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  1. i.k.s

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    I'd take him all day long
  2. i.k.s

    News chit chat

    Of course, if you married a black sort & some celeb stuck a pic up on the web like that you wouldn't be offended....
  3. i.k.s

    Champions League

    There's fuck all "champions" about it!
  4. i.k.s


    I can't believe you still trudge up the M1 to watch rubbish every fortnight. I thought you would've binned it off by now. I aint sure whether to tip my hat or get you sectioned.
  5. i.k.s

    If Notts go down...

    Not actually bothered if it's Notts or anyone else. Nobody likes to see history erased. But yeah we're now officially the oldest club.
  6. i.k.s

    Sheffield United v Forest

    We'll win this...christ knows how.
  7. i.k.s

    Jollies this year...

    It's a beautiful part of the world Danny. Toured there twice on the bike. I'm off to the states Thursday for a fortnight. Florida for a few days then a short flight to Memphis..The birthplace of rock n roll & soul. Can't wait.
  8. i.k.s

    Forest v Blackburn

    It took a lot of effort to log in just to say I really don't care. I'll say one thing though...its a fucking good job the bubble saw sense and dropped the season ticket prices otherwise next year's crowds would be totally laughable.
  9. i.k.s

    The politics thread

    May is now saying that if they can't reach a compromise with labour the outcome is that there may not be a brexit at all. Bitch
  10. i.k.s

    The politics thread

    I've always said we should chip in for what outstanding projects we signed up for. Fairs fair.
  11. i.k.s

    The politics thread

    Eh, you made the claim that the womans blog which listed companies that had moved from the uk with a sub off the eu was bollocks...I'm telling you it happened. i.e, not bollocks.
  12. i.k.s

    The politics thread

    I don't even know or care what the deal is. Arch Brexiteers voted to leave. Out. No deal. What part of that are you struggling with?
  13. i.k.s

    Forest v Swansea

    No, first time since the late 80s I haven't done a home game in a season & I can't see that changing at this stage. I'll wait til we reach the play of final before I watch them again this season.
  14. i.k.s

    The politics thread

    Prove it. Seeing as your quick to dismiss a link laden blog as bollocks...let's see your link to Ford's stopping in Southampton unless they got an eu grant.
  15. i.k.s

    The politics thread

    why do we have to go through this with you trying to wriggle out of every statement you ever make when it is wrong... the facts are that the EU gave Ford's a grant to build a factory in Turkey and then gave a further loan to Ford's to move production there!

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