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  1. BIG JAY

    2017 squad talk

    We need to sort that fucking midfield out as well as adding some pace. I'd say thanks but cheerio to 63 year old David Vaughan
  2. BIG JAY

    Sopranos deal nearly finalised.

    Nobody is gonna spend a fuck load of millions on a loss making football club and fund those losses just to take a few kids from the youth team.
  3. BIG JAY

    Forest V Ipswich

    that dodgy **** Redknapp rocked up with a brown envelope full of used readies & brum get three points Still if we weren't so fucking shit we wouldn't be in this mess
  4. BIG JAY

    St Patricks day

    Fuck McGuinness the child murdering bastard!
  5. BIG JAY

    only fools and horses...

    My wife once described me as a cross between Alf Garnett & Basil Fawlty, it was a proud moment!
  6. Players & managers cupping their hands over their mouths when talking to each other on the pitch
  7. BIG JAY

    only fools and horses...

    Terry & June
  8. BIG JAY

    NFFC Rumours

    Instead of loaning a striker we can buy one in four weeks, not sure which one though
  9. BIG JAY


    I was looking through one of their forums (because i was bored at work) and they were having a go about Johnny Metgod saying that he'd never played for a big club (obvious dig at Forest) but the fucking retard didn't realise he'd played for Real Madrid, Spurs and got around 20 caps for Holland. They all seem to be so fucking thick, i don't think there is any sort of education system in Derby in fact i think they are all taught at home by their thick parents (who are probably brother & sister)

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