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  1. Fully behind the manager, Colin - but we are dire at corners...
  2. molymoly

    Match Thread: Middlesbrough - Forest

    Superb win - up to 5th. That was a great performance today - ironically, I thought Watson and Colback were immense for the 90mins.
  3. molymoly

    Match Thread: Middlesbrough - Forest

    Great ball by Watson to Lolley
  4. molymoly

    Match Thread: Middlesbrough - Forest

    Our pressing is far better than Wednesday
  5. molymoly

    Dedicated stream thread.

    Struggling with satfeeds - buffering badly.
  6. molymoly

    Match Thread: Middlesbrough - Forest

    Jesus - that back 6...
  7. Our corners to goals ratio must be one of the worst in the league. We are terrible at crossing the ball.
  8. molymoly

    Match Thread: Middlesbrough - Forest

    Should be an interesting game - I fancy us to score a few. 2 -2 .
  9. molymoly

    Book of Condolence Thread

    Zippy? When?
  10. molymoly

    Karanka - sack or keep

    Dane, the only reason I want to see the season out with him is I cannot abide us repeating history for the umpteenth time. Our approach to management appointing clearly doesn't work - no-one is given any time to achieve anything. The football ain't great at the min - I've witnessed it regularly first-hand and it might turn out the Karanka is not the chosen one; but I'd at least like to see the club show some support and back the manager for a change. Surely it is time to try something different and see if consistency is actually worth pursuing. The upheaval sacking the manager in the winter months will cause would probably write off yet another season - and eventually see yet another massive squad overhaul. I'm absolutely sick of the 'same shit, different season' experience at Forest. But I do love heading to the ground of a Saturday afternoon as contradictory as that might sound. I've had an ST for 5 years now - and basically, every season has petered out into complete apathy, both in the stands and on the pitch (except maybe the final day scrape a few years ago). I'm willing to stand by the manager in the vain hope that things might actually get better with the same people working together over a period of time. I ain't a happy clapper, fuck me, I was nearly apoplectic last night, but I will judge the manager from the performance over the season. I don't buy the January run - that was a different scenario with different objectives. If we're no better come May, and not in the shit relegation wise, then that should be the time for possible re-evaluation. He'll probably get sacked next week now.
  11. molymoly

    Karanka - sack or keep

    Last night was terrible. But manager needs at least a season.
  12. How Carvalho stayed on as long as he did amazed me. I know he scored but he was absolute dogshit - nothing he did came off. I nearly list my shit when he took Osborn off - who was our best player along with Lolley.
  13. That was fucking terrible. We made Millwall look like fucking Brazil. Keeper was shit. CBs couldn't win a header. Even the floodlights could be arsed with us. Something needs to change.

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