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  1. Brummie_Red

    NFFC Rumours

    Well they've just signed Jota from Birmingham, so if that's the level they're at then I reckon Lolley may well be a target for them.
  2. Brummie_Red

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    You need to wean yourself off the prescription drugs Kurt
  3. Brummie_Red

    Forest Memorabilia

    What a crock of shit. Anyone buying that needs their head read.
  4. Brummie_Red

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    Absolutely priceless. You've just been dicked in your cup final, you couldn't even beat us last season and we were shite and you want to get rid of frog eyes. Then you decide to take the time to register a name and come on here to see what you can do. Anyone in your local area should be keeping their kids away from you because you've got to be on some sort of register somewhere. Either that or you're the perfect example of what happens when cousins mate.
  5. Brummie_Red

    NFFC Rumours

    I like JL, I really do and on his day at championship level he's more than a handful. However, he's never a prem player and I'd be amazed if anyone from that level came in for him. If they did and it's a good deal then he's bound to want to go. If anyone's going to come in for him I would think it might be one of the teams coming out of the prem with loads of dough.
  6. Brummie_Red

    NFFC Rumours

    This has just made me laugh "According to reports in France, Thioub has caught the eye of City Ground scouts". What sort of fucking scouting network have we got in place. Christ on a bike, you don't even have to see the bloke to know he's utter dog shit with the amount of clubs he's had. Why would it be any different with us. Utter twats.
  7. Brummie_Red

    Nottingham Forest vs Middlesbrough

    I agree with this Savo but I think there's at least one level or more above this where we need to have a strategy of who we are, how we would like to define ourselves i.e. promoting youth, playing passing football etc and then try to work towards fitting our managing and playing staff around that. I think the owners have again fallen into the championship trap of thinking that throwing money at the team means automatic promotion and as well all know it most certainly doesn't. They should do this, make it public, get staff that fit the bill and then tell all of us lot that this is how it's going to be. Managers can fail to get the best out of players which is fine but then we just need to replace them with the someone who can work with the players they've got and develop results. Not keep ripping up the frigging book and starting again. You're spot on though, we'll go nowhere the way things are right now because either the owners won't stand for it, the fans wont stand for it or both. And then we start the loop again.
  8. Brummie_Red

    Nottingham Forest vs Middlesbrough

    My two penneth: Shows what a shocker MoN has had keeping JC out Though let's face it, there have been times where he has gone missing but keeping out for so long is stupid I don't think JC will be here next season. There's no way he's going to risk being sat on the bench under MoN Maybe yesterday was the old 'shop window' syndrome where he's playing for a move? Boro are utter wank I thought Ansifarad didn't have a bad game actually. Doesn't look 100% though
  9. Brummie_Red

    Will we go up

    Should be a third option of fucking no chance the way the club is ran. And by that I mean the constant turnaround of playing staff. If ran a business like that you wouldn't have one after about 3 years
  10. Brummie_Red

    Martin O Neill

    Lol, I was trying to think of the name as I was going to comment exactly the same. Welcome back Deano.
  11. Brummie_Red

    Forest v Derby

    Wankie Lampard proper schooled by MoN last night. He didn't have a clue how to change things up and compete. Apart from very few moments, we battered them last night and they didn't have a clue what to do about it.
  12. Brummie_Red

    Forest v Derby

    50-1 on SkyBet. Go on, dare ya.
  13. Brummie_Red

    NFFC Rumours

    Surprised there's not more opinion on this tbh. It could be a car crash, it might work, he might piss off in a month. The only thing on this that I'd love to know is that we all know what Keane is like i.e. perfectionist, wants things done the right way etc. So I'm kind of hoping that he's been given these assurances. I really can't see him coming if he wasn't happy with the setup etc?
  14. Brummie_Red

    NFFC Rumours

    I agree mostly there Chas but it could be that the new manager might possibly get more of a tune out of Dias and Goncalves, bearing in mind how defensive AK was. Not saying MoN will but you never know. I also think that sometime bringing a new manager in can make a difference and can make players better, however, again not sure about MoN being able to do that or indeed still have enough weight in the game to attract quality (at our level) players. At least AK had decent connections. We'll see I guess and I'm hoping MoN can re-produce what he did at Villa and Leicester but that's a while ago now.
  15. Brummie_Red

    NFFC Rumours

    Taylor suggesting Tyrone Mings too but WBA and Villa might be in front of us for him

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