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  1. bestwood_red!

    News chit chat

    I wonder if laying a wreath for terrorist murderers will get the same kind of condemnation and days of headlines as calling someone’s clothing?
  2. bestwood_red!

    News chit chat

    I don’t think the Burka should be banned, it’s up to people how they dress although I think it should be removed to show your face when the situation calls for it, driving test, hospital appointments, entering a shop etc. I don’t think what Boris said was that bad, insulting the way someone dresses isn’t a sackable offence surely.
  3. bestwood_red!

    NFFC Rumours

    Hefele is the signing of our summer for me.
  4. Agree Ben, Rodriguez missed two sitters and they hit the woodwork three times. We don’t create enough going forward either, the only way we was going to score was a long ranger or a set piece.
  5. Dias should cut the rolling around shit out. I hate that even from our own players. Put me off Brerton watching him throw himself to the floor every time someone went near him.
  6. Darinkwa is terrible. I can’t believe we sold Lichaj and kept him.
  7. I thought Lolley was superb
  8. Guediora looks a class above everyone on the pitch
  9. bestwood_red!

    NFFC Rumours

    Or he’s a foreign Gary Megson who plays terrible defensive football but he has an exotic name so gets a free pass.
  10. bestwood_red!

    Bristol City v Forest

    Glad to see after all the money spent on attacking talent Karanka has abandoned his defensive style....
  11. bestwood_red!

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    No not at all but I keep hearing hes getiing rid of the old players when hes just replacing old for old. For the record I think Grabban is our best signing this summer by a mile.
  12. bestwood_red!

    Premier League chit chat

    Bolasie is ok to be fair.
  13. bestwood_red!

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    How can anyone say hes having a clearout when hes been here since January and signed about 20 players? I keep hearing hes a take no shit fuck them off sort of guy but he seems more like a hoarder to me. Plus Gueddy, Watson, Dawson, Pantilimon and Grabban are all the wrong side of 30, clearing out old deadwood and replacing it with new deadwood.
  14. bestwood_red!

    Premier League chit chat

    Ballack Rosler
  15. bestwood_red!

    NFFC Rumours

    Im with Savo a bit although I think Grabban is the only player weve signed whos a genuine improvement on what we had. Everyone is ranting and raving about the Portuguese lads but no one has seen them play a competeive game. All we have to go on is the price tag and thats all people are excited about. If they cost £500k each youd all be moaning like fuck calling them bargain basement and thats because none of us had ever seen them play. Spending a lot of money on young foreigners who have never played in this country or league doesnt mean anything. Stoke are rumoured to have had an offer of £8m accepted for Matt Ritchie. Played over 100 games in this league and averages 1 in 4 from the wing and well proven at this level and above. Wouldnt that make more sense than some kid whos played about 20 games in Portugal? Ill be honest this seems a bit Platt mk2 to me. I hope youre all telling me Im wrong by Christmas.

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