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    Nottingham Forest FC, Forums, Alcohol, Women, Football, Championship Manager, Football Manager, The 90's, Jose Maria Gutierrez Hernandez (GUTI), Lee Trundle, Michael D'AWESOME'

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  1. Bevchenko

    Football Manager

    too true.
  2. Bevchenko

    Help needed PS3 or Xbox 360

  3. Bevchenko

    Football Manager

    all about 01/02 with update.
  4. all is well buddy, yes i graduated i miss it so much i'm going back for freshers week tho
  5. morning guys, been a while since i've been on this thread hope all is well? i miss being a student...
  6. Bevchenko

    American Sports Roll Call

  7. Bevchenko

    Might treat myself to a console

    indeed its amazing i got to lvl 55 and almost all my guns gold so i was pretty decent didn't play it for a few month and was absolute gash and still am..but haven't got the time to get better again too buysy on BEIJING!
  8. Bevchenko

    Might treat myself to a console

    ur lying
  9. Bevchenko


    just broke the worlds top 300 for 100m although the top 10 are bugs as they are all 0.00sec
  10. Bevchenko

    Might treat myself to a console

    yes but FREE online play swings it for the ps3 and thats without mentioning blu-ray
  11. Bevchenko

    Might treat myself to a console

    bad choice...
  12. Bevchenko


    100m king
  13. Bevchenko


    Beijing Games... anyone got it? i think its ace!
  14. Bevchenko

    Football Manager

    its CM 0102 with the latest Database, he's from Portugal aint david silva, Portuguese are the new swedes. Cohen is the only survivng member of the original squad

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