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  1. US_RED

    Dedicated stream thread.

  2. No room for Ben or Joe either.
  3. good goal from the algerian, think cash made a difference when he cam on.
  4. US_RED

    Dedicated stream thread.

    SatFeeds.net‏ @SatFeeds_net 55m55 minutes ago We are looking into the Forest game but it seems there is no picture??? please be patient while we look in to it.
  5. Less than 700 tickets left, wish I was going
  6. US_RED

    NFFC Rumours

    lots of chat on social media of a surprise signing tomorrow
  7. no way another draw, 2-0
  8. Attendance: 27,850 (1,957 away)
  9. We have lots of talent in this team, very promising performance. Results will get much better when a couple of our forwards are fully fit.
  10. US_RED

    Dedicated stream thread.


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