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  1. brooksy

    Forest v Bolton - Final game

    I can't imagine any of us are looking forward to a summer of transfers and excitement for August. I hope MON goes. Nice chap - poor manager. Get Warnock in. He will get us up
  2. After another disappointing season, last game (supposedly) is upon us. I think we will win 3-0 and MON will then be backed in the summer - que yet another drab season for 19/20. See you in August chaps!
  3. brooksy

    Nottingham Forest vs Middlesbrough

    Different team today. Carvalio was immense just sticking two fingers up at MON. Middlesbrough were proper shit tho, but once we scored we were up for it today. Nice to see 100% still think MON should go
  4. brooksy

    Nottingham Forest vs Middlesbrough

    Any links? Just to bore myself stupid of course
  5. brooksy

    Sheffield United v Forest

    Colback at left back again and Robinson not even in the squad. What a fucking idiot
  6. brooksy

    Forest v Blackburn

    i shudder to think who he would bring in given a transfer window We were in a strong position when he came in, we have a good squad. He's tactics, team selection have took us back probably 18 months already it will be a disaster if he stays on to next season
  7. brooksy

    Forest v Blackburn

    I didn't realise we were 8 points off the play offs now haha. What a disaster MON has turned out to be. 1-1
  8. brooksy

    Forest v sheff wed

    Terrible. 9 out of 11 players are not playing for mon and maybe Keane bully boy tactics are a reason to? Fuck knows but these clowns cannot be in charge next season. OUT
  9. brooksy

    Forest v sheff wed

    Painful. They look so dangerous going forward and we are non existent. Grabban has been wank
  10. brooksy

    Rotherham v Forest

    I think the owner would be insane to back MON with a summer transfer budget. I dread to think the players he would bring in. He needs to go asap
  11. brooksy

    Forest v Swansea

    No chance of the play offs. Villa/boro/derby/city all above us and got game in hands. Plus were fucking shit
  12. brooksy

    Forest v Villa

    Preston, villa, Bristol city and Derby all above us fighting for 6th place. Any slight hope from the 3-0 win last weekend was shot last night. I think villa will take 4/5th with boro taking 6th
  13. brooksy

    Forest v Villa

    That was crap. Worse I've seen since Wigan game. No fucker wanted it tonight. Mike dean - what a whopper he had. But, we didn't deserve anything out of that and playoffs.. even if we sneak it we will get battered. Villa are miles ahead of us Fucking rubbish.
  14. brooksy

    Championship chit chat

    The players did well not to kick the shit out the twat when he was on the floor.
  15. Think we will win it today still in with a slight chance of top 6 if we do!

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