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  1. EveT1991

    My Vlog about autism

    Hi I did a Vlog explaining about autism please watch it
  2. How do you know he will be sacked end of the season?
  3. I met Martin O'Neill after the match against Middlesbrough and he was so lovely and since I have autism and I am 27 and he is one of my favourite past players it made it more special. Would anyone like to see my photos?
  4. I agree so would I he needs more time.
  5. EveT1991

    Will we go up

    MON needs a transfer window. Give MON at least until Christmas. I bet you would like to be proved wrong about Martin O'Neill.
  6. EveT1991

    Will we go up

    I like Yates. I like Osborn.
  7. I have autism. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/breaking-aitor-karanka-quits-nottingham-13840988.amp
  8. EveT1991

    Martin O Neill

    I have autism
  9. Karanka wasn't sacked he wanted to leave but the owner wanted him to stay.
  10. EveT1991

    Martin O Neill

    We shouldn't sack Martin O'Neill if we don't make the playoffs. I'm not fussed if we don't make the playoffs I said at the start of the season I would be happy with mid table finish this season and then go for it next season. Martin O'Neill needs time.
  11. But he deserves to be given time. I hope he proves all the moaners wrong.
  12. Yes I do because I think he needs to be given a chance. Brian Clough didn't get of to a good start but he was given time. Sacking Martin O'Neill in the summer is not stability.
  13. We need stability and Martin O'Neill is on a 18 month contract to get us promoted so he deserves to bring in his own players in the summer transfer window and then we should judge at Christmas. I don't think the players are strong enough to go up yet so I'm not fussed if we don't make the playoffs this season.
  14. Should we keep Martin O' Neill if we don't make the playoffs? I think we should.

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