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  1. bottom of the league, 1 win in 12 and shipped 31 goals.... Just saying All joking aside, obviously took a talented squad to the prem last term and did well in the championship.
  2. AND yet we sit in 6th position, 4 points off top. If only we had those extra 100 shots a game.
  3. Spot on Danny. I think no matter what, people on here will never be happy.
  4. darcy

    NFFC Rumours

    Karim signs
  5. darcy

    Burton away in the cup

    If we put in a performance like that Saturday with the first 11 then he will be gone IMO. However I do believe that come Saturday our team and performance will be 1000% better, and we might even nick a win. I have been pro Karanka for the whole season and I still believe he is the right man for now, but after last nights show he needs to turn things around and quickly if we is to stay here long term. It wasn't the fact we lost it was how we lost. At the end of the day people will say hes useless and that hes one dimensional but we have to look at positives and a win on Saturday and we will be within touching distance of top of the league.
  6. darcy

    Burton away in the cup

    I think we lose Saturday and Karanka will be feeling the heat. After a performance like this regardless of changes this is unacceptable.
  7. darcy

    Burton away in the cup

    Great finish from the big man
  8. darcy

    Burton away in the cup

    lol this is truely embarrassing
  9. darcy

    Burton away in the cup

    If you watch Watson in that goal, does bother tracking back
  10. darcy

    Burton away in the cup

    Dias needs to be doing that more
  11. darcy

    Burton away in the cup

    WATSON! Kick it forward you useless twat
  12. darcy

    Burton away in the cup

    Why do we always play a ball backwards! So many times we can pass forward or straight but we go back. How on earth are we not losing?!
  13. darcy

    Burton away in the cup

    It’s like this lot have been out for 5 years and not kicked a ball

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