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  1. Lvivska

    Forest v sheep

    I was mate, my lad took me but did not pick me up till late we were in upper Trent end, Bell end row. . Mate never sit there you and Dane B would cause a riot .
  2. Lvivska

    Forest v sheep

    Worse Derby performance I have ever seen against us. enjoyed the win .
  3. Lvivska

    The politics thread

    hats because the press was anti E.U. so anything that was unpopular was blamed on the E,U. Ask your oldman who closed his pit . Was it the EU or Thatcher. Ask the steel workers who closed the Steel works was it the E.U. or the British Government . Its like the old we can only sell straight Bannanas . As anybody ever seen a straight Bannanna . The editor of the Mail was interviewed on Radio 4 he said they had a group who would twist everything that came out the E.U. and twist it get it printed to see what they could get away with . Straight Bannanas was one of them I think . He said they used to laugh like fuck at the hue and cry after . I want out now just to see if I was right about it being one big fuck up .
  4. Lvivska

    The politics thread

    The last thing Labour want is a fucking election . I usually vote Labour as you know but woul not vote Labour today , they are a Brexit party and I wont be voting for a Brexit party . Labour know that there are thousands like me and they need folk like me to vote for them . Looks like Greens if there is an election.for me.
  5. Lvivska

    The politics thread

    I told you it would be a fuck up before you cast your vote, Everyone had a go at me , Its a fuck up . so lets have some apologies . starting with IKS, Fat boy , Colin . That moaning cunt Dane. . That bone idle fucker from Bestwood.
  6. Lvivska

    The politics thread

  7. Lvivska

    NFFC Rumours

    It means O'Neil as found the key to the booze cabinet .
  8. Lvivska

    NFFC Rumours

    Does he wear a Poppy?.
  9. Lvivska

    NFFC Rumours

    He was that good hes cleaning the third team shithouses out now at Wolves .
  10. Every manager we get you want him gone after 10 games . I am with those that have a brain and stick with Karanka.
  11. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    I have been asked a couple of times in polls my opinion , I always give load of bollocks answers . Who would I vote for in an election a few weeks ago . I said Tory . I think theres thousands out there like me and thats why polls aint so accurate these days.
  12. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    You did .
  13. This one is to close to call , both teams playing well nothing to choose between them , Again its one of them where the team that knows what this game means to the fans wins.
  14. Lvivska

    News chit chat

    I told yer that before the vote but you still voted leave. Now yer realise what a fuck up it all is yer making out yer didn't.

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