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  1. OBE

    Forest podcast

    Thanks lads. Love the rugger 15, Rick! Especially the intro of Robbo and Pantillimon! Assuming England don't get smashed in the final, we'll revisit the line-up idea in the next ep, and I'll share out your suggestions!
  2. OBE

    Forest podcast

    Forestfans.net gets the promised shout out! https://anchor.fm/forestfancast/episodes/12-Blame-It-On-The-Rain-e8btjf
  3. OBE

    Forest podcast

    Appreciate all the support - we'll give this forum a shout out during tonights recording, an episode that'll drop in a day or two. Might drive some more traffic this way, which you may/may not thank us for! LOL!
  4. OBE

    Forest podcast

    Cheers Ricknffc! Very much appreciate the feedback and the encouragement! The show comes out every couple of weeks. Also, there's a couple of 'Stoppage Time's from earlier in the season if you fancy checking them out, one with Forest stadium announcer Mark Dennison, and another with BBC Radio Nottingham's David Jackson. Thanks again!
  5. OBE

    Forest podcast

    Totally fair.
  6. OBE


    Just a year. Then he's off to the Premier League for more coin, one way or another...
  7. OBE

    Forest podcast

    Cheers fella! Much appreciated!
  8. OBE

    Forest podcast

    Appreciate it! Let us know what you think. Unless you think it's crap. LOL!
  9. Alright gents, for those who are interested in podcasts, there's a new one out covering Forest. It's based in the US, but two of the three hosts are English (myself being one of them) and where it's located has no bearing on the content. It's all about Forest's squad, results, game reviews, interviews with people connected with Forest, etc. Anyway, if you feel so inclined you can give it a listen here - cheers! > https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/forest-fancast
  10. OBE


    Way back when...
  11. OBE

    Karanka has gone

    Thought it was interesting that two-time European champions, sitting just outside the Championship play-off spots, with a manager formerly a Champions League winner as a player with Real Madrid, and with track-record of having gotten a team promoted from this division previously...not a dicky-bird on the Sky Sports football home page. Not one mention. Nowt. And they say football media is London-centric...nonsense, eh.
  12. OBE

    Karanka has gone

    Maybe we could do United, and bring back a goalscoring legend to hold the baby for the rest of the season? Silenzi as head coach with Jason Lee as his assistant?
  13. No, I'm imagining he doesn't much want to be part of the club anymore, not when fellas like you are constantly lambasting him for no good reason. You want to have a word with yourself, mate.

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