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  1. darcy

    Ipswich vs Forest

    There we go
  2. darcy

    Ipswich vs Forest

    Absolutely pathetic
  3. darcy

    Forest v Villa

    Doesn’t help that we play hull one week then villa the next. We have not been at the races today and we have been made to pay for it but let’s not forget some of the players that villa have for this league. Their depth is ridiculous when you can have adomah and kodja on the bench. The main concern for me is without grabban we have no rest when we whack it back up field
  4. darcy

    Forest v Villa

    Absolutely spineless tonight, defence has been a fucking shambles
  5. darcy

    Forest v Villa

    Won’t be for much longer if he carries on
  6. darcy

    Forest v Villa

    We have been fucking useless since going 1-0 up. Not sure we have had 2 passes strung together. they are making us look like a pub team
  7. darcy

    Forest v Villa

    Fucks sake
  8. darcy

    Forest v Villa

    has to be a win tonight if we really are going to get into play offs. 2-1 win
  9. If we can win today and then win on tv weds against villa then we have a real chance. anything other than 6 points from the next two games and we are out of it. 2-0 forest
  10. darcy

    Stoke v Forest

    Spot on
  11. darcy

    Stoke v Forest

    Derby 4-0 down lol

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