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  1. Bordoy

    Official Mugshot Thread

    Don't wanna take the piss or owt fella, but when you get your cut, make sure your whole head is done cus it looks like your hairdresser has missed the sides n that. Like it looks like you got two haircuts on your head not one. Get the whole thing cut, or none of it cut..........unless its un-even like now so next time you go get your side cut and nowt else.
  2. Bordoy

    Official Mugshot Thread

    Sure you didn't mean 1500 Zimbabwean dollars?
  3. Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Worse Than A Fairy Tale Good album I believe
  4. Bordoy

    Word Processors

    Thanks alot, will check it out now.
  5. Bordoy

    Word Processors

    I used to used Microsoft Word which came with Office but it all went shit up lately so completely got rid of it. I need a Word Processors that runs well on XP SP2, preferably comes with a spell checker and grammer check (usual stuff) and can open Microsoft Word documents. Anyone know any good-uns...............oh yer, free aswell :]
  6. Towers of London???? What you on mate
  7. No they are not, but maybe just because they both do screaming. I've only listened to AOF's latest album once as it was shite, but they are proper good live. Enter Shikari are amazing on both. No comparing which band is better tbh.
  8. Penknifelovelife - There's Nothing More Romantic Than Watching The World Die Bloody good EP. Can't wait to see them at the alldayer at rock city in couple of months.
  9. Clone The Fragile - Eternal Struggle Love this EP. Can't wait to see 'em play.
  10. It has just stopped working for me, well youtube videos work but when I go on a website such as this one the page doesn't load up at all. I get the background roulette picture but nothing else. Also on youtube I can not maximise the videos and make them full screen. I'm just wondering if a family member has done something with the settings on it or firewall etc to make it stop working. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  11. Possibly. Underoath was scheduled to spend the summer of 2006 on the main stage of the Warped Tour, but on July 28, 2006, it was announced that Underoath was dropping off the remaining dates of the tour. A statement from the band stated that the members "felt it necessary to take some immediate time to focus on our friendship, as that’s more important than risking it for the sake of touring at this time." Rumors to the contrary, however, flew that the band had actually left because NOFX frontman Michael "Fat Mike" Burkett had made fun of Underoath and their religious beliefs on-stage. These rumors were debunked when Burkett told PunkNews.org in a statement of his own that Underoath's claim of needing a break was indeed true. Burkett did admit to poking fun at the band and criticizing their stance on gay marriage, but emphasised that he befriended Underoath's band members at the start of the tour, had very civilized conversations with various members right up to the band's departure, that he had a personal policy of not making jokes on-stage about anyone he wasn't friends with or didn't like personally, and that there were never any hard feelings between himself and Underoath's band members. In an Alternative Press cover story on Underoath, Burkett told the magazine that Spencer Chamberlain had confided in him that Underoath's band members had been "having a lot of arguments over their religious beliefs.". In a sidebar of the same article, Burkett stated that he was "not calling Underoath homophobic, but they're against homosexual people having the same rights that straight people do. I find that to be bigoted." In a January 2007 interview with Ultimate-guitar.net, Tim McTague stated the following when asked about Fat Mike's involvement in Underoath's departure, "That wasn’t an issue. I mean, that was an issue on the tour in the sense of like there were some things that were said that probably shouldn’t have been said by him. But it never really got to the point where it affected us. That wasn’t the breaking point really for us at all. I think he definitely played a role in making a lot of our stuff public and exaggerating a lot of our beliefs and a lot of our conversations that we had to him. So he definitely loves to stir the pot, and I’ll give him that. But beyond that, we shouldn’t have been on Warped Tour to begin with. It definitely wasn’t a Fat Mike thing." Looks like it probably had something to do with them leaving. Anyways, I saw these last year at the Taste of Chaos and they were really really good.
  12. 3 more albums bought yesterday. Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends Alexisonfire - Crisis Underoath - They're Only Chasing Safety
  13. I bought 2 albums today and listening to them both (not at same time lol) Madina Lake - From Them, Through Us, To You 30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie Both of them pretty good.
  14. Bring Me The Horizon - Count Your Blessings Good album
  15. Hadouken! - That Boy That Girl

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