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  1. sideways passing

    Karanka has gone

    Why would any decent manager want to come to a club who are just going to buy players who you don't want?
  2. sideways passing

    Karanka has gone

    This does have a worrying similarity to when Birmingham sacked Rowett... look where that left them for the rest of the year. However from the games I have seen this year it was clear to see that against expansive football our style was effective. As soon as we came up against teams who sat back we lacked the creative nouse/ finishing to put those games to bed. Put that alongside Karanka's inabilty to change his style in anyway shape or form I personally feel we would not have made the playoffs this year. Did he deserve more time? the answer is he could have argued his corner and said yes he did deserve more time. But it is clear to see that the current owners want promotion as quick as possible. Going forward I think whoever comes in will struggle to buy anyone with the time that is left in the month. Will we see the end of the likes of murphy and co? Who knows maybe the next manager might give the youngsters a shout. I would like to see someone with an attacking style of football to come in and make the most of Carvalho, lolley, dias, goncalves etc etc and hopefully push us on for the rest of the season. Even if we don't get playoffs this year just to entertain the fans would be nice.
  3. On that note. I unfortunately don't see every game but I did notice today that there were a lot of times today that the midfielders would get the ball and no one would move to help them. Pretty much leaving them with no option but to go backwards or sideways. is it like that a lot of the time? I agree carvalho and even though he missed chances, Osborn were good. I have always loved the fact Osborn will always chase after being tackled or giving away possession. I feel part of the problem with Grabban is that he came with a prolific reputation that he can score. So far he has not done that. Whether it's that hedoesnt get the service or he is just over rated I don't know. hopefully if we keep improving we will be on the right tracks
  4. I was at the game today and find it interesting to see that Karanka has said we controlled the game. I personally felt that apart from the last 15 mins the game could have gone either way. I was very disappointed in Grabban. His first touch was awful and struggles yo hold the ball up for anyway else. the new right back seems very comfortable. Definitely better than seeing Darikwa there... however I think it's still a big loss to not have Byram. The Portuguese lads when they came on were impressive. They just look like theyt have never played a game with the team. on the whole I feel it was a step in the right direction for us.

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