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  1. Redman

    Ipswich vs Forest

    We were awful. We are awful. Mediocre at best Everyone in a red shirt looked on a completely different wave length to each other No quality whatsoever
  2. Redman

    Ipswich vs Forest

  3. Redman

    Ipswich vs Forest

    Looked hesitant and stuck on his line to me As he did a couple of minutes ago as well
  4. Redman

    Ipswich vs Forest

    Got a feeling that Pantilimon is going to have one of his off days again today
  5. Redman

    Ipswich vs Forest

    what a shambles Such poor defending
  6. Redman

    Forest v Villa

    Maybe so but we have him, Yates, Bridcutt, Watson, Gueddy, Colback and Pele - all central midfielders Would any of them get into the current Leeds team?
  7. Redman

    Forest v Villa

    I'm not blaming the current manager(s) We just have a bang average squad - simple as that. Recruitment has been shite for years and we seem to have so many more injuries than anyone else Look at the players that we've signed, there's only a few that stand out for me who are half decent Grabban, Soudani (when fit), Carvalho, Robinson, Dawson and Figuerdo all ok Others just haven't been good enough We struggle to actually put a half decent ball in the box, usually tends to be Darikwa delivering from the right and he tends to be very good at hitting the first man (of the opposition) We have a massive squad (again) and are still way off the likes of Villa, Leeds, WBA, Norwich in terms of quality of squad. We are punching above our weight It's not hard to work out why we are in this situation - new manager comes in, new manager brings in his players to an already billowing squad, manager gets sacked - repeat I seem to say it every year - mass clear out needed, rip it up and start again from the bottom up We're trying to build a house on top of the house we fucked up last year which was already built on dodgy foundations -every season this happens. Tear the fucking thing down and start again Pantilimon, Darikwa, Janko, Osborn, Yacob, Watson, Dawson, Karim, Guediora, Briductt, Murphy - all not up to it Too soon to comment on the new boys but I'm going to suggest probably only one or two of them are half decent
  8. Redman

    Forest v Villa

    We're just not very good Villa are a disgusting team
  9. Ben Osborn give the ball away count - currently at 5 times
  10. Redman

    Stoke v Forest

    Fuck Osborn and Murphy off out of this team and we will be in much better shape
  11. Redman

    Stoke v Forest

    Flat and awful performance
  12. Redman

    Birmingham v Forest

    He wasn't sacked was he?
  13. Redman

    NFFC Rumours

    Apparently King turned us down because he was worried about the Leicester/Forest rivalry What rivalry?
  14. Redman

    Birmingham v Forest

    I do seriously think that. Grafts a bit but lacks quality and strength - careless in position, struggles to beat an opponent - can't cross. Has had brief flashes in his career but now looks completely lost. Should have sold him in January It worries me that others seem to rate him so much. Watch yesterdays game - he was woeful.

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