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  1. visa52

    NFFC Rumours

    Signs for forest then move on to Olympiacos for more to get around ffp
  2. visa52

    NFFC Rumours

    Really? There’s a thread on here titles Karanka out from April last year, thanks for confirming my first assessment.
  3. visa52

    NFFC Rumours

    That lad hasn’t kicked a ball yet and there are folk skating him, got to love forest fans....hound out managers and players alike. no wonder the club has done fuck all in years, have s look at yourselves before blaming managers and players
  4. No wonder mangers fail at forest. its embarrassing keep wanting to change every quarter of a season.
  5. visa52

    Karanka - sack or keep

    Unbelievable that topics like this are even posted.
  6. visa52

    NFFC Rumours

    Any chance some of these signings will head to Olympiacos for fees to combat FFP?
  7. visa52

    Millwall v Forest

    Fuck it Im going to bed
  8. visa52

    Millwall v Forest

    Thanks for the that, rest of my night sorted
  9. visa52

    NFFC Rumours

    someone replying to their own posts......like they forgot which account they were logged in on :thumbsup_still:
  10. visa52

    Royal children

    Anyone know why this pub is up for lease? What happened to the landlord?
  11. visa52

    Ideas to improve match day experience

    There was a rumour that Lviv used to knock off one armed Tina who worked on Tesco check out, someone found an online ad that she used to work in a massage parlour, candy girls on Notts road in ilson. Lviv got rumbled that he used to go there. Apparently the parlour used to hand out raffle tickets to regular punters, what Lviv did he got his candy girls ticket mixed up we the Spanish bar winner takes all, same number came up as the candy girls ticket and Lviv tried to claim his winnings from Hannah in the Spanish. What Lviv didn't realise was on the back of the ticket was candy girl happy ending. One of the lads had the crack with her when he was at Tesco check out and she said yeah, Lviv used to call in at candy girls and that he loved going up on her.....she's about 5ft 10 Col I reckon that's how he knows what a whores piss tastes like.
  12. visa52

    2018 Champions?

    guess who's back, didn't take long for the true colours to shine through
  13. visa52

    2017 squad talk

    Guess who's back
  14. visa52

    Will we be relegated?

    Guess who's back
  15. visa52

    Last Supper

    it literally will be supper time here, so its natural yoghurt, rolled oats, honey and blueberry's for me

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