.
  8. Lvivska

    Who we signed & who we sold

    Thats how it is every where I have worked , you get pulled aside told to buck up or you will be fucked off, And thats what happens. I run a small team mostly made up of agency blokes so its forever changing . I aint ever had to chuck fucks into anyone or go to my gaffer and say so and so aint pulling his weight . I just tell em straight first day how it all works and that their job is to make sure I dont get a bollocking , I have had lads who have left years ago and still keep in touch with me . One of me lads owns a Restraunt in Naples now and he owned a couple over here he was an ex pro played for Millwall he was just passing through really just wanted cash flow good grafter. He was as firey as fuck but me and him never had a cross word. . Day he left he said I was the best gaffer he had ever had and hes always asking me over his place. I treat all the lads with respect and friendliness and stick up for em when upstairs come the ****. They think agency blokes are all shit and I sometimes have to tell em in my own way they are blokes who want to earn a living like every fucker else. Man management is the hardest job there is because of personalities .
  9. Lvivska

    where has the Brexit thread gone?

    This is fucking scary I aint putting fuck all up while the Moderators are allowing Brown hatters on the forum.
  10. Lvivska

    where has the Brexit thread gone?

    Tell me to fuck off if you want , But genuine question How much to be mascot . would like to do it for Grandson.
  11. Lvivska

    Looking after yourself. (well being)

    2 mile, 32 minutes 31seconds on tread mill walking had to put in 2 minutes of really fast speed walk at the end . set incline at 4. Any of you lads use a Polar 360 fitness watch?.
  12. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    Bet the fat fucker never put owt in the tin and fucked off with the silver plated cruet and five spoons in his pocket. Come on Lord Essex how much you put in the tin ?.
  13. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    The cunts running hot and bothered now hes been rumbled . We have another CROPPER on our hands here mate.
  14. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    If you read what I said . I said I aint got a problem with it , My problem is when blokes start touching the waitresses up uninvited like yo and rest of yer big fat mates. Fuck me a big fat tory **** defending the tory press. I know why yo are all hot and bothered , your missus suspected summat and when she said what did you have for snap yo said Fish Fingers. I suppose it could be worse most of the cunts you were sitting with like little boys arseholes. What makes me laugh even more is you admit to associating with em.
  15. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    I aint got a problem with it the problem is when they have to do it to earn a crust because there aint fuck all work to do. Or like that shindig you went to and they turn up to wait at tables and cunts think its alright to have a feel at em . And I aint a leftie either my politics are middle of the road.

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