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  1. We are actually back in the fight for the playoffs!!! Uuuuu Reeeeds!!!
  2. sandnes1985

    Karanka out

    pathetic performance yet again today. I’m sick of the shite we have to witness week in week out.Absolutely no arguements left to keep Karanka.
  3. sandnes1985

    Match Thread: Middlesbrough - Forest

    Been very good today! Hope we see us perform like this for 90 minutes, not 75!
  4. sandnes1985

    Karanka out

    I have never argued they should be dropped - I've always been a fan of playing young talented players ahead of faded "stars", hasbeens or neverwas. Also, for me its not as much about results - Karankas defensive and destructive style of play is the Main reason I want him out (and never wanted Warbs sacked and Karanka in in the frist place). And when we are't even gjetting results either, on top of lousy play, its devastating to watch.
  5. sandnes1985

    Karanka out

    If Brereton is sold for next to nothing and we keep drawing games, we should fuck that horrible spaniard off. He´s signed 25 players or something since january, and we still don´t look improved. And on top of that our talented youngsters aren´t even on the bench, apart from Cash. The only thing that has «improved» is our giant squad, wage bill and transfer fee total. Karanka now has absolutely NO ACCEPTABLE EXCUSES - he has gotten everything he wanted, and has soon been here as long as Warburton. If we aren´t winning most games by October, he has been a horrible mistake at the heights of Megson and David Platt.
  6. Very excited to be in Nottingham again to see my first match in a year (last one was the opening match against Millwall last season). Hoping for a nice win, 2-0. Grabban and Osborn to score. Come on you Reds!
  7. sandnes1985

    Karanka out

    It's shocking that people were calling for Warburton's head, yet are defending Karanka. Warburton had a plan and a vision, and even though we had a dreadful period from october to december, we were still making progress. Karanka on the other hand has wasted shit load of money on more useless deadwood in January, and we look far worse. What if Warburton had been given the money to sign someone in stead? And now it sounds like I worship Warbs, but I dont. I just hate the fact that we keep sacking the good guys after not even giving them a chance, and keep wasting shit load of money on destructive managers like Freedman
  8. sandnes1985

    Karanka out

    Why on earth did we sign this Megson/Freedman/McLeish lookalike? I sincerely hope we don't score today, just so Karanka gets the rekord he well deserves!
  9. sandnes1985

    Forest v Villa.

    Is Worral suspended from todays match?
  10. sandnes1985

    Forest v Bolton

    A win and three points always makes me happy. I have to say that was another scrappy performance, though, and it’s getting more and more obvious that our team does not work well against the more physical teams (Millwall, Cardiff, Bolton, etc.). I am a huge fan of Warburton and the way he wants us to play. This game, though, with Mills at the back, Mancienne at right back and Lichaj on his less comfortable left, we struggled a lot to find good alternatives to play ourselves out, and Mills as usually started hoofing. Also, Dowell is far too lightweighted to play in these game, Smith is not good enough and Murphy seems to have lost his form. Come january, we need a commanding keeper, a top central defender to play alongside Worral and we need a left back not prone to injury.
  11. sandnes1985

    Forest v QPR

    So true!! What a fantastic performance by our lads today. Thoroughly enjoyed watching it, from start to finish. I love the way we always try to play football the right way, and I have absolutely no problem with us losing our playing bad from time to time as long as we keep trying! My ratings: Smith - 7. Nothing to do, really, but looks a lot more comfortable whenever he gets a pass to him or when he has to grab the ball. Credit for that. Lichaj - 8. Contributes a lot going forward, and never loses out defensively. Worral - 8. So comfortable with the ball in his feet, and such a commanding type. Mancienne - 8. Didnt put a foot wrong. Traore - 7. Did well, but didnt contribute as much as Lichaj. Bridcut - 8. Balanced the team very well and alwayed linked up and wanted the ball. Osborn - 9. Another great performance. I really rate him, and have never understood why he appearantly gets a lot of stick. Two assists today. McKay - 9.5. What a fantastic player he is! Absolutely fantastic performance today, and rightly MOTM imo Dowell - 9. Fantastic performance. What a talent he is! Ive been harsh with him earlier - today he deserves a lot of credit. Walker - 9. Took his goals very well, and was a constant threat. Murphy - 8. Didnt score, but thats about all you could critizise him for today.
  12. sandnes1985

    Hull v Forest

    I am absolutely over the moon over how well we are playing when we succeed with our ambitious play! No more hoofing, no more attacking with one or two players at a time, no more cynical shit tactics. I Will happily take a 15th finish if we keep trying every game like we've been doing under Warbs. PS! Vaughan is absolutely pivotal to our team!
  13. sandnes1985

    2nd round

    Argh, 2-2 just before half time
  14. sandnes1985

    2nd round

    Cummings 2-1!!!

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