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    They both returned to the club at the end of their loans last week - nothing to do with O’Neill
  2. rob_johnstoneuk


    Can anyone give me an insight into his style of play at club level? I have seen Ireland play quite a bit recently which was bland but then look at the players he is working with there... I seem to remeber his Villa side were fairly attacking?
  3. rob_johnstoneuk


    Nobody will know the full story, Jokanovic could have turned us down for all we know (reports were he had reservations). Like Danny, he would not have been my choice but I wish him well and hope we get lucky for once!
  4. rob_johnstoneuk

    Karanka has gone

    If that was aimed at my last post, you have misunderstood my use of term "backing". I am not sad to see him leave, however the speculation over the last few weeks has impacted performance. My gripe with the club is they should have publically backed him at the time ie. "Karanka is our man" or they should have sacked him. Letting the on-going speculation grow was no good for anyone.
  5. rob_johnstoneuk

    Karanka has gone

    The relationships were breaking down for some time - my only gripe with the club is he should have either have been backed or sacked https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/01/11/inside-story-aitor-karankas-downfall-nottingham-forest/
  6. rob_johnstoneuk

    Karanka has gone

    The biggest shock in the whole situation is Gary Brazil has not been made caretaker manager - what is going on there?!
  7. rob_johnstoneuk

    NFFC Rumours

    I think settling for mediocrity is a sign of what we have been put through as fans for a number of years. Regardless, this situation needs resolving ASAP... either the club comes out and publically backs Karanka for the rest of the season or he is sacked and a new man is given enough time to assess the squad and strengthen within the transfer window. We are still within reach of the playoffs and need a togetherness for the rest of the season.
  8. Unreal the decline in the lad - when he signed I thought he could go on and be some player for us. Not sure whether it was mis-management that destroyed his confidence, a poor attitude for not fighting for his place or the fact that he was just not as good as we thought.
  9. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Absolute joke, thanks to our lovely friends at Sky I can no longer make this game
  10. So he brings on Osborn completely uninspiring
  11. Lolley looks injured... take him off, bring on Appiah and tell him to just stay up top with Murphy... Need to stop them committing so many players forward
  12. Even though he is a passenger at times, Carvalho is the only player who looks capable of keeping the ball. Everyone else is clueless in possession
  13. Grabban is injured by all accounts
  14. rob_johnstoneuk

    Millwall v Forest

    Wouldn’t Cash have been ideal as a wing back?
  15. Colback superb as he has been all season... It is nice to have a team with a bit of fight about them for once

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