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  1. My thoughts exactly. I refuse to day trip to Nottingham now if I have to drive because I can't watch Karanka's shit sober.
  2. i.k.s

    News chit chat

    Thats what I was gonna say..plus he gives it to the red sea pedestrians which is always a bonus.
  3. i.k.s

    News chit chat

    Who on here like Jeremy Corbyn? Just a straight yes I do or no I don't. I do . I'll discuss later.
  4. Agreed. Year on year of turgid shite no matter who's in charge. We haven't had a side worth watching since the poisonous porridge wogs first time here.
  5. Young un's at work looking at me in bewilderment when I tell them in conversation that I know absolutely fuck all about football from approximately 1999 & onwards, & neither do I care.zzzzzz
  6. Someone that advocates attacking football. Who? I don't care.
  7. Few of us on here are old enough to remember getting knocked out at the dentists. Had that at least twice. Had three general anaesthetics since for broken leg ops. It's no big deal for me.
  8. i.k.s

    What's wrong with the UK?

    Twats that do three full bags of shopping at a petrol station.
  9. My only fear, which I think is justified, is that a rip roaring performance like last nights has gee'd us all up, and will be nullified on Saturday as we revert to Karanka's safety first tactics.
  10. I watched the game in Sandown n the isle of wight, the pub was packed with members of the Birmingham scooter club, resplendent in their BCFC shirts & annoying accents, singing that KRO song. I had the back up of some pisshead from Bulwell with no teeth, bragging about an Australia rugby shirt he'd bought from the charity shop over the road for £4. Some mouthy Brum twat offered me a tenner bet they'd win, naturally knowing their lowly position in the table & the fact that we were at home I took it. With them at 0-2 I gave him the tenner, he came crawling back at the end of the game calling me a jammy bastard as he handed me the ten pounds back, and he was right. We were absolutely shite. He won't see the season out if they carry on like that. The fact he dropped Lolley speaks for itself.
  11. I did watch the game you trumpet.
  12. Another one who's name passed me by practically the whole 90 minutes.

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