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  1. Brummie_Red

    Nigel Wray...

    Bad times they were
  2. Brummie_Red

    Wigan v Forest

    Has to be a win doesn't it. Increased optimism, a fair bit of confidence, a fit squad. If we play as we should do, can see nothing less than a win These games used to trip us up but I don't think they do any more
  3. Brummie_Red

    Forest v Brentford

    I've been critical of performances despite us getting results but I think with the exception of Birmingham, Saturday was our best performance and against a much better team. We're strong at the back and have players who can hurt you and have a great bench available to change things. SL has done an amazing job so far. I never thought in a million years we would be 2nd with nearly a quarter of the season gone.
  4. Brummie_Red

    Blackburn v Forest

    Yeah I agree with this. From almost all of the games I've seen we've been very similar to almost all of the opposition apart from maybe Birmingham where we gave them a proper tonking. The away form has been great and we've picked up some decent results but as mentioned, I think we have had spells in many games where we've played poorly and have not looked very good. Some of our passing has been woeful but then on the flip side of that you have the goal against Fulham, so fuck knows how that came about. You've got to be happy with where we're at given the games we've had etc. I'm still not convinced that SL knows his best side to be honest. A lot of the time the team that finishes a game is better than the one that starts it. Anyhow, I'm enjoying the ride and it's bloody refreshing to be able to shout that we're top of the league. And hopefully for once we may finish a season with the same manager who started it.
  5. Brummie_Red

    Arsenal v Forest

    Seriously ???
  6. Brummie_Red

    Forest v Barnsley

    Would love to now see us kick on after such a difficult start. I think this fixture should give us a decent idea of how the season might pan out. Flatter to deceive or actually look as though we might do something. I'll have 2-0 Forest and anything else will be a bonus.
  7. Brummie_Red

    Swansea v Forest

    Fuckin ell. Can we actually do some damage this season? I can't remember an opening to a season where we've played so many of the top 6, 7, 8 sides and come away with the results we have. The Frenchman has really brought something to the team and the club. Bring it on... this could be good
  8. Brummie_Red

    Forest v Preston

    I managed to get this game which is my first this season. Some of my thoughts are: Semedo is a luxury and goes missing in games leaving the rest of the midfield and defense far too exposed. When he's on his game, he's very good but when he isn't he's lazy and can't be arsed. Thiago gives the ball away more than any other player I think I've ever seen. He's also a yellow card waiting to happen. That said, I like the way he plays and he can create things. The defense look good when they're not exposed and Worrall has been solid as a rock. Agree with everything else said about Lolley and Carvhalo and the rest. Also agree with SL not necessarily knowing his best starting 11. The one thing that I do like though is that for the first time since BD was here we seem to have a playing identity that the players are trying to get to grips with. Playing from the back, keeping the ball and working the opposition. Sometimes it doesn't work but then sometimes it does, like the Fulham goal. I like this and at least they're trying to do what the manager is asking them to and I can only see this improving as the season goes along and the team becomes more settled.
  9. Brummie_Red

    Forest v Preston

    My first game this season. Kind of hoping they're nothing special, we'll see. Pleasantly surprised at strength on the bench, to a point where sometimes I think the team finishing the game is a fair bit stronger than the one starting. Anyhow, I'll be happy with any sort of win but would love a nice 2-0 with a lot of chances created and Grabban getting them both.
  10. Brummie_Red

    Forest v sheep

    I tried to get tickets on tuesday as I didnt think it would be sold out. Only ones available were singles. About 20 of them throughout the ground so, sold out with segregation I think. Says a lot on how we've started I think
  11. Brummie_Red

    An Apology

    Absolutely delighted. Was gutted when it wasnt up. I'd been checking each day. Cheers Colin + Admins
  12. Brummie_Red

    NFFC Rumours

    Well they've just signed Jota from Birmingham, so if that's the level they're at then I reckon Lolley may well be a target for them.
  13. Brummie_Red

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    You need to wean yourself off the prescription drugs Kurt
  14. Brummie_Red

    Forest Memorabilia

    What a crock of shit. Anyone buying that needs their head read.
  15. Brummie_Red

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    Absolutely priceless. You've just been dicked in your cup final, you couldn't even beat us last season and we were shite and you want to get rid of frog eyes. Then you decide to take the time to register a name and come on here to see what you can do. Anyone in your local area should be keeping their kids away from you because you've got to be on some sort of register somewhere. Either that or you're the perfect example of what happens when cousins mate.

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