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  1. Nottingham's finest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi-JClH7DZ0
  2. 1865

    Recommend a film

    No, it's about Jews getting revenge on Nazis who killed their brethren unlawfully. Looking forward to seeing it already. Sounds great.
  3. 1865

    Recommend a film

    Padzer, I'm impressed. How about Dark Water? Loved it. And on a different vein, are you a fan of Studio Ghibli anime?
  4. 1865

    Recommend a film

    If you like your film, you'll love it. It's a long one, but worth it!
  5. 1865

    Recommend a film

    Iwo Jima is the better of the two. Now I've lured you into Japanese language film by the back door, and you say like the battle... have you seen Kurosawa's Seven Samurai?
  6. 1865

    Recommend a film

    No worries. I was going to use 'diptych' about the Clint Eastwood films but thought better of it.
  7. 1865

    Recommend a film

    Footfist not heard of but will look into... everything I've heard about Man on a Wire is positive. Don't get through as many films as some on here, am abit of purist when it comes to d/l stuff. I like going to the pictures, me.
  8. 1865

    Recommend a film

    Yeah, real good. Watch Flags first then watch the battle from the other side with Iwo Jima. Clint at his directorial peak.
  9. 1865

    Recommend a film

    Look forward to seeing it. Did you see Flags of Our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima?
  10. 1865

    Recommend a film

    Just got back from seeing Dr Strangelove at the BFI on the Southbank. A black comedy hits all it's targets with masterful accuracy, and a brilliant performance from Peter Sellers as three key characters. One of Stanley Kubrick's finest.
  11. 1865

    Official Mugshot Thread

    Man oh man. You're asking it for there chap.
  12. Good! The neet, I've been listening to Neil Young's Live at Massey Hall, bought from Fopp in Covent Garden last Sunday. The more I listen to the great man the more I like. Earlier this afternoon it was the very wonderful Go! Team.
  13. Is this just a metal thread or can anyone join in?
  14. 1865

    Converting Videos to DVD’s?

    Did the same myself with transferring old Forest VHS videos a few months ago. Managed to borrow a VHS/DVD recorder to do it and it was nice and easy, but if you can't borrow one cheap ones are available to buy such as the one here.
  15. 1865

    Xbox 360 Arcade edition

    But hard drives are so cheap to buy anyway - is it any more difficult than fitting and formatting a hard drive in a PC?

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