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  1. Ben

    Martin O Neill

    Is it Hannah?
  2. Ben

    Martin O Neill

    Why have you started three MON threads in the lat 12 hours?
  3. Ben

    Conspiracy Theories

    I agree but weren't these asked 6 months after she disappeared?
  4. Ben

    Conspiracy Theories

    That case fascinates me. I spent a lot of time in Praia De Luz in the 90's as a mate's Father has a villa out there. Just started watching the doc on Netflix.
  5. Ben

    Forest v Villa

    I'd keep Pep
  6. Ben

    The politics thread

    She's played a blinder if that was her plan all along, however I don't believe she's that clever. Weird odious woman who allegedly covered up for her fiddling Father.
  7. Ben

    The politics thread

    My problem with this has been from day one we'd only get a worse deal than we already had. Yes there may be fewer brown looking people entering but economically we'd be worse off. I have no issue with changing the EU or maybe getting a real plan together and then departing but it wasn't done like that. Farage, Banks and all his cronies should be held accountable as well as parliament. I've never known such a week government and opposition.
  8. Ben

    The politics thread

    Who'd have thought Brexit would be a shambles eh?
  9. Ben

    Forest v Villa

    That Iranian striker is shite.....we only ever look good when we have a clinical striker. Reckon despite Grabban's protestations there's an attitude there.
  10. Ben

    City Ground to be re-developed

    Is it Colin?
  11. Ben

    NFFC Rumours

    Old news, he's come out and said this is bollox
  12. Ben

    City Ground to be re-developed

    You need to read this out whilst playing some jingoistic music. Churchill-esque stuff from Dane B
  13. Ben

    NFFC Rumours

    Out for the rest of the season
  14. Ben

    News chit chat

    Still would

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