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  1. US_RED

    Forest v Barnsley

    If you get chance watch the Brian Laws clip on BBC radio Nottingham, brilliant.
  2. US_RED

    Forest v Barnsley

    Possible that the link with Villa turned his head,
  3. US_RED

    Forest v Barnsley

    Barnsley have scored 4 goals in 8 games, have a -7 goal difference and lost 3-0 in the cup to the blind school.
  4. US_RED

    Forest v Barnsley

    This is a renewed Forest, 3-0
  5. US_RED

    Swansea v Forest

    PM me for link.
  6. US_RED

    Swansea v Forest

    Samba Cash, Dawson, Worrall, Ribeiro Sow, Watson Ameobi, Carvalho, Adomah Grabban Subs: Muric, Figueiredo, Bostock, Semedo, Robinson, Lolley, Silva
  7. US_RED

    Swansea v Forest

    Jenkinson out for a couple of weeks, ankle injury.
  8. US_RED

    Forest v Preston

    Samba Jenkinson, Dawson, Worrall, Robinson Semedo, Watson, Silva Lolley, Grabban, Ameobi
  9. US_RED

    Forest v Preston

    Can only see a win for us, wish I was there.
  10. US_RED

    Any takers?

    Maybe pay part off the wage bill just to get rid.
  11. US_RED

    Forest v sheep

    Almost 27,000 for a midweek second round cup game.
  12. US_RED

    Forest v sheep

    2-0 already
  13. US_RED

    Forest v sheep

    Another win 2-0
  14. wtf, how did you get a picture of Dane from the 80's??

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