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  1. Chris186

    NFFC Rumours

    a journo, for the mirror i think, seems to be well respected
  2. Chris186


    bad time for you to spell Children wrong
  3. Chris186


    iirc one of the posters on the rams forum is dyslexic, if thats him, and it looks like it is, its a bit unfair to laugh at him cos of that.
  4. Chris186

    360 LIVE

    yh, its always great when you have a decent game, had an awesome game of S&D on Downpour the other day, got 18 kills ( including 2 Airstrikes! ) didnt die once and got 1000xp points Also managed to break my Kill streak record when i got a streak of 24 in a Sabotage game on Creek ( one of the new ones ) Sniping can be great fun
  5. Chris186

    360 LIVE

    im level 3 prestige i think, dont play hardcore much, mainly S&D or TD, but its nice to mix it up sometimes. Ive not had much trouble with the mods on OTF tbh, as long as you're not a twat they're quite decent. I speak a bit to the FM researcher for Forest on there too, hes one of the better posters on TF
  6. Chris186

    360 LIVE

    the new maps are ok, I especially like Creek, cos im sniping a lot atm, and that map is custom built for snipers , Broadcast is also very good, Chinatown is ok, but i tend to get a bit lost!, Killhouse is not really suitable for team games, so i havnt played it much tbh
  7. Chris186

    360 LIVE

    added you meh, didnt realise you posted on OTF too!
  8. Chris186

    360 LIVE

    i agree 100% COD4 is better than GOW
  9. Chris186

    Help when loading FM08

    sounds like your save is screwed mate, if you set the save game to do a rolling auto save ( which saves the last the auto save points iirc ) you can just load an earlier one ( you will lose a month, but better than the alternative ), if you only have a normal autosave, im afraid you'll have to restart your game.
  10. Chris186

    Help when loading FM08

    its probably a corrupted save game, which means its fucked, if you did a rolling autosave, load one of the earlier save games ( it should mean you'll only lose a month ) if you only have it on normal autosave, im afraid you'll have to start again.
  11. Chris186

    360 LIVE

    GT: cms186 I own PES 6 ( got the new one on pre-order ), Gears of War, Call of Duty 3 ( got COD4 on pre-order as well, played the beta of it, looks amazing ), Dead Rising and Saints Row
  12. Chris186

    Football Manager

    If youve signed him, try offering him a new contract, that sometimes works, he must be a regular for argentina, so im suprised gago cant get a work permit, failing that the only option is to loan him out to a belgian feeder club to get belgian nationality ( but that takes at least 3 years )

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