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  1. i.k.s


    I should think his first priority would be to stop shipping daft goals, the try & score & win. Sounds daft, but under Karanka he got the first bit right..just not the rest most of the time.
  2. i.k.s

    NFFC Rumours

    As it stands at the moment if we played Rangers they would murder us.
  3. i.k.s

    News chit chat

    Neither can I mate, horse, door, bolted etc. One can only hope that there is another economic downturn in the short term & a lot of the Johhny come lately's up sticks & fuck off somewhere else on the multi national globalised planet that Labour creamed themselves over, and consequently lost power because of it.
  4. i.k.s

    NFFC Rumours

    Only those that won't sweat blood for the cause, so in that case they might as well fuck off now.
  5. i.k.s


    He's not as bad as you make him out to be mate. I'd expect counter-attacking football, strong defensively and quick on the break. There is money to spend, though I'd like see Appiah given a chance now. When you look at his achievements written down, he has actually looks to have been quite a successful manager.
  6. i.k.s


    O’Neill is likely to bring in Steve Guppy as part of his backroom staff as he contemplates taking charge for the first time in Forest’s home game against Bristol City on Saturday. Good Eastleigh lad him.
  7. Is he? I don't know I don't watch enough, just read what everyone else says.
  8. They wouldn't get interviews afterwards if they did that, and I'm sure as eggs are eggs that interviews post match are all part of contractual demands. Personally I'd say ''so & so won't talk, or allow his players to talk, because we pulled so & so up on such & such''. Make 'em look proper wallies.
  9. Yet everyone was saying what a revelation & turnaround in form he has had this season. How fickle. Yep he lost it Saturday, but I can't see why he's become a bad player in an instant.
  10. i.k.s


    Anyone of a certain vintage won't put the dampers on this, I wish him all the best of luck in the world because after Saturdays pathetic turnout he's gonna fucking need it!
  11. I went under the stand after 15 minutes and carried on boozing watching the screen along with roughly 100 other sane people .Fifteen minutes of utter boring dirge. Literally dog shit from start to finish. Fuck that im not going again this season it's really fucking boring.
  12. i.k.s

    News chit chat

    I am going to say that ''I’m not particularly arsed what he has to say and his opinion is precisely that, his'' is not JUST his opinion. It's not even an opinion, it's mostly fact. I voted leave because I hate mass immigration & everything the EU stands for. Nothing cloudy about that fella. I'm as informed as anyone else. It's easy.
  13. i.k.s

    News chit chat

    I didn't say YOU had, yet I'm getting giddy? Did you read the link?
  14. i.k.s

    News chit chat

    Charlie, we're all well aware you'd rather live in a commune up a tree listening to Crass on yer ipod nano so your'e views aren't really relevant.

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