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  1. Ben

    Nigel Wray...

    Worth more now
  2. Ben

    The politics thread

    Wish he'd take another light aircraft flight
  3. Ben

    Forest v Luton

    His name / Twitter handle was in the post by the London Tricky's. A stupid thing to do that's gonna cause him a lot of shit
  4. But that's not going to happen is it
  5. I'm still trying to save the ozone layer
  6. Ben

    Forest v Derby

    I think we'll lose this one
  7. Ben

    The politics thread

    Moi? Thanks Charlie. I'm bringing in a new law.....if you don't reverse park into a space, it's an automatic three points. Sick of watching dribblers try to reverse out of a space they've gone in forwards to.
  8. Ben

    Forest v sheep

    The crash photo showed a baggie next to the RR but that could of been anything. Surely if the donkey had been caught with some sniff it would have been public? They offered him a reduced salary so it wasn't an outright sacking. Meddling Mel has played a blinder here.
  9. Ben

    Forest v sheep

    I didn't realise until recently, he's never learned to drive! What an absolute side salad. Fuck him after the way he went after Yates.
  10. Ben

    The politics thread

    I'm not voting for the Tories, Labour, or the Brexit party. Taxation without representation. Is that broccoli man in the running?
  11. Ben

    Forest v sheep

    Keogh as an asset held no current or little future value. Why pay the freak £25k per week when his stupidity got him injured? If he'd have been injured playing, different story but he breached his contract.
  12. Ben

    Alex Milosevic

    Jesus this has made the NEP now. As much as Hannah as been annoying over the years on various forums, shes not the most stable to deal with this sort of attention. One of the pitfalls for Social Media, the hate mobs can follow very quickly.
  13. Ben

    The politics thread

    How come Boris keeps asking parliament to vote for the same thing over and over again because he doesn't like the result?
  14. Ben

    Alex Milosevic

    Weird one that. Always looked good. Wonder what the story is given there is worse dross we still employ.
  15. Ben

    The politics thread

    A deal worse than May's. Corbyn is a twat that clearly smells of piss. Dump him and get Kier Starmer in - they may then have a chance.

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