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  1. agree with you Dane, although I suspect the same starting 11 as Wednesday bar any injuries.
  2. Dias has a more direct approach and will run at defenders along with the height for flick on's but I dont think he can do the through balls or unlock a defence like Carvalho can. Not sure what has happened to the other lad, last I heard was he wasn't settling into the climate well, might be a bit homesick.
  3. I believe that Carvalho will make or break our season, he is the only one who has the creative spark and can unlock a defence with one pass. At the moment a lot of what he does looks awful but I honestly think its due to the players around him having no clue what he is trying to do or not good enough to understand the balls being played. When hes on it he is unplayable but as Dane said above its only in moments currently, if he can play well for 60 mins or so every game for 5-10 games in a row we will see our results come. Grabban is an odd one as I thought he would light this league up, however we are not playing to his strengths at the moment but a run in the side should see this change and I think if he can nick another one Saturday we will see him hit 15+ for us this season. Overall the performance was solid from front to back, Heff at the back is huge for us as not only does he give us the height we need there but is a natural leader. After their disallowed goal he was first to gee up the boys and give them a pat on the back and keep them focused, Janko looks like he can do some damage. Geddy & Colback work well together so would like to see that partnership grow and its good to have the option at 70 mins to bring on another person in that role to freshen it all up. I wanted 6 points from the 2 games due so we are half way there, a win on Saturday and we should be sitting OK.
  4. Game over 2-1 3 points in the bag and onto the next we go
  5. Thank god we have heff at the back as when they lumping balls up he’s the one who has decent height against them
  6. Onomah for them is everywhere, we need to change it up a bit, maybe bring on lolly or Dias for one of the wide boys
  7. Fair play to colback and geddy , they have not given up on any challenge and always wanting the ball
  8. Another absolutely shocking delivery from a corner
  9. We lack any real creative spark, same play each time, into the channels and back again. When attack we are undone with 1-2 passes in behind

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