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  1. brooksy

    Forest v Derby

    Scrappy first half but we really came on top in the second. Silva, ameobi, grabbs, cash, watson and samba were excellent Up the reds!
  2. brooksy

    Forest v Hull

    Very poor. Never at 2nd balls, didn’t seem to have any energy until 2-0 down then played a little better. Lolley is fucking crap, god knows what’s happened to him. Cash and worrell best players but that’s being generous. Sabri’s bubble has burst. Well and truly
  3. brooksy

    Forest v Hull

    Cash best player in a bang average team
  4. brooksy

    Forest v Hull

    The team think there better than they are with the somewhat lucky results recently. Wheels well and truly off
  5. brooksy

    Forest v Hull

    No where near enough urgency in the play. lolley has been wank, as had Silva so far
  6. brooksy

    Wigan v Forest

    Let’s hop MOM award doesn’t do its usual curse. 3-1 forest
  7. brooksy

    Forest v Brentford

    I didn’t go today but a fair few saying this was the best we have played? Defence is excellent this season so far. We just need Carvallho to find some good form and create so magic and we’ll keep at it (as long as grabs stays fit) Sabri is such a pleasant surprise:)
  8. brooksy

    Blackburn v Forest

    We were no where near at it, point a good result in the end. Sow does a good job. Needs to start carvalleo and Silva/adomah
  9. brooksy

    Blackburn v Forest

    They have been woeful tonight. Lost count how many times passed back to the keeper as can’t think of any creative play
  10. brooksy

    Blackburn v Forest

    Zero creativity- such a poor game
  11. brooksy

    Blackburn v Forest

    I get Blackburn is a shit place to be on a cold Tuesday night but put some fucking effort in
  12. brooksy

    Blackburn v Forest

    We don’t look interested
  13. brooksy

    Forest v Barnsley

    It’s a good win as we’re really not good against the weaker teams historically. Grinding out wins is a good sign
  14. brooksy

    8 points from 5 games

    Add to that Bostock looks a good player. Very solid. Im quietly impressed. So far so good!
  15. brooksy

    So it's

    Can’t see us getting anything but will be a good day out. I intend on making my first trip to the Arsenal

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