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  1. Ha I was wondering that the other day. Along with the tiddlywinks, the two most populated planets on earth & I can't think of one player from India or China thats graced any top flight. I think one Chinese fella played for Blackpool. So I dont really think anyone is 'overlooked' they just don't cut it.
  2. English managers are being overlooked as well.
  3. Ethnics saying they're overlooked.
  4. To be fair he's done fucking well for himself since he stopped winning horse races.
  5. Birtles. ? Davenport. Walker. ? ? ? Pearce Wigley
  6. No I wouldn't either but it was alright. Overall though I'd be joining the M1 about now at junction 24 absolutely fucked off I'd wasted another day and £100 odd .
  7. Yeah some folk are too stubborn. Second half was alright.
  8. Don't come across all superfan on us eh. That big paul got bombed out cos of that.
  9. I edited my post mate . Second half was alright.
  10. Is Colin Fray on drugs? "It's been absolutely enthralling throughout". A few chances second half with Buckland making a couple of great saves but enthralling?
  11. It took the Stoke fans singing delilah to get three minutes of support from our own fans. Now the last 5 minutes has got attacking football from us. Five fucking minutes. Just crap.
  12. Refreshed it from the link Chaz put up
  13. Yeah I know. .been watching it mate.
  14. By my reckoning there was about 7 minutes of pressure from Forest
  15. It's much better when they get the ball wide to Cash.

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