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    Recommend a film

    Apologies if already mentioned. I saw Seven Pounds yesterday. It takes a little while to grasp the concept as i'd not seen any trailers, but once you get an understaning, it's a very good film which touches the heart. Also saw The Way of War, I thought it was a little off and a few things happened in it which had no relevance to anything, but a good enough watch if you have nothing to do.
  2. campbell

    Official Mugshot Thread

    I don't think you have the right to criticise anyone's appearance. I remember a while back you saying how you wanted to 'try' the emo look, so got a few piercings... etc
  3. campbell

    Recommend a film

    i saw shoot em up, thought it was great entertainment. also, i'm only 21, so there may be some legendary comedy films, but i will definately make the statement that superbad is without doubt the funniest film i've ever seen. absolutely love it.
  4. campbell

    Official Mugshot Thread

    this is the funniest thread i've read in a long time. that myspace thing's fantastic!

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