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  1. bearder2006

    QPR V Forest

    0_2 forest
  2. bearder2006

    Forest v Reading

    2-0 forest u reds
  3. bearder2006

    Will we be relegated?

    We are wank about time the players get us out this mess they got us in it we need pride fight and players who want to fight for our last 3 games 3 wins no less go at it
  4. bearder2006

    Will we be relegated?

    We just can't help ourselves is it more what other clubs do than us ?
  5. bearder2006

    Derby away

  6. bearder2006

    Newcastle at home.

    A win is a win about time we had a bit of luck on our side now just the sheep to sort out
  7. bearder2006

    Newcastle at home.

    Let's hope we win and shut all the Newcastle lovers up
  8. bearder2006

    Forest v QPR

    Manager and players both wank time for whole sale changers new manager new defenders new captain we are a joke top to bottom
  9. bearder2006

    Forest v QPR

    1_1 at the best
  10. bearder2006

    Reading v Forest

    Beginning to lose interest
  11. bearder2006

    Forest v Warnock

    We need new owners in quick with ideas and a structure and manager who understands the English game a leader to sort these over paid players out
  12. bearder2006

    Forest v Warnock

    Can't defend, can't pass, lansbury is no caption the manager thinks we are barcelona and can pass our way from the back to many changers every game
  13. bearder2006

    Forest v Warnock

    2-1 forest we always let a goal in lol
  14. bearder2006

    Forest v Birmingham

    Thanks always live in hope

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