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  1. We were the better team. I think it was there to be won if we had a bit more urgency but I’d have taken a draw before the game.
  2. We are so slow and laborous to watch.
  3. Darikwa at LB seems a waste when he’s been playing so well at RB. I’d have put Colback there and brought Gueddy in. Also would swap Osborn for Cash.
  4. bestwood_red!

    NFFC Rumours

    I’d take Ward, Camp and De Vries over Darlow. 9 times out of 10 I’m wrong when it comes to football but I never really rated Darlow.
  5. bestwood_red!

    NFFC Rumours

    Darlow is a weird one. Smash a ball towards goal from six yards out and he’ll pull off a wonder save, float a ball towards the top corner from 25 yards out and he can’t get near it. I can remember a stat where we conceded more long range efforts than any other team during Darlows time. His reactions are good but give him time to think and he fucks up.
  6. bestwood_red!

    Forest quiz question

    I’m sure I can remember us wearing black socks at The Dell old Southampton ground
  7. bestwood_red!


    Well blow me I always thought Platt signed Johnson. Must’ve mistook him for Scimeca
  8. bestwood_red!


    Andy Johnson the midfielder. We brought him for £2.5m, long hair and liked a tackle.
  9. bestwood_red!


    Alan Rogers was our top scorer in his first season with 9 league goals. Then sweeper turned forward Bart-Williams top scored second season. He fucked Chettle off to Barnsley in his first season. I think we had Upson on loan at some point too. He brought Andy Johnson in who wasn’t a bad signing but like all Platts signings he looked shit at first. Ben Olsen was probably the only real entertainment. He was either really good or really shit but always entertaining. I can remember a two footer to someone’s back who was in a tangle on the floor being quite good.
  10. bestwood_red!

    News chit chat

    Crinkly Bottom to be the new Downing Street
  11. bestwood_red!

    News chit chat

    We laughed at America when they had to choose between Trump and Clinton but now here we are.
  12. bestwood_red!

    News chit chat

    The way it’s goinng I can see a Labour government in power before the end of January.
  13. Oh well, can’t win them all. On to Derby.
  14. bestwood_red!

    FA cup draw

    That was so fucking cringey lol

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