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  1. bristol red

    The politics thread

    I notice both you and tramizboy have mentioned the Lisbon treaty. Is that the Lisbon treaty that was ratified in 2009, which we partly opted out of, or the made up one doing the rounds on social media?
  2. bristol red

    January transfer window

    Just seen a stat that says Forest have more clean clean sheets than anyone in the top 4 leagues this year. Keeper cant be that bad.
  3. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1lPKqdgBqllxb?t=5m21s
  4. bristol red

    News chit chat

    I know your trolling, hoping for reaction, 'witch hunt' is a bit extreme IF he is dodgy then money should not matter when it comes to possible criminality. I do however agree that Hain was bang out of order to think he is above the law in this respect. Parlimentary privilege is exactly what it says, a privilege not to be abused for personal gratification. Saying that Phillip Green does seem a proper twat.
  5. bristol red

    Dedicated stream thread.

  6. bristol red

    NFFC Rumours

  7. bristol red

    What's wrong with the UK?

    Register your number with the TPS https://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/index.html I never get unsolicited calls after doing it. Its free to use.
  8. bristol red

    World Cup 2018 draw

    Stolen from facebook... I haven't been this worried about a semi since i watched brokeback mountain.
  9. bristol red

    World Cup 2018 draw

    At the end of the list of different bet types do you not see an option that just says accumalator. Thats how it normally works.
  10. exactly. some of us have jobs to go to now. bugger...
  11. got to be 90th minute sub to say cheerio.
  12. bristol red

    What's wrong with the UK?

    But you could have walked to the pub?
  13. bristol red

    Bristol City v Forest

    Gutted about this, my local game but i always go to the Christmas meeting at Cheltenham. Unfortunately i don't think we will get anything, hope I'm wrong.
  14. bristol red

    News chit chat

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/item I have always thought that Prince charming was a wrong un.
  15. bristol red

    News chit chat

    There has to be more coming out, no way would you resign over that.

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