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  1. bestwood_red!

    The politics thread

    I support neither and I’d rather a competent person at the helm but that doesn’t seem to be an option. None will ever get a vote from me.
  2. bestwood_red!

    The politics thread

    I’d rather have a bumbling idiot than a terrorist sympathiser. At least we are used to bumbling idiots.
  3. bestwood_red!

    The Women's World Cup

    What two women are the best ever tennis players? I always find it strange that the sports which don’t really require a physical element don’t have more women in, like snooker or darts. Both are more a case of coordination which women more often than not are better at than men.
  4. bestwood_red!

    The Women's World Cup

    Alex Morgan seems like she could genuinely play at a semi-pro level with men to be fair.
  5. bestwood_red!

    The Women's World Cup

    Thailand’s goalkeeper was terrible. She tried to save every shot with her feet apart from one she dived for which she should actually have used her feet to save. Only the 8th goal for the USA looked like a genuine goal. They need to do something about the goalkeeping, either smaller goals or stick a bloke in goal.
  6. bestwood_red!

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

  7. bestwood_red!

    The politics thread

    H Block you seem to be really underestimating how pissed off people are that they voted for something and didn’t get it. I know many people who didn’t bother voting after their last vote wasn’t listened to.
  8. bestwood_red!

    NFFC Rumours

    To be fair he’s a very good player who averages well over 30 games a season and in today’s prices £2.5m isn’t bad. I was expecting us to spunk that Neil Danns or Darren Pratley.
  9. bestwood_red!


    I think Villa will come in for him now.
  10. bestwood_red!


    That result means the end of Lolley for me.
  11. bestwood_red!


    Good on Steve Gibson. Always liked him.
  12. bestwood_red!

    The politics thread

    Agreed about the US thing. How many women on Facebook and Twitter are going on about the 6 week abortion bill and saying they want the right to their bodies back. Half of them genuinely think that law has passed in Britain. It’s a law in one little pocket of backward southern USA.
  13. bestwood_red!

    The politics thread

    Words never hurt anyone either but we got a weeks worth of sour pout on the news because someone shouted traitor at her. Everyone knows that every politician is full of shit, I don’t know why people argue over politics when the ones who represent genuinely don’t give a shit. I’ll never forget that fucker Coaker coming to my work and saying the privatisation of Royal Mail is a good thing and needs to happen and we will all be better off. A year later he comes back when the Tories are in power and tells everyone he will do everything in his power to stop the greedy Tories from selling Royal Mail and we need to stand together and fight privatisation or lose our jobs. Two faced wanker.
  14. bestwood_red!

    The politics thread

    I loved that lol. Even as a very liberal teenager I knew that the furore against Prescott was wrong, he had a right to defend himself.
  15. bestwood_red!

    The politics thread

    Why is it seen as a funny and a lighthearted news piece when Nigel Farage has milkshakes thrown at him wherever he goes but when “big burly white men” shout traitor at Anna Sourby it’s the top story on all the news shows and she’s given armed guards, panic buttons and we are all lectured about how saying that to her is sexist and misogynistic? Bloody right wing news, it’s disgusting.

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