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  1. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    Good solid first episode of Star Wars' The Mandalorian... errr not that i've watched it here in the UK with Disney+ not being available til March!
  2. Random Task


    I'd give the cricket method a try. Give each team 3 reviews, or 2 per half, and say any player or manager can use them for any decision they want - penalty, offside or even a throw in if they want. If the decision is overturned then they get to retain the review, if it's proved false they lose the review. You don't use it for anything else unless asked. This way it gives power back to the referee's. When the players all start moaning about a decision and surrounding the ref, all he has to do is tell them to review it if they feel that strongly. Just think about all the times a linesman is yelled at by some twat of a player when it's obvious he's in the wrong. All the times that a prick of a manager yells at a fourth official for a free kick he wants when it was nowhere near. That all starts to go away when they actually have a chance to review the decision and are made to look an idiot when they frivolously lose the review. Just a thought anyway, don't know how practical it would be in a game situation, but VAR as it is right now is causing more issues than it's resolving.
  3. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    4th and final season of Mr Robot has been cracking. The latest episode ran for 49 minutes and had only 2 lines of dialogue, in the first minute Elliot is picked up by his sister who says "It's OK, we don't need to talk" (which makes sense following what happened last episode), then follows an absolutely breathless, thrilling episode ending with a bad guy kidnapping a woman and saying the line "It's time we talked". Genius episode, again written and directed by Sam Esmail (this bloke is winning at life - not only does he have several successful shows under his belt, loads of money, and can spill out cracking TV but he somehow managed to marry the super hot Emmy Rossum?). Anyway it was done so well that i didn't even realise that there was no dialogue Seriously, it wasn't until i happened to mention the episode to a buddy that he pointed it out. Have also been watching See which is the big budget show that Apple+ TV are leading with. It's not bad, it's a world set in the future where humans wiped themselves out somehow except for a few million who were all blind. Then some kids are born with the ability to see... 3 episodes in it has been Ok so far, the problem is obviously the no sight thing. They do make a great job of letting you believe that certain things could be done without sight but occasionally you are just watching it and think that there is no way that could have been built or that could have been done without being able to see. Plus little stuff, like all their clothes are matching colours, their hair and makeup look great that sort of thing... I mean, they should all look a mess Still it's good enough so far to get past stuff like that. I also am giving Watchmen a go, it's based in the world of the graphic novels but is telling a completely different story just set in that world. Again not bad so far, it's hard to tell where it is going after only 3 episodes but it's good so far, if confusing.
  4. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    I've had a look around for Birdemic but it looks like it is solely on Amazon Prime at the moment (which i don't have), will keep a look out though. Weirdly, when searching i found that there is a documentary on it on the Vice channel on Wednesday this week (called Outsider) if you fancy that Zombieland: Double Tap - Released 10 years after the original, with the original cast all signing up. I liked this again, they kept all the good stuff from the first one but still made a new movie. Again Bill Murray managed to steal the show with the post credits scenes. 7/10 Terminator: Dark Fate - I love the Terminator franchise, well i love the first 2 and have tolerated the rest which is why i was looking forward to this one because it is the return of James Cameron (who left at T2) and is a direct sequel to T2 that ignores the other films as alternate timelines. This one is poor though. It's just light hearted action film, at no point did i feel any sort of danger for the good guys despite the Terminator sent back being even more advanced and unstoppable than ever. Honestly the whole thing was stupid, including (and mild spoiler here) the "revelation" that it is the girl that is the resistance leader and not her son. They do it in such an over the top way, as if they are saying "yes that's right, women can lead too!!" dun dun duuuuurrrrrrrr <mind explosion>!!!! As if that hasn't been the overriding trend in Hollywood for the past number of years. A few other points, they have to stop getting Arnie back! Every time they do they have to invent even more convoluted and moronic reasons as to why he is there and why he is good now. They also have to stop making the Terminators even more advanced because it just makes it even more implausible when the humans somehow win with their crap guns that couldn't even stop the first Terminator. Anyway, this was supposed to be yet another attempt at a trilogy reboot, i expect that , as per the last 3 attempts, this will again fail and they will try another trilogy reboot (with Arnie STILL in it) in a few years time. My pitch: The resistance seem to have unlimited access to a time machine now apparently so they decide to send back hundreds of soldiers to the various decades and murder any bastard that makes any mention of Artificial Intelligence or AI. Seriously even if there name is Adam Ian Smith but they prefer to go by AI Smith, they murder him. Terminators are sent back to stop them (and since they will be saving people, Arnie can have his good guy story arc) 4/10
  5. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    The Greasy Strangler - Turns out it was on All4 Art That was unpleasant anyway It had all the terrible acting, bizzare pointless scenes, and dodgy dialogue that they were surely mostly making up as they went along as The Room but instead of unintended hilarity it was just gross. Plus what the hell was the ZX Spectrum soundtrack all about? There was this one particular unexpected moment at the beginning that made me laugh out loud but it was rare, i think it is the look of sheer surprise in the single eye you can see 1/10
  6. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    i'll keep an eye out for it (I still live in the dark ages without netflix etc... so only really watch movies either at the cinema or recorded from TV) Wild Card - Another terrible film from The Stath. This one promised loads of fight and action scenes but was actually about 95% watching the poor bloke try and act moody. A bodyguard for hire in Vegas ends up going up against a mobsters son. 2/10 Bad Times At El Royale - Really liked this. 4 people check in to the El Royale hotel, no-one is who they seem to be in this old fashioned style mystery thriller set in the 70's. Loads of twists and turns, it was written and directed by Drew Goddard who did Cabin In The Woods. 9/10
  7. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Mechanic: Resurrection - Wow that was worse than i thought it would be and i thought it would be pretty bad. Still a few passable action scenes. The Stath doing his stuff again in this sequel. 3/10 Zombieland - Enjoyed this, good laugh. "Zombie Kill of the Week" and Bill Murray steal the film despite barely being in it. Looking forward to the sequel out soon. 7/10 4 Lions - Someone mentioned this earlier in the thread i think. Comedy about some suicide bombers by Chris "Brass Eye" Morris. I enjoyed this as well. 7/10 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Think this was mentioned earlier as well. A teenage boy is forced by his Mum to befriend a girl who has just been diagnosed with cancer. I enjoyed this one too. 8/10
  8. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    Recently watched Wu Assassins. It's a TV show that seems to take it's inspiration from a late 90's - early 00's Jackie Chan flick in that it has highly dodgy acting and plot, but great fight scenes and stunts. I liked it and hope they do a Season 2.
  9. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Some group of nutters decide to wake up all the ancient monsters of the world to combat overpopulation in some confusing logic. Godzilla tries to help while "Monach", the organisation built to try and monitor and control them, faff about ignoring the deaths millions upon millions of people because they are trying to save this one girl. The makers clearly couldn't decide whether to go with a movie about monsters scrapping or a movie with a plot you might care about and instead ended up half-assing both. 5/10 Rocketman - Elton John biopic, the plot is exactly the same as Bohemian Rhapsody, or any other rock star of the era, the difference is that this one, instead of just telling the story, does so in a more fantasy film kind of way. Entertaining enough if you like Elton songs. 7/10 X-men: Dark Phoenix - I generally like the X-Men films but this one was rubbish. Some aliens want some sort of force that has infected one of the more powerful X-men, Jean Grey, which for some reason makes her try and kill all her friends <shrug>? It all seems even more pointless because a lot of it is the same as the plot to the X-men: The Last Stand film, only not as good, which is saying something because that film was a bit naff as well! There's more that is pointless, annoying, and makes no sense - too much to mention here. It's almost like they just thought the fact that Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones was in it was enough. Even the action scenes weren't very interesting. 3/10
  10. Random Task

    Recommend a film

    Jon Wick 3: Parabellum - If you liked the first 2, you'll like this. If not, don't bother. Personally i think they are great popcorn flicks. In this one John is pursued by the "High Table" after killing someone on consecrated ground, lots of ever more outrageous and impressive fights and stunts ensue. 8/10 Avengers: Endgame - Really good as long as you don't dwell over certain plot points too long... Action and effects are incredible. 9/10 Free Solo - Documentary about Alex Honnold who is rock climber who goes up almost sheer mountain sides "free solo" ie. without ropes or safety in any way and on his own. One slip or mistake and he is literally dead. He is about to try and climb "El Capitan" in Yosemite national park and this follows his life building up and eventually his attempt... This guy is a fucking nutter, by the end i'm pretty sure my heart was pounding more than his. 9/10
  11. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    Got to say i am really loving this Last nights was hilarious and it also just got renewed for season 2 this week. I think i saw it advertised to be on BBC2 coming soon as well.
  12. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    To be honest i'm not sure it's on over here, it's on FX in the states. My mate has set up a system where i can put in the name of a TV show i want to watch and it automatically downloads all the episodes it can find and shares them via his Plex server so i just mainly watch tv through that these days...
  13. Random Task

    What Have You Been Watching?

    They've made a TV version of the "What We Do In the Shadows" movie, watched the pilot today and it was very good. In-keeping with the movie style and story but not just a retelling. I liked it and will continue with it.
  14. Random Task

    NFFC Rumours

    What i find amusing is that in January 2012 we decided that Wes Morgan was no longer required and sold him to Leicester... fast forward 7 years and we are signing the guy Wes is still keeping out of their team
  15. Random Task

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    I remember seeing a game, must be a few years back now with a decision the tv pundits were half and half over, some thought it was foul, some thought it wasn't. Anyway they zoomed in so the football was almost the size of the entire screen, and then slowed it down so that it was literally going frame by frame and watched it about 10 times and by doing that you could "just about" tell which way the decision should go. All the pundits then confidentally agreed that the ref had completely fucked it up It was actually quite funny

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