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  1. OBE


    Way back when...
  2. OBE

    Karanka has gone

    Thought it was interesting that two-time European champions, sitting just outside the Championship play-off spots, with a manager formerly a Champions League winner as a player with Real Madrid, and with track-record of having gotten a team promoted from this division previously...not a dicky-bird on the Sky Sports football home page. Not one mention. Nowt. And they say football media is London-centric...nonsense, eh.
  3. OBE

    Karanka has gone

    Maybe we could do United, and bring back a goalscoring legend to hold the baby for the rest of the season? Silenzi as head coach with Jason Lee as his assistant?
  4. No, I'm imagining he doesn't much want to be part of the club anymore, not when fellas like you are constantly lambasting him for no good reason. You want to have a word with yourself, mate.
  5. Why would he? Difficult to celebrate with fans who unfairly give you a wrath of shit every week. It's ridiculous the grief that lad gets. No, he's not Paul Scholes but for fuck sake, he works his arse off, plays wherever the manager puts him with no fuss, and cares about the shirt. He's another McGovern or Gemmil - not the headline grabber of a Robbo or a Keano, but what he does enables those lads to get the job done.
  6. Benny Osborn is a cracking player. Glad he's a Forest lad. End of. Come @ me!!!
  7. If you like Karanka, say your goodbyes. We’re going to get ICED by Leeds tomorrow.
  8. SEVEN MINUTES of extra time was SHOCKING...but... With the huge improvements that have been made to the infrastructure of our club, and the enormous amount of money our manager has been given for signings and salaries, there is still undeniably a gulf between the Norwich's and Leed's of this division and us - and there shouldn't be. I'm not advocating for pulling the managerial trigger again just yet, but it is time some of the leadership in our club, in the back offices and on the pitch, take a good hard look at themselves. This, what we're seeing on match day, it's not good enough often enough. We look like amature, fragile, also-rans.
  9. OBE

    Dedicated stream thread.

    Is that a URL? I'm just seeing a grey bar?
  10. But wait, we were WORLD BEATERS v Derby...
  11. Right you are. I've only been paid to write about the sport, podcast regarding the sport, and commentate on the sport. I'm a regular Jon Snow when it comes to football. I know nothing. Thanks for setting me straight.
  12. I think the word 'superb' is getting bandied about a little too liberally.

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