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  1. Taylor82

    Forest v sheep

    Yeah, real shame we didn't sign a decent striker as back-up to Grabban.
  2. Ah, It's good to be back. Forest doing well also.
  3. Taylor82

    Forest v sheep

    You can listen to it on TalkSport.
  4. Taylor82

    Fixtures for coming season

    We're doing well against the better sides again this season, although it's early doors. 
  5. Taylor82

    Forest v sheep

    Forest 1-0 Derby
  6. Taylor82

    8 points from 5 games

    We've done very well, Dane. I know it's early, but I'm starting to warm to Lamouchi.
  7. Not a bad return considering our tough set of early fixtures.
  8. Taylor82

    Forest v sheep

    The Preston game takes precedence for me.
  9. Taylor82

    An Apology

    All of Art's work in the insomniac thread hasn't gone to waste. YaY!
  10. Taylor82

    Fixtures for coming season

    Tough start but our record against the top sides last season wasn't too bad. Drew at Norwich. Beat Sheffield United at home. Drew at Leeds and beat them at home. Drew home and away against West Brom. Drew at Villa. Drew at Derby and beat them at home. Did the double over Boro.
  11. Uruguay v Japan Here we go! Diego Godin is some warrior. Probably the best centre-half in Europe over the last few years.
  12. Taylor82

    The Women's World Cup

    How on Earth could you watch girls playing football?
  13. Taylor82

    Fixtures for coming season

    Tough fucking start.
  14. What's your favourite 80s power ballad, Art? I like a bit of Phil Collins, Bonnie Tyler, Peter Cetera, Cher, Air Supply etc.

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