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  1. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest v Blackburn

    Any streams about?
  2. rob_johnstoneuk

    Premier League chit chat

  3. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest v sheff wed

    Byram looks like a very tidy player, would like us to try and get him back next season
  4. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest v Villa

    Fucking awful, Villa have so much quality compared to us. We could be out there for another hour and not score
  5. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest v Derby

    Would be interesting if Chelsea contact the sheep over Fat Frank this week! Not sure but I am going into this game optimistic - any home win will be taken!
  6. rob_johnstoneuk

    Shit Referees

    I think it can be made simple... Each team has 1 challenge each they can use. If the challenge is proved correct, the side keeps it and if it is proved wrong then they lose it... similar to cricket and that puts the impetuous on the captain to challenge rather than the referee
  7. rob_johnstoneuk

    NFFC Rumours

    Seems like Britt is being allowed to leave Boro - we should try and bring him back, should be able to get him for a lot less than we sold him.
  8. rob_johnstoneuk

    NFFC Rumours

  9. rob_johnstoneuk


    If people were moaning about the poor football played under Karanka, I would love to know what they thought of that. Too many times we just lumped the ball forward to absolutely nobody. Murphy too many times was stranded and did all he could with the poor service into him. Despite scoring a great goal and a superb assist for Cash’s goal, Gueddy gives the ball away too many times and was poor. The new lad at the back looks solid and despite a lack of minutes looks the part. Carvalho has to come into the side!
  10. rob_johnstoneuk

    NFFC Rumours

    Completely agree, I said that when he was shown smashing his flat up earlier in the season. This is why the general public are becoming separated from players these days - too much money for players that simply do not deserve it!
  11. rob_johnstoneuk


    I am up for this one (as in travelling north not pumped up!) - any excuse to get out the house now we have a newborn! Will be interesting how we line-up - O'Neills recent comments about Carvalho and how is talented but needs to fight harder suggest to me that he might be on the bench again. Not seen us lose this season so going for a 2-1 victory
  12. rob_johnstoneuk

    NFFC Rumours

    See we are linked with Tyrone Mings on loan - always thought he was decent but had a couple of serious injuries
  13. rob_johnstoneuk

    NFFC Rumours

    I am all for giving these youngsters a go - they can't do any worse! But I fear the vast majority would be on their backs in weeks if they didn't produce instantly
  14. rob_johnstoneuk

    NFFC Rumours

    It is like we are living in a time warp - Andy King would have been a decent signing 3 or 4 seasons ago! Where is our scouting network? I am guessing they didn't leave the club when Karanka did so what do they actually do in terms of identifying players?
  15. In complete agreement about Carvalho, he is the only person we have that can keep the ball under pressure

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