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  1. cassius

    Jumpers For Goal Posts!

    Great way to pass the time at work! Got a contract with Liverpool a few days ago on 39,500 a week! If you do really well you get an England call-up to play in the world cup at the end of the 10 seasons!
  2. cassius

    Football Manager

    Midway through the 4th season now, 4th in championship and my bandwagon is bound for premiership! my team - GK: Espana RB: Muscat LB: Parisi CB: Vasco Faisca CB: Darren Powell / M Antonsson RM: Z Gera / R Pozzi LM: F Trojan CM: Hugo Viana / A Silvano CM: Y Safri / JJ Okocha CF: M Frick CF: D A Mejia (GENIUS) Did the face in the game competition for this game(fm2005) but havent seen myself as a player yet, the funny thing being that when i started the game as a manager i typed in my name(the same name as i used for the competition) and when i clicked on my manager profile there was the picture of me i sent off for the competition! geniuses!!
  3. cassius

    Football Manager

    started an FM2005 game last week with luton, havent played on it for over a year due to travelling round the world so i need to get some experience before 2007 comes out! just survived relegation after a tough first season but bolstered my squad in the summer and ready for a title challenge in my second!
  4. cassius

    Official Mugshot Thread

    I once went out with a girl who had a bushy heath

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