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  1. OBE

    Jan strengthening project..

    Zlatan's 38. #He'sjustaChampionshipZlatan
  2. OBE

    Forest v Reading

  3. OBE

    Forest v Pie eaters

    Cheers fella!
  4. OBE

    Forest v Pie eaters

    Also searched 'Bird', 'Lass', 'Totty'...still nowt!
  5. OBE

    Forest v Pie eaters

    Brilliant! Searched 'Chick' on FB, not seeing her! LOL! Got a URL or a username??
  6. OBE

    Forest v Pie eaters

    Anyone? Bueller?
  7. Any live streams, lads?
  8. OBE

    Sheff wed

    Go on, let’s sign Jordan Rhodes then...
  9. OBE

    Sheff wed

    https://www.vipbox.live/nottingham-city-streams If you still want to watch it...
  10. OBE

    Game tonight - Boro

    THANK YOU!!! 100% agree!
  11. OBE

    Game tonight - Boro

    I can't even get on the bastard to begin with!!! GRRRRR!!!!
  12. OBE

    Forest v Cardiff.

    Either of Forest's center backs need to do better blocking that shot
  13. OBE

    Forest v Cardiff.

  14. OBE

    Qpr v Forest

    Thanks! Worked great!

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