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  1. Redman

    Forest v Hull

    Not a great start
  2. Redman

    Forest v Hull

    Worth chucking Yates on for Silva - can see him getting a second yellow Would give us a bit more steel as well
  3. Redman

    Wigan v Forest

    Totally agree with this Silva and Grabban started and we would have won it Would have liked Adomah on as the final sub wide and not JC Not the end of the world but we need to strengthen up top in January
  4. Redman

    Blackburn v Forest

    Good point that. A game we would have got nothing from in the past Ameobi playing centrally didnt work For all the shit he was getting on here, game swung in Rovers favour when Sow came off Ribero wide didnt work
  5. Redman

    Arsenal v Forest

    Just wonder how much of an effect that absolute shambles might have on our confidence Arrogant fuckers
  6. Redman

    Arsenal v Forest

    I'm not suggesting that it is easy
  7. Redman

    Arsenal v Forest

    Baffles me why we didn't pick up a striker during the transfer window
  8. Redman

    Arsenal v Forest

    Well and truly beaten Shame we couldn't call on a recognised striker to start this match Lolley has been utter shite this season
  9. Redman

    So it's

    Last time I saw Forest play Arsenal was at Highbury. 1-1, Platt scored for them, Campbell for us. Was in the North bank and had coins thrown at me when Forest scored, they were the days Forest to win this one 2-1
  10. Redman

    8 points from 5 games

    I'm not sure it's actually him who is signing the players but that's by the by. I'd argue that Watson has been superb this season so far, I've also been very impressed with Sow and Semedo both upgrades on Guedioura, Yacob, Pele and Bridcut I do think we missed a trick though not bringing in another striker but at the moment Grabban seems to be on form, Mir could have done with a goal against the Sheep. I guess we could play Appiah through the middle if either of them get injured I've been impressed so far but let's look at it again after Preston on Saturday - sort of game we would lose in past seasons. After the lord mayors show and all that..........
  11. Redman

    Forest v sheep

    Read on Twitter that Keogh kicked off with our ground staff during the warm down Over the years I've disliked many footballers but him, and Savage, I can honestly say I hate with a passion He's always trying to act like a tough guy with a point to prove and just comes across as a total bell end
  12. Redman

    An Apology

    Completely unacceptable
  13. Redman

    Sheffield United v Forest

    Typical forest goal to concede. Duffy given time to set himself, pick his spot, call his mum and then fire home
  14. Redman

    Sheffield United v Forest

    Red was incredibly harsh

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