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  1. I did watch the game you trumpet.
  2. Another one who's name passed me by practically the whole 90 minutes.
  3. Carvalho crap. Dias crap. Osborne quiet. Colback good. Geddy good. Lolley would've been m.o.m if he could get shots on target. The others forgettable. WBA played the perfect away game in my view the bastards.
  4. You are joking surely? I never heard his name from the commentator apart from when he was rolling around like a twat.
  5. Already got one of them from a fracas years back & had two front teeth volleyed out lol.
  6. Can you bung all links to live games here for utter dinosaurs like us. Ta.
  7. i.k.s

    News chit chat

    It's only as difficult as you want to make it.
  8. Went this morning, expecting root canal treatment. But suprisingly I was only in for a check up, which I thought was nice. Got to go back in Nov for three sittings while they rearrange my jaw. Cunts.
  9. i.k.s

    Bristol City v Forest

    Never do well there, a draw at best
  10. i.k.s

    News chit chat

    Bravery awards for London Bridge. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-bridge-terror-attack-victims-among-those-honoured-with-bravery-awards-a3890816.html One notable exclusion. Roy Larner. He didn't have a baton, a blade or even a chair. Absolutely disgraceful how he's been swerved by the judgmental snobby bastards who decide these things.
  11. i.k.s

    News chit chat

    And they'll want to lose our custom will they?

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