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  1. birkin youth


    BBC says they had 55% of the possession. And yet, they still only managed ONE shot on goal.
  2. birkin youth

    Recommend a film

    Yeah, it's fuckin well good. One of the most intense films I've seen in ages. Ha. Might join CND now.
  3. birkin youth

    Recommend a film

    Sweet, gonna watch it some time this week. Opinions to follow....
  4. birkin youth

    Recommend a film

    The one about a Nuclear attack? I just bought this from Amazon the other day, looking forward to watching it
  5. birkin youth

    Recommend a film

    Went to see the stage version of this in Leeds last weekend. Excellent My mate told me "its about a teacher who touches up his pupils"... that's the only info I had... but it was actually brilliant. Don't know about the film, but the play was dead funny As for films to recommend off the top of my head, - Kids - Big Lebowski - Chopper - This Is England (all of Shane Meadows films are meant to be worth watching) - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation ... ha ha. Sadly I'm not joking!

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