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  1. His kicking is terrible though, we can't keep giving it away so often. We were lucky several times that we weren't punished for it.
  2. Yep and if we were just going to go for mid table stability then I think he'd be fine but to quote someone a few years back, if we're serious about promotion we can't afford to keep giving the ball away like he does.
  3. Pant's kicking is going to cost us. Fuck me he's worse than Smith at it and that's saying something. For such an experienced player, he really gives you no confidence at all. The defenders must shit themselves in front of him.
  4. I'd take a shite 1-0 and if Villa v WBA can be a draw on Friday this would put us proper in the mixer.
  5. You're right but this is Forest remember, there's always a disaster on the horizon.
  6. Brummie_Red

    FA cup draw

    At least we won't be able to bring those fucking horrific inflatable European Cups with us this time.
  7. Draw would be a decent result, they're on a decent run as well. A win would really throw the cat among the pigeons.
  8. Brummie_Red

    Burton away in the cup

    I don't necessarily disagree with the 2 x defensive midfielders but it's got to be for certain games. Leeds away a perfect example. Away to a league one side is not a game to play those players in and I have to be honest, Watson is fucking shit. I don't know if it's because of his lack of game time or what but he was massively at fault running into a space he didn't need to and leaving a massive gap for Burton to run into. Karanka's issue is that he can only play one formation and therefore he has no plan b at all. So for example he couldn't possibly start with a 3 at the back with attacking wing backs in the midfield 5 as it's plainly obvious they would never do it in training etc. So he can't change it up when things aren't working. He's not on his own in that as a manager though, there are many that don't change. I still wouldn't get rid of him at all though.
  9. Brummie_Red

    Karanka - sack or keep

    What options do we have to replace then? Paul Cook? Steve Bruce (out of the frying pan...), someone left field (maybe a number 2 from the prem)? A win tonight would see us 6th, so I'd still hang on for a bit. Probably until Christmas and see how things are then. By the look of the league, I don't think we'd be too far away from anyone by that time.
  10. Sadly it's this for me too. I desperately would like to keep a manager for a prolonged period of time but with the amount we've spent on attacking players and the resources he has at his disposal we should be doing better. I can't stand the way he plays 2 x holding midfielders in games. I can understand sometimes e.g. middlesborough away but not Norwich at home. His record suggests that he should be able to get us somewhere at least into the playoffs and I would imagine that's why the board got him in. I'm wondering if they're regretting the appointment now? We're too inconsistent to have any confidence that this will happen. We need to win tonight to keep up with the front runners as I doubt we'll get anything at the weekend. I'll got for a shite 1-0, though a clean sheet might be a lot to ask.
  11. Brummie_Red

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Done mate. Great cause, good luck
  12. I think if we've any sorts of designs on promotion, then these are exactly the games we need to be comfortable in and get a win. I'm going to go with 2-1 but any win with a bonus of a clean sheet would be decent.
  13. Brummie_Red

    Karanka - sack or keep

    I think they might be after Wilder as well. For what it's worth, I think Villa will try and make a statement and get in a 'name'. Could be Henry and Rogers has also been mentioned but I don't know why he'd go there. I'd love Cook to come but and it's a massive but, he's got to be given time to do something. I know it's been mentioned that you can't poish a turd. Our problem is that we keep getting turds to polish. We've got to get a reasonable appointment that can gel and grow the side and then give them a bit of time. However, I'd keep Kranky for now to be honest.
  14. As soon as he's made contact with the player there's no way the ref can do anything else. He's gone in studs up and caught the guy. It's a stupid challenge and gives the ref a decision to make. No one else to blame but himself. If that had been in Portugal the bloke he caught would be still rolling around now.
  15. Yep and not playing Watson AND Colback together

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