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  1. MikeNFFC

    Forest v Villa

    Villa had Mike Dean sussed from the beginning, they knew they could con him by going down at any given chance and he would blow up. I'm surprised the cunt didn't run all the way around the ground with his arms in the air when they scored their winner. Murphy should have started. That one makes no sense at all to me. Unless the manager was influenced by our thick supporters taking the piss out of DM when he subbed during the last game.
  2. MikeNFFC

    City Ground to be re-developed

    But it isn't the end of the world if we don't sell 38000 tickets every game (and obviously we wouldn't). More revenue would be made elsewhere anyway. I can't understand how people can be negative about it, it's exciting and much needed all around the ground. If the club keeps progressing and Mr M makes Forest a decent force, playing against big teams, with a big away followings in tow, I'm sure we would get close to that figure sometimes. It is incredible what we are getting now,. Imagine if we were a good side. He will want a team to match the stadium that is for sure. Surely this news confirms that the club is only going one way now. Whether that is next year or in the next few years, the reds are going up!
  3. MikeNFFC

    City Ground to be re-developed

    Thank god Doughty and Arthur didn't get their way of moving to another site. This is fantastic news. If there could be a section of safe standing in the corner of the bridgford and the main stand it would be incredible
  4. MikeNFFC

    NFFC Rumours

    Two more expected according to the local news.
  5. We just need the big Greek geezer to pop over and bollock them all again. Our form picked up last time that happened. Maybe do it on a 6 weekly basis to keep it going.
  6. MikeNFFC

    NFFC Rumours

    Half the posters on here used to call him a donkey.
  7. MikeNFFC

    World Cup 2018 draw

    I thought the same. What a weird thing to do.
  8. MikeNFFC

    NFFC Rumours

    Take the money.
  9. MikeNFFC

    Boxing thread

    I can't get my head around the amount of fans Haye always seems to have (on social media) in a build up to a fight, stating he is going to do this and that. He's been a fraud for years. Enjoyed seeing him get beat up ultimately he is the one laughing by blagging another pay day I supoose.
  10. MikeNFFC


    Ebby would look great in one of these.
  11. MikeNFFC

    What's wrong with the UK?

    They usually get it wrong anyway too ha ha.
  12. MikeNFFC

    Boxing thread

    I can't stand Groves either so was hoping to see him get beat as I usually hope for haha. Takes me back to good times seeing Froch knock the **** out at Wembley. Train to Wembley full of Forest fans singing George Groves is a mardy **** During the fight I was surrounded by Groves fans/Froch haters. Felt 10ft tall Actually I would like Froch to come out of retirement and do the **** again Groves was much better tactically than Eubank in this fight though. Some of those wild swings were embarrassing.
  13. MikeNFFC

    Your workplace

    Mine was on Friday. Couple of disgraceful scenes which I enjoyed witnessing. Glad it wasn't me. Generally I can't be arsed with work nights out and do my best to avoid them.
  14. MikeNFFC

    Birmingham v Forest

    They've got the turnip in charge. Smash them.
  15. MikeNFFC

    Derby vs Forest

    I'd love to know if the club actually made any attempts to sign some good defenders this summer or whether MW and his team didn't feel it was needed. These managers make me laugh they really do. Football should be kept as simple as possible but it just never seems to be the case with us - for example for us, we sign loads of attacking players, play them out of position and fail to address the defensive shambles, which was one of the worst in the league last season. A glaringly obvious problem. I thought that first goal was a decent one to be fair but I only saw it live once, funnily enough I haven't fancied watching any replays yet. I would not care one bit if MW was sacked at this point. I think it's fair to say our owner is pretty ruthless with firing managers too.... One last thing, I can only assume Derby fans cannot realise they are the most embarrassing set of fans in the country. There are too many reasons to list why. Cringe.

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