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  1. US_RED

    Preston v Forest

    I blame Karanka for those loses, O'neill is getting us back on track.
  2. US_RED

    Preston v Forest

    I thought we looked solid and could of won it, clean sheet away is not to be scoffed at.
  3. US_RED

    Preston v Forest

    Wheres Janko ? Darikwa is dog shit
  4. US_RED

    Preston v Forest

    Subs: Steele, Carvalho, Wague, Goncalves, Yacob, Pele, Bonatini
  5. US_RED

    Preston v Forest

    Pantilimon Darikwa, Milosevic, Benalouane, Robinson Lolley, Yates, Colback, Osborn Grabban, Murphy
  6. US_RED

    Preston v Forest

    Progress, we've turned the corner and put behind the Karanka quiting farce, seems the players like what O'neill is bringing and are up for the fight. 1-3
  7. US_RED

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Dwight Gayle has been charged by the Football Association following his dive against us, cheating twat
  8. US_RED

    Birmingham v Forest

    Lolly just hit the post
  9. US_RED

    Dedicated stream thread.

    Live feed with no sound https://www.facebook.com/andy.n.nix/videos/10218307950671362/
  10. US_RED

    Birmingham v Forest

    Another 3-1 win
  11. US_RED


    Finally got one right, we normally lose to the crap teams so in my eyes this is a step forward.
  12. US_RED


    Needs to be a win, 3-1
  13. US_RED


    Read a quote somewhere that he said he thought the chance to manage Forest had passed him by, 1 of my all time favorite players,

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