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  1. brooksy

    Reading v Forest

    Only forest could do that today. So frustrating but it’s a point against a in form team, away from home. we’re right in the mix. Still.
  2. brooksy

    Forest v Rovers

    Grabben is a different class, love him. cash, Sow, Watson and Lolly always impressed too. we made it difficult at times but good win and 3 wins on the bounce can’t be sniffed at. such a important transfer window, get it right and we’re up I reckon
  3. brooksy

    Forest v Rovers

    What a contrast this is compared to Wigan. Much much better
  4. brooksy

    Forest v Pie eaters

    I can’t believe how much we were totally outclassed by Wigan for 80% of the match. It was so so poor to watch we seem to be massively riding our luck. Be interesting to see how we sign now
  5. brooksy

    Forest v Pie eaters

    Sell carvellho he is so inconsistent just look at the difference with Silva on the pitch
  6. brooksy

    Forest v Pie eaters

    Like watching a relegation scrap this is
  7. brooksy

    NFFC Rumours

    According to Nixon, looks carvalhio is off to Olympiakos for 10m plus
  8. brooksy


    Not surprised at all but if it does happen who the fuck do you go for?! I would be really disappointed to see him go, we need to ride this storm
  9. brooksy

    Sheff wed

    No doubt we’re on a bad run, home form is really poor but we have to stick with Sabri. He clearly has something about him with the results we’ve had already this season. I just hope the Greek shows patience as I still think we will make the play offs this season.
  10. brooksy

    Sheff wed

    I don’t think many of us are calling for Sabris head. But Nick the Greek will be if it carry’s on past Christmas... I think Sabris tactics have been found out though. He needs to show his metal and change this around
  11. brooksy

    Sheff wed

    Wheels are well and truly off. Nice while it lasted chaps loose a few more like this and it’s goodbye Sabri
  12. brooksy

    Game tonight - Boro

    Come off it lads. We were well on top 1st half. Carvaelho has come on and done fuck all, as has semedo. They are two over rated players and need to fuck off. Keep the same team we could of won that. Shit tackle by Robinson and we had no answer once they were on top. Two new strikers is a must. Sell carvaleho and invest in a proper play maker
  13. brooksy

    Game tonight - Boro

    We’ve just lost it after we scored. Then they come on top and we’ve not been the same team
  14. brooksy

    Game tonight - Boro

    Give over, we are all over them! Just needs that final 3rd pass
  15. brooksy

    Game tonight - Boro

    He’s fucking immense

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