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  1. bestwood_red!

    Nottingham Forest vs Middlesbrough

    I went today and I said last week I’ve never seen Carvalho play well. I’m going to backtrack massively and say I don’t think I’ve seen a player put in a performance like that since probably the 90s
  2. bestwood_red!

    Sheffield United v Forest

    Still seeing people say we have a top six squad. We really haven’t. We’ve got three or four good players and the rest are nothing special at all. Outside of Lolley, Grabban, Byram and Colback who are not even ours and maybe Carvalho none of this team would get in to the first 11 of any of the teams above us. We need a big big clear out and then one or two quality additions.
  3. bestwood_red!

    Jack Colback

    I rate him but apparently he’s on £60k a week at Newcastle. Just been booked for diving so that’s the last we’ll see of him in a Forest shirt.
  4. bestwood_red!

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    I know people don’t like VAR but I could watch the Man City fans go from cheering to crying over and over again!
  5. bestwood_red!

    News chit chat

    Seen a few pictures of the climate activists in London. They look exactly like the sort of people who would be free on a Wednesday to protest.
  6. On the one hand I want to have a bit of sympathy for O’Neill for what he achieved at the club before but then I remember he’s turned us down numerous times in the past because we weren’t good enough and now he’s a busted flush we are suddenly important to him. Fuck him. I’ve already heard he’s not here past the final game anyway.
  7. bestwood_red!

    Forest v Blackburn

    Tyler Walker is doing a good job at Mansfield.
  8. bestwood_red!

    NFFC Rumours

    I think that was always the case with Carvalho. He was supposed to have a great season and then move across to Olympiakos for a much bigger fee to help our finances out. Hasn’t really worked out.
  9. bestwood_red!

    News chit chat

    He managed to pull Pamela Anderson without leaving the house.
  10. bestwood_red!

    News chit chat

    The bloke comes across as a right ungrateful prick.
  11. bestwood_red!

    Rotherham v Forest

    I keep reading on twitter how good our squad is and how it’s one of the best in the league but I really don’t see it. Lolley and Grabban would start for most teams but apart from Colback and maybe Carvalho (I don’t rate him but others seem to) we have nothing but Championship mediocrity in the squad.
  12. bestwood_red!

    Premier League chit chat

    Peter Beardsley
  13. bestwood_red!

    The politics thread

    I’m not against a second vote. The way the EU has behaved just makes me even more convinced it’s a self serving old boys club. The way that our own representatives have acted though is terrifying.
  14. bestwood_red!

    The politics thread

    If you genuinely believe people listen to politicians and what they promise then you’re very naive. Remainers always bang on about that bus but most people weren’t even aware of it until after the fact. I certainly wasn’t. Bob Geldof was shouting from his boat that a vote to leave means starving children on every street corner. The exaggeration and myths have come from both sides. The real answer is nobody knows what the affect will be. Are Volkswagen going to stop selling cars here? Of course not, we are the biggest importers of VAG group cars in the world. Is every penny saved from EU membership going to go towards the NHS? Absolutely not.
  15. bestwood_red!

    Forest v Swansea

    Karankas win ratio in the league this season was 10 in 27, about 37% edit: he was here for a year and signed more players than he won games.

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