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  1. tomster

    Companies house report NFFC

    Not interested at all, I already know the difference. MUFC ltd are a subsidiary of Manchester United Ltd - these are the accounts to look at for any analysis. The claim that Man U lose money and have a negative net worth is incorrect, & wildly so. They're just about the most profitable football club in the world. (and I hate them with a passion, but cant deny the fact they run a good business).
  2. tomster

    Companies house report NFFC

    You said MUFC have a negative operating profit. They don't - they made £92.5m after tax last year. Nor do they have a net worth of £(370)m - they're positive by c. £300m (1.2b assets vs 0.9b liabilities)
  3. tomster

    Companies house report NFFC

    Think your info is wrong : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/12/30/manchester-united-finances-soar-adidas-sponsorship-kicks/
  4. tomster

    Champ Man 01/02

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of a copy of Champ Man 01/02.. for a Mac???? I've tried ebay, with no luck so far... Also, if I do manage to get hold of it (and this may be a dumb question), but will all the updates etc. that you can download still work on the mac version? Cheers.
  5. tomster

    Recommend a film

    on the subject of French films... has anybody seen Hidden? Great Film.

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