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  1. Serge

    The politics thread

    Anyone who exercises their right to vote gets death threats from corbyns extremists when their wish to protect terrorists is nullified. Anyone who is not a muslim gets their heads cut off, shot or blown up!. Doesn't matter to them even they murder a child. Labours Corbyn and isis are the same.
  2. Does anyone not remember doughty n arfur?. How many years were those two club wrecking fuckers paddling the boat?. How many people and for how many years were cocksucking doughty and arfur?. How long has Fawaz been owner of the club? 3 years?. Far too many thick fuckers in the forest fans band that even with half a brain would struggle to say 'ug'!.
  3. Serge

    The politics thread

    PMSL at labour. They'd be arranging to have ISIS run the UK within weeks!.
  4. Serge

    Fawaz 3 Years On

    He missed the illegal immigrant intent and mistakenly hit a derby fan.
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-33436021 Thats all thats needed. Bet millions of the filthy scum will be entering the UK to kneel down and sniff the arses of eachother and declare another war and claim that islam was in the UK before Christiandom and all that crap. Just the burn the rancid shit into ash and mix it in with pig swill.
  6. Serge

    The BBC

    Give Martin Clewes a go. I reckon with abit of acting taken from MBB, he might be good.
  7. Really? They'd have been given preferential treatment and allowed to stay in the UK like this piece of vile mohammed cock suckin' tosser: https://twitter.com/anjemchoudary/with_replies The UK is housing muzzie arseholes who glorify terrorism, housing muzzies that go off to fight with isis etc.... end of the day, all these liberal immigration loving, muzzie mohammed scum sympathisers have lost their heads without a single beheading needed. I bet if they were ganna have their childrens heads cut off, they'd soon change their tune. Remember those muzzie blacks who hacked a UK soldier to death not long back?. The coppers had no intention of blasting their heads off until one of them went near 'em with a knife. Caught, yes, but then the UKs or was it the EUs' human rights laws allowed them to post an appeal against their sentences!?. Sooner we leave the EU, deport all muzzies and close the borders to every foreign fucker breathing air, the better.
  8. Absolute fucking claptrap. You should be slapped for being a spineless prick. The sooner reprisals occurr, the better. Wanna just sit there, watch and shit yersen as you clearly did at that school you went to.
  9. The EU policy of accepting muzzies reeks of simply sucking up to them to try and win favours. Why, in Germany protests against islam were met with cries of racism etc.. from the nutters who govern the EU. Trying to win over friends who are muzzies is met with todays muzzy madness of the murder of people just doing their job. Islam and muslims simply must be banned, deported and close borders to all. UK Gov has no spine neither and still protect these muzzy loonies. Fackin' mosques propping up everywhere and 'allah fuckin akbar' being screamed out. Sickening perverse child murdering, kiddy fiddlers who don't shave, wash and fuck pigs. Fuck off to the liberal 'your racist' card chuckers and piss off to muzzie land where you can really fill yer boots!.
  10. It seems plenty of muslims end up being sucked into deranged IS mentality over disillusionment with Islam as a religion. Islam is the breeding ground for terrorism. Angola got it right by destroying all evidence of Islam as a religion in their country. Same should happen here. End it, as Islam is as sick as it gets. Nothing good will ever become of accepting Islam or muslims.
  11. If ever there was a case of criminalising Islam/Muslim, today is it. 'Bout time that vile, disgusting religion was met with immediate imprisonment/deportation for being a muslim. And before anyone starts being a 'you are a racist' bandying prick, they are all fair game for murdering scum like the IS. Muslims will inevitably end up in the IS bin and the bins of all other extremist crap, so fuck em.
  12. Serge

    V QPR

    Useless fuckwit needs sacking off for such delusion! Fuck knows how shit the younguns are if he is the stick waver.
  13. You are completely buried in the sand Tomo. For some reason, you are deliberately avoiding the issue. Actually means you know your wrong, but are a fool to yourself, and would rather keep it that way.
  14. Cut his head off shouting allah hates sheepshaggers?. Nah, he'd simply say 'ok, it was a case of mistaken identity, all is forgiven'.
  15. Try telling the mad mullah muzzies that. They believe they should murder non muzzies because it says so. That includes you. You wont be too PC and too far up an ostriches arse when they approach you about it will you?.

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