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  1. Think the criticism of Pantillimon is harsh tonight. I'm not his greatest fan but he made some superb saves tonight, his handling was flawless and his awareness off the line was good.
  2. Good performance that. Thought Grabban Colback and Yacob were outstanding.
  3. I think we'll both score, both teams good on the attack and shit at the back - 3-3
  4. I've a Preston supporting mate who was offered a free ticket and turned it down. He reckons it could get embarrassing on Saturday. 4 nil reds.
  5. molymoly

    Match Thread : vs Ipswich Town

    Fair play, mate. I thought you would never change your spots. I've always said give a manager a season at the very least. It might have gone tits up but at least let the man die on his sword. We have the Iranian lad up front plus Murphy and Soudani. I'd like to see us getting a spritely CB in on cover in Jan. The idea of Hefele and Dawson does not inspire me.
  6. molymoly

    Match Thread : vs Ipswich Town

    Fuck the playoffs. I placed 20 bricks on then winning the league in July.
  7. Yes, mate - fair point - I forgot about the back up. He's no LB...
  8. I think Bolasie is one of the best wingers in the division - Robinson will not come up against much better. Tbh I think Villa's forward line could do a job in a lower-end Prem team - worrying if we go up, but then I'd probably expect wholesale changes if managed the 'impossible'.
  9. Lolley was pretty much inter-changing all game with Cash - Hull hadn't a clue how to contain them.
  10. http://satfeeds.net/sflivestream-dm-b7d4a8g2.html You need to pay a fiver for 3 months access
  11. Need to make this pressure count
  12. Using the Donating members feed on SatFeeds - good stream so far.

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