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  1. molymoly

    Forest v Derby

    Season is in serious danger of petering out - at the minute, we look like a bang average, mid-table side. I'd love to see us smash them, but would honestly be happy leaving the ground on Monday with a draw.
  2. molymoly

    Preston v Forest

    Playing ok now. Just need that clinical strike.
  3. molymoly

    Preston v Forest

    2 up top. Hope it's better than the last time. Much stronger looking defence. Forest win.
  4. molymoly

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    That's 4 pts we've been screwed out of now by the refs. We'd be right in the mix otherwise.
  5. molymoly

    Birmingham v Forest

    Glad Osborn is in his natural position, but what has Yacob done to piss O'Neill off?
  6. molymoly

    NFFC Rumours

    Dunno. Was on BBC Gossip this morning.
  7. molymoly

    NFFC Rumours

    Nottingham Forest have agreed a deal with Bournemouth to sign 25-year-old defender Tyrone Mings on loan. (Bournemouth Echo
  8. molymoly

    NFFC Rumours

    Playing devil's advocate a bit here but I thought the same with the Leicester lad and he's done ok so far.
  9. molymoly


    What i did like were the through balls we were trying - there were 4 or five that were a gnat's pube away from coming off. I think with more of the same approach to games, more of those will come off. Still think Carvahlo needs to be in the middle - he can work in tight spaces and can make stuff happen.
  10. molymoly


    Why play Watson then?
  11. molymoly


    Just lacking creativity, Dane. We looked fairly comfortable but Wigan's passing was woeful. There were small bursts of attacking intent from us and we're definitely not passing back to the keeper as much, but we're screaming out for Carvalho.
  12. molymoly


    Wigan were dreadful- one of the worst teams I've seen at our place this season. And the ref wasn't much better.
  13. molymoly

    NFFC Rumours

    Robinson needs competition. Decent enough but painfully slow.
  14. molymoly

    NFFC Rumours

    McLean was quality when Stoke played at the City Ground, looked a cut above - would be happy to have him here. Don't give a crap about his political views - if Ched Evans can get a club after his shady past, then someone's politics shouldn't be a major issue.
  15. molymoly

    Tunisian CB signed...

    No nonsense and built like a brick shit house

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