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  1. Monomen - Drum of Glass Blakfish - Captain Burns (We Are) Performance - Free Fallin' Well Allright! - The Hives
  2. Sam

    Recommend a film

    Yes. It's an immense film. Dated in many ways, but it's very powerful stuff.
  3. I am working Sunday for the first time since I started my new job tomorrow/today. I've just discovered from the company website that it opens at 11.00 on a Sunday as opposed to 09.30 Mon-Sat. Mon-Sat I have to go in at 09.00. Shall I go in at 10.30 or 09.00?
  4. Two boys are asleep in my (single) bed. I have nowhere to sleep. It is a quarter to five. Well rubbish - I'm proper tired.
  5. I have an interview in the morning! But also my girlfriend is coming over from France and this evening was my first chance to clean the flat as one of my flatmates had to look after his girlfriend's baby and one was playing a gig. So I tidied and cleaned and it took from nine o'clock until now, with eight cups of tea. Now I'll read up for my interview, bed at half past, up at quarter past seven, back to pick up some flowers, off to airport. I feel worryingly calm about it all.
  6. I really wish I had a full complement of eyebrows. I look a cock. Clearly marks me out as an idiotic binge drinking student with immature mates, which isn't the image I want to portray, however true it is.
  7. The top quote came from someone on this forum. I can't remember who exactly. Someone with their head screwed on though, clearly. The second one from True "Jamz" Red - seer, sage, hero. Three and four have appeared in recent PMs from "DazzlaG" who I assume is an alter ego. Whoever they are, I'm not quite sure why they're so angry at me. I mean, there's the searing jealousy that every man feels towards me, no doubt, but most people hold themselves back. The bottom one from a security guard at ASDA a while back when he noticed me accidentally shoplifting a sandwich and a newspaper. I considered adding "You're an idiot - in a good way. No, that's not possible is it? You're just a fucking idiot. xxx" That was from my girlfriend today; harsh I thought. But no, it didn't make the grade.
  8. Well first I'm going to have to post this to see what the quotes are because I can't remember.
  9. You would grow a beard. Really Murf, not the most difficult one, that.
  10. Haha, kiss of death, I just dozed off reading about semiotics.
  11. That lasagna looks mouldy. This is a right showboat of an Insomniacs appearace. Bugger Daz's rules. If I can pull right through to tomorrow night I think I should win something.
  12. Three of us online at five past seven. Bad bad bad bad.

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