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  1. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Some group of nutters decide to wake up all the ancient monsters of the world to combat overpopulation in some confusing logic. Godzilla tries to help while "Monach", the organisation built to try and monitor and control them, faff about ignoring the deaths millions upon millions of people because they are trying to save this one girl. The makers clearly couldn't decide whether to go with a movie about monsters scrapping or a movie with a plot you might care about and instead ended up half-assing both. 5/10 Rocketman - Elton John biopic, the plot is exactly the same as Bohemian Rhapsody, or any other rock star of the era, the difference is that this one, instead of just telling the story, does so in a more fantasy film kind of way. Entertaining enough if you like Elton songs. 7/10 X-men: Dark Phoenix - I generally like the X-Men films but this one was rubbish. Some aliens want some sort of force that has infected one of the more powerful X-men, Jean Grey, which for some reason makes her try and kill all her friends <shrug>? It all seems even more pointless because a lot of it is the same as the plot to the X-men: The Last Stand film, only not as good, which is saying something because that film was a bit naff as well! There's more that is pointless, annoying, and makes no sense - too much to mention here. It's almost like they just thought the fact that Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones was in it was enough. Even the action scenes weren't very interesting. 3/10
  2. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Jon Wick 3: Parabellum - If you liked the first 2, you'll like this. If not, don't bother. Personally i think they are great popcorn flicks. In this one John is pursued by the "High Table" after killing someone on consecrated ground, lots of ever more outrageous and impressive fights and stunts ensue. 8/10 Avengers: Endgame - Really good as long as you don't dwell over certain plot points too long... Action and effects are incredible. 9/10 Free Solo - Documentary about Alex Honnold who is rock climber who goes up almost sheer mountain sides "free solo" ie. without ropes or safety in any way and on his own. One slip or mistake and he is literally dead. He is about to try and climb "El Capitan" in Yosemite national park and this follows his life building up and eventually his attempt... This guy is a fucking nutter, by the end i'm pretty sure my heart was pounding more than his. 9/10
  3. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    Got to say i am really loving this Last nights was hilarious and it also just got renewed for season 2 this week. I think i saw it advertised to be on BBC2 coming soon as well.
  4. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    To be honest i'm not sure it's on over here, it's on FX in the states. My mate has set up a system where i can put in the name of a TV show i want to watch and it automatically downloads all the episodes it can find and shares them via his Plex server so i just mainly watch tv through that these days...
  5. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    They've made a TV version of the "What We Do In the Shadows" movie, watched the pilot today and it was very good. In-keeping with the movie style and story but not just a retelling. I liked it and will continue with it.
  6. Random Task

    NFFC Rumours

    What i find amusing is that in January 2012 we decided that Wes Morgan was no longer required and sold him to Leicester... fast forward 7 years and we are signing the guy Wes is still keeping out of their team
  7. Random Task

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    I remember seeing a game, must be a few years back now with a decision the tv pundits were half and half over, some thought it was foul, some thought it wasn't. Anyway they zoomed in so the football was almost the size of the entire screen, and then slowed it down so that it was literally going frame by frame and watched it about 10 times and by doing that you could "just about" tell which way the decision should go. All the pundits then confidentally agreed that the ref had completely fucked it up It was actually quite funny
  8. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Spotlight - Been mentioned a few times in this thread already I think. I liked it a lot. The story of the Boston Globe journalist team that uncovered the child abuse scandal in the catholic church. 8/10 Robot and Frank - Set "in the near future" an old man, and former cat burglar, is losing his mind so his son gets him a robot to help him around the house etc... however Frank starts using the robot to help out with heists again. Quite short but enjoyable. 7/10
  9. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    I've just watched The First which is a show set in the future some time about the first manned mission to Mars. Was really quite good, very understated, quite slow I guess, and it's more about the families and what they go through than the actual SciFi element of going to Mars. It's only an 8 episode season anyway and worth a watch.
  10. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Mortal Engines - It always worry's me when a movie trailer is basically "THIS WAS MADE BY THE LORD OF THE RINGS GUYS!!!", makes me think the film can't stand up for itself. Still it wasn't terrible, entertaining enough for the most part, except for a weird bit where some unstoppable insane robot just decides to switch himself off or something (?) for no plausible reason I could see. It's a bit complicated for a synopsis (perhaps that's why the trailer focused on the makers) but it's a standard mostly forgettable blockbuster. 6/10 Aquaman - They've made this one a standalone movie as opposed to trying to fit it in with the rest of the DC stuff. It works better because of it but it's still mostly rubbish. I guess it was entertaining enough if you have a few hours to spare. Basically Atlantis's king, and Aquaman's half brother, wants to start a war with the above ground people and Aquaman has to stop him by going on a quest, in very much the style of National Treasure and Da Vinci Code, for a mythical trident. There is also an implausibly unstoppable human after revenge because Aquaman didn't save his Dad after they both tried to kill him (?). It was too long as well. 5/10
  11. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Calvary - A priest gets threatened with murder in 1 week during confessionals, he spends the week trying to work out what to do about it. I really enjoyed this, it's low key and interesting. The priest knows who it is that has threatened him but the viewer doesn't know and his "flock" are all very characters that you wouldn't really put it past them so it keeps you guessing. 8/10 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald - The second Fantastic Beasts film in the Harry Potter series, i really like the first one and this one was good, it's just it was clearly more setting the scene for the follow up movies (i think there are 5 in all planned). Still some good action and humour, although a bit light on the fantastic beasts... 7/10
  12. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Robin Hood (2018) - If you like super slow motion shots of people jumping while firing a bow and arrow then this film is for you! If that's not your bag i'd probably skip this. 4/10 The Girl in the Spiders Web - I read a few bad reviews of this so went in a little apprehensive but ended up quite enjoying it. It's nowhere near as good as the original (Swedish or US remake) but I found it entertaining enough. My biggest gripe with it is that there were no surprises, it was obvious what was going to happen whereas the original was full of twists and turns. This is more of an action film than the tense thriller the others were. 6/10
  13. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Venom - Bit naff. It takes forever for Venom to even show up and then the rest of the film, all the better stuff, is squashed up and doesn't make much sense. 4/10 Bohemian Rhapsody - I enjoyed this, story-wise you could substitute any other biopic about a music star from that period and it's pretty much the same, but great music (if you like Queen of course) and a really good ending where they recreate the Live Aid '85 concert performance almost note for note, move for move. 7/10
  14. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    I went to the Concert Hall last night and watched Jurassic Park In Concert... basically they have a big screen with the movie on (the original), but a live orchestra on stage doing the soundtrack. Really enjoyed it, JP is one of my favourite movies anyway and a big part of that is the soundtrack so was great to hear it live. They are doing it with a few old films now i think... Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, Love Actually (if that's your thing). Recommend it anyway.
  15. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    I've enjoyed the first season of Kidding. Jim Carrey is a popular kids TV host who really is the same on and off screen, but starts to go through a breakdown after the 1 year anniversary of one of his twin sons death in a car accident. Most of the episodes are directed by Michel Gondry (who also directed Eternal Sunshine) and the story is very much told in his unique visual style. It was something a bit different anyway.

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