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  1. darcy

    Brizzle v FOREST

    1-1 for me
  2. darcy

    Forest v Derby

    Cash is best rb in our league at mo
  3. darcy

    Forest v Derby

    Get the fuck it!! Deserved
  4. darcy

    Forest v Derby

    Ref done us again!!
  5. darcy

    Forest v Derby

    That’s vile from Lawrence
  6. darcy

    Forest v Derby

    We look a lot better this half, need a second
  7. darcy

    Forest v Derby

    I thought that
  8. darcy

    Forest v Derby

    Better from 30 mins on but we need to be doing more at home
  9. darcy

    Forest v Derby

    This is the line up announced
  10. darcy

    Forest v Derby

    Getting nervous now, just landed in Manchester so time to find a pub to watch!
  11. darcy

    Forest v Derby

    First time in ages I am genuinely looking forward to this game and making a big statement to the league and those dicks! If we come out and play we will beat them, going for 3-1 win
  12. darcy

    Forest v Luton

    3 points and up to 5th
  13. darcy

    Forest v Luton

    Time to hold on now, having 30% away regardless isn’t good and especially against a team like Luton.
  14. darcy

    Forest v Luton

    Take this right now, brings us right back in the mix.
  15. darcy

    Forest v Luton

    After watching the last few games I am all but deflated and a loss today and we are set for another season of nothing. Prove me wrong forest 1-1

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