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  1. mrcunny

    Forest v Preston

    cheers chazza wazza..
  2. mrcunny

    Forest v Preston

    no surprise here...lacklustre..get at them we seem to play 5 a side mode all the time and shit at that...
  3. mrcunny

    Forest v Preston

    any links guys....
  4. mrcunny

    Forest v Preston

    still persists with watson...
  5. mrcunny

    Forest v Preston

    I thought i lost you for good mate...lol
  6. mrcunny

    An Apology

    Thank the lord...the ltlf boys dont understand our ruthless humour they just seem boys and snowflakes at that...
  7. mrcunny

    Sheffield United v Forest

    Ive been saying that most of the season our best run was when he was injured..now hes in centre mid and the lad just cant do that job..
  8. mrcunny

    Sheffield United v Forest

    exactly,hes just a engine with a wank long throw..needs to show more...
  9. mrcunny

    Forest v Blackburn

    lacklustre,low quality,boring and fed up of the same old shit...
  10. mrcunny

    Forest v Blackburn

    only links avialable..strange team mind ya
  11. mrcunny

    Forest v sheff wed

    44 players and we have to watch amatuer football like this...
  12. mrcunny

    Forest v sheff wed

    any links....
  13. mrcunny

    Forest v sheff wed

    We will come good this game and get a well deserved draw..1.1 33% possesion..
  14. mrcunny

    Rotherham v Forest

    1.1 lucky to escape with a draw...
  15. mrcunny

    Forest v Swansea

    pele,well heres a trade description offence straight away...

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