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  1. i.k.s

    News chit chat

    Should be banged up in Miami mega jail. He won't be cos he's a self entitled cunt. Nothing to add really.
  2. i.k.s

    The politics thread

    Tory for the first time in years for this cat. No need for ukip/brexit party anymore
  3. i.k.s

    News chit chat

    A bit?
  4. i.k.s

    Forest v Derby

    2_0 Forest.
  5. I find it fucking ironic that europe spent 400 years chopping down entire forests for grazing cattle, building cities.. towns and smoky factories.. plundering the planet for natural resources and now spend most of the time telling asia to wind their necks in.
  6. i.k.s


    Get rid of on pitch officials making decisions altogether then. Just have 3 blokes in a studio telling this meathead in black uniform connected up by an earpiece with a whistle to stop the game as soon as big brother tells him to. Meathead then instructs what big brother decided.
  7. i.k.s

    The politics thread

    Nemzy knocking them al over..as per.
  8. i.k.s


    I'd ban replays on tv. Everyone should get one chance just like the ref.
  9. i.k.s

    Wigan v Forest

    Here's the stream. You're welcome to it. I've had enough already. http://cricfree.top/soccer/wigan-athletic-nottingham-forest-cfrbcf9j?l=1377252250
  10. i.k.s

    Wigan v Forest

    When England beat the convicts in the world cup years ago..i was en route to Wigan..we drew 2-2. This weekend we beat them again.. lump on a draw.
  11. i.k.s

    The politics thread

    What's the fucking point of commenting on here? They could sit you on a throne with £50 million quid and blow jobs on demand from a bevy of buxom babes and if you could be persuaded to vote leave.. but you and all you other stuck in the mud cunts would still sulk and stamp yer feet. There's been a lot of talk about the age demographic of people who weren't old enough to be aware of the implications of leaving the eu and would now change their minds and vote remain.. Or weren't old enough to vote and would have voted to remain if they could. Well what about the young people who voted to join the common market in 1973 and are now old enough to realise what an absolute bunch of high cost fuck nuggets those remain pro eu mp's are!? Think that fucker through!
  12. i.k.s

    Blackburn v Forest

    What a load of moany old knobbers we have supporting our club.
  13. i.k.s

    What Have You Been Watching?

    Countryfile should be renamed Cuntryfile. "This week we look at the rise of the far right in rural areas". Just fuck off and show me some badger culling for fucks sake!
  14. i.k.s

    Stoke v Forest

    Looked twitchy at the back when Dawson went off, his abscence was obvious when McLean scored their 2nd, but all in, we did well. First time top of the league for 5 years. Feels good.
  15. i.k.s

    Stoke v Forest

    We'll boss this and win comfortably.

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