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  1. Ben

    Forest Memorabilia

    Wow. There's a poster I haven't seen for a while.
  2. Ben

    NFFC Rumours

    This is a rumour so I'm posting in the "rumours" thread. Rick - look and learn. https://twitter.com/DTransferencias/status/1128586413669265408
  3. Ben


    Might be on his way....https://twitter.com/DTransferencias/status/1128586413669265408
  4. Ben

    News chit chat

    Ant McPartlin nearly kills someone drinking driving yet is heralded as a role model and appears at the BAFTAS. Danny Baker posts and innocuous picture and loses his job.
  5. Ben


    Let's laugh at those Sheep Shagging playoff contenders now
  6. Ben

    Karanka out

    Timely bump ER
  7. Ben

    The politics thread

    I'm a remainer. Only because I'm concerned about any impact to my business (which has now been affected) due to corporations moving HQ's from the UK to mainland Europe. I'm all for controlled immigration. What baffles me is staunch leavers don't have a plan for trade deals post-Brexit. This seems to sum up the whole plan for leaving. WATCH: No-deal Brexiteer James Delingpole
  8. Get rid ASAP. Think (at the time this poll was created) I voted keep him but he's killing any flair we once had.
  9. Ben

    News chit chat

    I've managed to pull one off to Pamela Anderson without leaving the house
  10. Ben

    News chit chat

    He still went out more than me.
  11. Ben

    Forest v sheff wed

    Lose 3-1
  12. Ben

    The politics thread

    How have they behaved? We're the ones reneging on the agreement. They have come back with a deal they're prepared to accept which is of course worse than the one we currently have. Anyway "Sport are troopz" you traitor

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