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  1. i.k.s

    Ipswich vs Forest

    A win, but it doesn't matter now does it, Season over..
  2. i.k.s

    2019/2020 Season tickets

    If you're the type to park up, get in & watch the game I could understand that, but for me it's the social scene.
  3. i.k.s

    2019/2020 Season tickets

    maths isn't my strong point but it seems to me that works out at £15 a game which isn't bad.
  4. i.k.s

    The politics thread

    It is sly skullduggery of the highest order. You have a PM who wants to remain, who organised a cabinet of three staunch leavers to deliver brexit, they all jacked when they realised she wasn't going to agree with any proposals they had. That right there was the monumental fuck up. She should've let them get on with it. She's a fucking traitor. I hope she treads on an upturned plug first thing in the morning every day for the rest of her sorry life, the half deflated balloon faced giraffe.
  5. Away end stewards. 99% of these idiots are simply craving for a left hook to the jaw. What sad empty lives these wankers must lead. I got slung out of Chesterfield Saturday standing up for a fella in his 60's who was getting chucked out for falling over celebrating a goal. He took a tumble over a 18 inch high boundary fence...we helped him up and these pricks grabbed him and started frogmarching him.out. Two of us stood in their way telling them they were out of order but they never fucking see reason do they. Next thing I've got a few more all over me...A mate gets the same treatment...he's pinned to the floor..im holding this big metal gate open while this little weakling is trying to close it...there's no way I'm getting the gate closed on me...then these coppers turn up and drag me off. Now I'm fucking fuming. I'm getting question time off some midget in a stab proof..I told him I don't want to speak to him I want talk to his colleague who seems a more reasonable fella. Now he's got the hump. Anyway. .His colleague turns out to be a Forest supporter...so I'm set on my way..my mate who by now has stopped being sat on calls me over to go to the pub. As we're walking around the ground a couple of home fans are let out..so i say "s'cuse me" & wander in the home end and sit down. Two minutes later our lot get the winner and like a numpty I'm the only one celebrating. ..i'm then greeted by the Forest copper who's laughing his tits off calling me a cheeky bugger and politely and courtesly encouraged me to leave. Yep fair do's I had no problem with that. After the game I find out the old boy who fell over was allowed to stop in ffs! So to summarise. .all this could've been avoided if the jumped up steward pricks hadn't gone way over the top in the first place with their ridiculous zero tolerance bollocks.
  6. i.k.s

    City Ground to be re-developed

    It'll be alright. I must admit to my huge preference for standing on a terrace rather than sat in some cramped plastic uncomfortable seat..but it is what it is. Grounds in need of a revamp don't bother me one bit....as I've started doing the rounds in the non league scene I've seen plenty of these and there's nothing wrong with them. I went to Chesterfield Saturday and sat in their all singing all dancing identikit flat pack 'stadium'. Zzzzz. To my shame I haven't done home game watching Forest this season and I've missed the old place, and ill miss the main stand..used to have some right laughs in the A block.
  7. i.k.s

    NFFC Rumours

    Yes I must admit I've not slept properly since this bombshell dropped.
  8. Rightly so. When you have a load of ex pro's slagging them off after looking at umpteen replay's, it's only right they can 'cover their arses' by looking at replays themselves.
  9. i.k.s

    City Ground to be re-developed

    plus that view when crossing trent bridge!
  10. i.k.s

    City Ground to be re-developed

    Are they reinstating terracing & compulsory bog roll throwing?
  11. i.k.s

    Forest v Derby

    I told ya didn't I. Never in doubt lads. Never in doubt.
  12. i.k.s

    Forest v Derby

    If I was a poof I'd let Joe Lolley bum me...I love him.
  13. i.k.s

    Forest v Derby

    Course they have, they're losing 1-0. Don't worry we'll sort this rabble no bother.
  14. i.k.s

    Forest v Derby

    You watching the same game fella?
  15. i.k.s

    Forest v Derby

    I very much doubt they will, and if they do we'll score again. We'll win this fucker. Of that I have no doubt.

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