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  1. MikeNFFC

    Forest v Luton

    There are some real fucking idiots that follow our club. He deserves a life ban.
  2. MikeNFFC

    Forest v sheep

    This is gold isn't it really wanker.
  3. MikeNFFC

    Wigan v Forest

    The pies were decent anyway. That feels a fairly routine 3 points was thrown straight in the bin, Wigan are shite but we were so bad. Let's hope it is put right on Wednesday.
  4. MikeNFFC


    How long is his contract? If it just a year it needs sorting sharpish.
  5. MikeNFFC


    Top man. Let's hope he is given time to build something special.
  6. MikeNFFC

    Blackburn v Forest

    It's incredible what the manager is doing after such a short time here and so many changes in the squad. Away form we could only dream about really. A good manager who can organise a team and instill a great team ethic can go far in this league. I'd be surprised if we fell away and didn't make the top 6 to be honest now. The first 10 or so games is usually a good indicator.
  7. MikeNFFC

    Forest v sheep

    Go down pub, drink 10 pints, I'll get really plastered Then I'll leave and crash the car Cos I'm a Derby bastard
  8. MikeNFFC

    The politics thread

    What really fucks me off is when October 31st is spoke about all the time when it is clearly 31st October. Cunts.
  9. MikeNFFC

    Forest v sheep

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/09/26/exclusive-derby-captain-richard-keogh-injured-inmason-bennett/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Not a great example from the captain being involved in this.
  10. MikeNFFC

    Forest v Barnsley

    Loving the feel good factor at the minute. Top of the league on Friday night, maybe. And Derby are shite.
  11. MikeNFFC

    Arsenal Tickets

    I think you will struggle after they move through the different levels of priority, with 20,000 season ticket holders, but they will probably get quite a few returns back. So if it sells out, keep ringing up daily and I think you'd have a good chance of getting some. Also there should be a further allocation, of an additional 2.5k. Bizarrely (to me) I understand that they are including your points from last season (or number of away games you went to last season) in terms of priority. That's what they said to a mate of mine when he phoned up anyway. I just expected it would start again at 0 this season.
  12. MikeNFFC

    Boxing thread

    I could see him getting beat again in the rematch. Beats off the fat man. It's amazing really
  13. MikeNFFC

    Forest v Bolton - Final game

    Can only assume we will spank them if the Bolton players didn't actually want to play the game. I've just read that they won't play the missed match against Brentford and a 1-0 scoreline has been recorded. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48151016
  14. I've seen the pics and they are x rated.
  15. MikeNFFC

    Nottingham Forest vs Middlesbrough

    I didn't get there til half time due to trains being cancelled but I'm glad I saw that second half. I thought Boro were absolutely shit though. They played very half heartedly whereas we suddenly looked up for a fight and played fast exciting football for once. I'm not over the moon by the win, we've been utterly shit for a so many games. Pressure now off and then they decide to put a shift in. Not only that, but the result gives Derby a massive helping hand into the playoff places.

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