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  1. I also agree he should have given them a chance (Probably Appiah most of all due to his position) but Chelsea were pretty dominant, and like the last time they played us in the FA cup, got a lead which wasn't embarassing but that they knew we couldn't come back from, and probably could have tried for more goals if they had wanted to. Supposedly AK did bring on Yates, Anel or Appiah (2 of, since he already brought on Lolley) and Chelsea scored 3 more late on or something so we lost 5-0 not 2-0, people would equally be moaning (and would have a valid point) why he just didn't stick with the 2-0 damage limitation we already had. We were never going to win and never really even looked like scoring but we have a lot of players out.
  2. Can be up to 12 weeks for a grade 3 contusion. Depends how bad the injury is.
  3. Chav

    NFFC Rumours

    Not as far as I know. It was only a loan because it completed outside the window.
  4. Chav

    NFFC Rumours

    Keep the hype on Appiah, Mighten and Johnson - it keeps the spotlight off Ethan Dekel
  5. Chav

    NFFC Rumours

    Though I agree with you, most of what you have said also applies to Brereton (gone for 7m) and Burke (gone for 13m, then back to WBA for 15 I think) with neither having demonstrated much in the way of progression since they were 17, and probably not worth the money paid for them certainly in terms of how much they have offered Blackburn, Leipzig and WBA since signing for them. With young players you are buying potential and when that potential can no longer be realised the value drops compared to more experienced players. Unless they are insistent on recouping their investment I can't see how Ollie Burke will be sold for anywhere near the price WBA paid for him, probably about half. I don't think anyone is going to pay £6m for a 17 year old boy with no real first team appearances under his belt, but then strange things do occasionally happen with the very big clubs (who will surely have better in their own reserves/youth systems) so it's probably academic but the point of taking 6m for a player who may turn out to be the next Craig Westcarr in order to reinvest the money into proven squad players for the short term does at least make logical sense. It's a bit similar to what we already did earlier in the season getting 7m from Brereton (buying potential) and signing Grabban for 6m (who at 30 is not going to be sold at anywhere near that, but scored goals last season in a shit side and was their top scorer despite leaving halfway through the season, and is one of the best strikers in the division right now) - what's more beneficial to us now, someone who might be good, or someone who is already one of the best if not the best finisher at this level?
  6. Chav

    NFFC Rumours

    Not sure what selling a very promising 17 year old for £6m (when surely after having games under his belt given his potential he will be worth a lot more) would do to boost our promotion push, if anything. The report is clearly a load of nonsense, which is hardly surprising considering where it has come from. In fact, keeping him here rather than signing another forward / winger might be beneficial considering the amount of scouting which goes on into teams/players so opposition clubs would know what to expect if (for example) we signed Burke again but perhaps wouldn't know so much about Appiah. Similar to when we signed McCleary from non-league.
  7. Chav

    NFFC Rumours

    Actually for most of his time I didn't think Darlow was the best keeper at the club. He wasn't better than Camp (when he was bothered) and de Vries was a better all round keeper which he showed when he got his chance in the side. Considering the competition saying he's the best keeper since Beasant is: Darren Ward Paul Gerrard Barry Roche (:D) Rune Pedersen (:D) Paul Smith (:D) Lee Camp Dorus de Vries Stephen Henderson (:D) Vladimir Stojkovic Jordan Smith Costel Pantilimon He's one of the better keepers we've had, but I do think Pantilimon is better and so was de Vries, and it was more his potential and probably being English that helped get him to Newcastle's bench. No-one else on that list is any good though (judging Camp's whole career with us not just the loan spell and 2 playoff seasons) even Stojkovic who was a Serbia international with loads of caps. Smith needs to be loaned out to someone shit like Rotherham to give him plenty of practice and experience. BD signed de Vries when Darlow was at the club - either as experienced cover or competition for his place - but never really played him in the league. I think towards the end of that season he was dropped for de Vries. During the loan back season I think Psycho tried to drop him for a few games as well then after he was sacked DF put him back in the team for the rest of the season. Not sure if there was an appearance clause in the loan. But the season after I think when de Vries played most of the matches we were largely solid at the back and scoring goals was the main issue with Britt out and the transfer embargo stopping us getting anyone decent in. The season after when he decided to clear off to Celtic's bench - maybe he would have been better than the others we had under Montanier? Pantilimon isn't that bad. Not stupidly error prone, and doesn't concede many. His distribution hasn't been great but how much of that is him following instructions to kick it into a certain area of the pitch? It looks bad if he's kicked it out to the full back but he's moved out of the way so it's gone out for a throwin (as opposed to him miskicking it). The defence has to help too and whilst our first choice centre backs (probably Daws and Tobias) are solid, as are Hefele and Fox, our full backs don't seem to be adept at stopping crosses into the box. Even at 6'10 you have to know whether to take the risk of going for it and missing (leaving you out of the play) or not to and defend the goal from a resulting shot/header. There are better keepers (e.g. Gunn, Westwood) who we could sign but I don't think Darlow is better.
  8. Chav

    NFFC Rumours

    I really don't think he is, though I suppose Pantilimon's kicking has been a tad dodgy recently. Flapper saved 2 penalties against us for the barcodes last season, but I don't recall the previous time he did for us. They seemed to not be much effort for the takers to score, in fairness. Long range shots were also a weakness and he isn't the tallest keeper either, which really is when our vulnerability from crosses and set pieces started. With Costel I don't see penalties against us (due to his sheer size and reach) as certain goals, nor have we let in too many soft long-range goals. IMO he's a better keeper, though I don't get why his kicking has been so terrible recently, the easiest downfield kicks seem to go out for throws. Plus Flapper didn't look too bothered when he was loaned back for the year. de Vries was far better. If we're looking at a new keeper - and I don't see why we shouldn't if we can get one better - Kieran Westwood is definitely better than what we have.
  9. Chav


    I've always been here - just didn't have much to say which hadn't already been...
  10. Chav


    Without doubt him and Megson are our two worst managers - recently, if not ever. Neither of them had any real redeeming factors. Two years before we appointed Platt, we won the division easily scoring loads of goals (with PvH and Campbell both ending amongst the top scorers) and hardly conceding any. Because for some inexplicable reason we chose to sell Campbell to Turkey even though he didn't want to go, and Bassett didn't want to sell him, PvH also decided to go on strike as he wanted to leave being promised the team would be strengthened not weakened. Losing Cooper to Boro was also a blow however we also had Chettle and Hjelde still at the club. And the club decided to try and replace the goals lost from PvH (though he did come back but never really fitted in with the team after) and Campbell with Neil Shipperley (rofl), Freedman (who actually ended up top scorer), and Darcheville (unproven and had just seen his family die in a car accident in France) unsurprisingly it didn't work. And though there were the odd big reversals that season (5-1 v Liverpool, not to mention that Man U game) the defence was mainly solid enough and would have been fine if we'd been scoring goals, so most games were lost 1 or 2-0 and we went down. (In hindsight it was probably a bad idea sacking Bassett though it was sensible at the time, as the long term plan would mean that - knowing you're not going to stay up and more crucially that no-one is going to save it having the best manager at the time for keeping sides up - you have a proven manager at winning promotion again if you do get relegated.) So Platt comes in, and ... signs defenders. When we still have the bulk of the first choice defence from the title winning side at the club as well as Matthieu Louis-Jean. Unsurprisingly the 3 italians are shit, and Riccy Scimeca was decent for a season under Hart but not worth 2.5m, and there goes the money... Jim Brennan plays well against us in the league cup for Bristol City so we sign him when we already have Tank who was one of the best left backs in the division... Platt then plays him in midfield - the one thing which worked because he did well enough there. But still no strikers (though we got Ian Wright and Mikkel Beck on loan). We sign Jack Lester later in the first season... because he played well against us for Grimsby. At some point he also strikes it lucky getting in Robbie Blake who played well with Lester, Platt wants to sign him but ND wouldn't and then later spends 3.3m buying David Johnson apparently for Michael's birthday present... costing more than Blake would have done. Two seasons playing in midtable, no tell tale signs things may improve, all the money gone, and with it the chance of a quick return to the Prem.
  11. Chav

    World Cup 2018 draw

    Croatia's reserves didn't do too badly tonight.
  12. Well, it seems to be more that our strategy when recruiting managers seems to focus more on who's available than who fits any kind of long term plan. From that list, only Hart (promoted from inside), Calderwood and Cotterill were actually in a job at the time we appointed them. The rest were without a club and there's usually a reason for that itself. That and we seem to jump between extremes, going from a manager who likes to play on the ground to someone who's a hoofing idiot like GM and then expecting them to work with each others' players. You can see that by the likes of Matt Mills, who is a perfectly functional CB at this level in the right team, who was signed by DF once he'd gone into bus-parking hoof ball mode, and then getting PM or MW to expect him to be the next Baresi. He's never been that type of player so why expect it?
  13. Chav

    Warburton Gone

    Lichaj I guess (by trying to replace him with Darikwa)
  14. Chav

    Warburton Gone

    And when we appointed a manager who got his previous club promoted twice, we went down.

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