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  1. Random Task

    PES 2020

    I remember school having one of those BBC beasts and that was the first computer i probably used, but my first to own was also the speccy 48k. I later upgraded to the Speccy 128k with the disk drive attached I don't remember what first games i had but the ones i remember playing the most were stuff like Chuckie Egg, Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, JetPac, Fruity Frank, Dizzy series, Slightly Magic, and later on The Bards Tale which would have been one of the first big world epic adventure games. Spent hours playing that, jotting down all the different maps (only to find later on that there was a cheat booklet with them all in). It was such a big game that one it came on TWO tapes Oh yeah, and Pajamarama - I still have no idea what the objective of that game was (apart from "wake up") but it was fun These days i have recently got one of those Oculus Quest VR headsets. Fuck they are good. I was playing Vader Immortal and when you meet up with Darth Vader it is proper intense It all feels incredibly real!
  2. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Jay and Silent Bob Reboot - It was mostly nostalgia that got me through this. I used to love the Jay and Silent Bob Kevin Smith films 15 years ago or whenever i last watched them but this one was mostly garbage or cringeworthy. There were a couple of bits that made me snort but otherwise not much going for it. It makes me wonder how the older films have aged and if i'd still enjoy them watching them now, but then the cringe bits were mostly watching the 40-50 year old actors try and act like they were still 20 year olds so maybe it wouldn't be so bad to revisit them, i'm afraid to find out though 3/10
  3. Random Task

    PES 2020

    The first football game i had was Footballer Of The Year on the Speccy. Played that loads. It was a little different because most football games you are a manager but this one you were a player. If you played well you would get offers from better clubs, if you were shit you would just get relegated. The graphics were appalling of course, i think the best you could do was move the football along the base of the screen and press fire while angling your joystick to a corner of the goal at the top of the screen but i still loved it. I still have my Speccy and Amiga somewhere. Might have to see if they still work
  4. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    Just watched "Don't f**k with cats" which is one of those true crime docs (in 3 parts) that Netflix have been kicking out recently. This one is about a bunch of internet nerds that vow to track down a guy that posted a video of himself killing some kittens. I don't usually bother with this sort of thing (although i have seen Making a Murderer) but 2 mates separately recommended it to me so i gave it a go. It is definitely a crazy, and a little worrying, story of the things people will go to for notoriety, fame and some internet likes. Worth a watch if you have a spare 3 hours.
  5. Random Task

    Team of the decade

    I forgot until recently that we still have Zach Clough on the books... He must be up there with some of the worst business we've ever done. £3m+ and a four and a half year contract! We've still got him signed up until Summer 2021 (another season and a half!!), and at this point it looks like he's gotten so shit we can't even manage to farm him out on loan anymore
  6. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    I'm pretty sure i watched Gummidge as a kid, but didn't bother with this one. I also watched the BBC's Dracula. It was going well until that third episode. What the hell was that?
  7. Random Task

    Chelsea v Forest

    https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5136460/chelsea-escape-penalty-call-thanks-to-var-but-even-their-own-fans-cant-believe-ridiculously-tight-call-vs-forest/ Shows a picture of the ”offside”...
  8. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    Just finished The Witcher on Netflix. Mixed feelings on it really. I can tell the fantasy world has potential, but the first season was all a bit of a confusing mess if you've never read the books or played the video game (which i haven't). A lot of characters and kingdoms appear or are mentioned as a important plot point, but then disregarded without explanation. I think season 2 will be better now that a lot of the stuff is sorted out. The problem is that they couldn't really decide what type of show to do. It seems like they decided they wanted an epic show with loads of political intrigue and backstabbing like Game of Thrones, but also wanted a intricate multi-layered story with twists you didn't see coming like Westworld, but also wanted the traditional American TV episodic monster of the week, all with a bunch of gratuitous blood and tits, and you can't fit all that in over just 8 episodes and make sense. Still, i didn't hate it, i just was watching it thinking how much better it could have been if they had just stuck to one, or even two, ways of storytelling.
  9. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    I've noticed that a lot of these people that give 1 star reviews are people that speculate, before the film comes out, on what they think the plot is going to be (usually something shit they've ended up having an argument with someone about on Reddit or something). Then when the plot isn't that, they throw a hissy fit, give a 1 star review and try and claim there idea was better (when it usually isn't). Either that or they have some weird gripes about the women characters v the men characters or the fact that someone is Asian I actually gave it the same rating as you (literally), mainly because i love Star Wars whatever though because there were a lot of problems with this one i think, mostly where they have tried to "correct" something that people didn't like from Last Jedi. My biggest gripes were the U-Turns they made from important bits in Last Jedi that, not only didn't need doing because they were better how they were (in my opinion anyway), but because the U-Turns didn't actually make any sense (trying to remain spoiler free, so a vague example would be the Helmet... what the fuck was that?). MILD SPOILER BELOW!!! Highlight below to read it. My favourite part of the whole movie was the big jar of Snokes at the Sith home world I was chuckling about that for ages
  10. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker - I think out of the latest 3 installments, this was my least favourite. The plot didn't really make sense and was all over the place trying to put too much in, and they went for cheap corny sentimentality as opposed to any real heart. I also felt like they pandered to all the man-babies that threw a hissy fit over the previous installment a little too much, almost throwing that movie under the bus. Still I love Star Wars - the inventiveness, the ideas, even stuff like them adding a random monster into the background for no reason - and when that John Williams music hits i just can't help but slide into that world and enjoy it. I wouldn't say it was a fitting end to the Skywalker saga but i'll certainly be watching it again (and again probably knowing me!). 7/10
  11. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Watched a couple of Taika Waititi films recently, the guy behind What We Do In The Shadows (and the most recent Thor movie): Hunt For The Wilderpeople - Really enjoyed this. Proper fun, and daft, story of a rebellious kid and his foster dad going missing in the New Zealand bush while they are hunted by the authorities. They meet some great characters along the way (Rhys Darby's "Bush Man" was classic!). I was chuckling the whole way through. 9/10 Boy - Struggled a bit with this one. Again set in the New Zealand outback, a Boy, whose Mum died years ago, idolises his absent father who he's never met. When he shows up (just to try and find a bag of stolen money he buried somewhere on the property) the Boy tries to get to know him. The main problem with this is the Boy is just not very likeable, and since the film is about him it's hard not to switch it off after the first 15 minutes. Ultimately it is worth seeing it through, if nothing else for the hilarious bit at the end credits where the cast basically do a Haka in the vein of Michael Jackson's Thriller video. 5/10
  12. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Joker - A standalone origin story of the Joker that doesn't involve him falling into a vat of acid. I had heard really great things about it, except from IKS above of course, but it really wasn't all that. The first two thirds of the movie (with a couple of exceptions) are really really slow and, while i appreciate it is supposed to be that way, you can't get away from the fact that it is jarring and annoying. I guess the pay off in the last third was OK though. 5/10 Knives Out - Really really loved this. A classic whodunnit mystery story with a top sleuth PI trying to find out if the Patriarch of a rich family really did commit suicide or whether he was murdered by one of his spoiled kids. It features loads of top actors playing loads of really great characters and it is a lot of fun along the way. Great stuff. 9/10
  13. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    Bit late since it came out 18 months ago or something but i just watched Altered Carbon which i was really impressed with. Not many tv series/movies make me think "I must buy the books" but this series did. It's set in a future where the human conscious can be stored on removable "stacks" which can then be placed in another body once yours dies or, if you are rich, you get bored of it, leading effectively to immortality. At heart it's a murder mystery but really it deals a lot with what this new tech allows you to do and the morality that goes with it. Plus loads of tits. Also watching Cobra Kai, am in to Season 2 at the moment. It's set in the present day 30 years after the events of the original 3 Karate Kid movies and follows Danny and Johnny as the latter brings back Cobra Kai (which was shut down after the events of Karate Kid 3). Great stuff, and a proper 80's nostaglia-fest
  14. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    Good solid first episode of Star Wars' The Mandalorian... errr not that i've watched it here in the UK with Disney+ not being available til March!
  15. Random Task


    I'd give the cricket method a try. Give each team 3 reviews, or 2 per half, and say any player or manager can use them for any decision they want - penalty, offside or even a throw in if they want. If the decision is overturned then they get to retain the review, if it's proved false they lose the review. You don't use it for anything else unless asked. This way it gives power back to the referee's. When the players all start moaning about a decision and surrounding the ref, all he has to do is tell them to review it if they feel that strongly. Just think about all the times a linesman is yelled at by some twat of a player when it's obvious he's in the wrong. All the times that a prick of a manager yells at a fourth official for a free kick he wants when it was nowhere near. That all starts to go away when they actually have a chance to review the decision and are made to look an idiot when they frivolously lose the review. Just a thought anyway, don't know how practical it would be in a game situation, but VAR as it is right now is causing more issues than it's resolving.

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