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  1. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest v Luton

    Anyone know of any streams for the game today?
  2. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest v sheep

    He doesn't have a leg to stand on - literally!
  3. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest v Hull

    Cash was awful in the first half - difficult to single out anyone
  4. rob_johnstoneuk

    Stoke v Forest

    Defensively Cash has a lot to learn at right back but going forward he gives us so much - two goals game from his crosses. i really didn’t fancy us tonight, delighted to be proved wrong! Top of the league even if just for one day
  5. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest v sheep

    Fuck 'em, they deserve everything they get. These footballers think they are untouchable and can do anything they want - imagine the out cry if that was some normal bloke. Cocu said Keogh is really down about it - he is the club captain and he willingly got in the car with someone that he knew was bladdered. The whole lot of them should be sacked.
  6. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest v Barnsley

    I like the look of this side, an early goal would help settle the nerves! Any streams out there for this one?
  7. rob_johnstoneuk

    Swansea v Forest

    Any streams?
  8. rob_johnstoneuk

    Arsenal Tickets

    On the phone to the ticket office for over an hour this morning and managed to get tickets for me and my son! Absolutely pumped for this now!
  9. rob_johnstoneuk

    Arsenal Tickets

    They go to members on Friday but I assume they will be gone by then - fingers crossed I can grab a couple!
  10. rob_johnstoneuk

    Arsenal Tickets

    I see tickets go on sale tomorrow at £10 a go which is decent. I am only a member so I hope tickets get that far as really want to take my boy. I see we have been allocated 5k, what do you think the chances of tickets getting to members after season ticket holders?
  11. rob_johnstoneuk

    An Apology

    Great news the Forum is back, couldn’t put up with any of the alternatives!
  12. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest v sheep

    Any streams for this one?
  13. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest v Blackburn

    Any streams about?
  14. rob_johnstoneuk

    Premier League chit chat

  15. rob_johnstoneuk

    Forest v sheff wed

    Byram looks like a very tidy player, would like us to try and get him back next season

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