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  1. stoddy


    That’s a great reason
  2. stoddy

    Who do we want?

    If it put a rocket up the players arse then yes
  3. stoddy

    Who do we want?

    I’ve always maintained that I’d love Rafa at Forest but that ain’t gonna happen unless the planets align in some magnificent manner. Otherwise I’d just like a manager who just tells the players to get out there and play, none of this bullshit defend beyond all means. Play for the shirt, play for the fans, play at any cost .... let yourselves evolve into top quality players beyond your own limitations ... give everything !!!
  4. I agree, play our best team, no midweek games for the rest of the month so nothing to lose
  5. My sentiments too, a happy 2019 to everyone
  6. I truly believe that Leeds will be all over us and we’ll pretty much offer next to nothing going forward so unless we get a lucky break or two I can’t see anything other than a loss but and this is a big but, Karanka will still be here for a while ... just to be clear, I don’t like his home defensive style.
  7. Other teams previous results are pretty irrelevant as are Forest’.
  8. The way things are at present I can’t see a win for Forest. I don’t want Karanka to leave although his home tactics being the same as if we are playing away is frustrating but the way I see it is that we are now half way through the season and although one or teams do seem to be the front runners any team can beat any other team on their day. Yes we have not exactly got good results or played that well of late but I do believe that we will be in the top six come the end of the season. Everyone is all too quick to dump a manager when they have a run of bad results. Let’s look closely at our previous games. Preston, 1 goal loss to a strong team that puts 11 players behind the ball. 0:0 with Derby, not bad result to be fair. QPR, 1 goal loss to a strong team that puts 11 players behind the ball. 3:3 with Norwich, totally bizarre result but would still have taken a point before the game ... yes? Millwall, 1 goal loss to a strong team that puts 11 players behind the ball. Not great run of results but this is football and every team has a ‘glitch’ of results and this is ours. Yes it’s frustrating especially when the players seem a little clueless and unsure of themselves but to be honest we’ve had a very mishmash of the first 11 due to injuries to key players! please don’t throw yer toys out the pram, this is football and it changes from one game to the next, be patient please!
  9. stoddy

    FA cup draw

    Another chance to knock the holders out of the cup again
  10. Admittedly it’s a good away point at Leeds and yes they got away with it. We defended very well but what really got to me more than anything was when we did have chances to break we had no idea. Grabben either tried to take on his man rather than a simple give and go with one of our midfielder or just waited for the ball to drop at his feet rather than go to it! Cavalho should have been substituted far sooner. Put Lolley where he was and Ben on the left but I’m not the manager so what do I know. Shame we lost Fox though. Still a point is still a point.
  11. Fine margins good job we were 3 nil up !!!!
  12. As much as I’d like us to win (as with every game) I can’t help feel it’s an opportunity for some players to get some time on the pitch so not fussed about the result as we’re never going to win it, are we. We need to also keep our Saturday players fresh
  13. stoddy

    NFFC Rumours

    Something is not working in the link up play in midfield now that Geddy is out so how many Forest managers do you know who have had the opportunity to bring in what is in my mind a damn good couple of signings that wouldn’t look out of place in any premiership squad, Well I’m happy with the two new signings and I can’t wait to see them play in the Garibaldi ... I don’t see what all the negativity is about, these days you need depth in squad but quality not quantity. We got to stay positive as we have a great owner, a great manager and hopefully a great team ... the results will come ... mark my words .... you reds!!!
  14. I like Karanka although some of his team selection is slightly baffling. Saying that though I have always liked and dreamt that Rafa would be a great manager for Forest.
  15. stoddy

    NFFC Rumours

    Whilst watching him on YouTube, I couldn't help compare him to McKay? Surely there must be similar videos of him playing much the same way too (I couldn't be arsed to search and put up a link)? I'd rather we focus more on a couple of strikers as we have enough wing players.

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