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  1. Hi there Hopefully you'll take this post in the spirit in which it is intended. Apologies in advance if this offends anyone or thinks this is inappropriate or not in the spirit of this forum. The reason I am posting this on here is because this is something that should be in the hands of a true Forest fan who will truly appreciate and enjoy it. Let me explain... Three years ago my partner bought something for her brother, a Forest fanatic, but tragically he passed away (at the much too young age of 46) before she could give it to him (he had emigrated to Australia (someone reading this who knew him might put two and two together and work out who it is)). That thing was a unique piece of Forest and footballing history and now she feels the time is right to let it go to someone who will appreciate it and love it as much as he would have. It's currently on eBay and if anyone is interested they can find the auction here... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nottingham-Forest-Paul-Smith-Framed-Signed-Gloves-Ball-/272488935465?hash=item3f719b3029:g:Qw4AAOSw241YVSQi As I'm sure many of you will remember, on 18 September 2007 Paul Smith scored the fastest EVER goal scored by a goalkeeper in WORLD football (at 15 seconds it was Guinness Book of Records quick). It was also the fastest ever goal scored in the League Cup and the fastest goal ever scored by a Nottingham Forest player. You can see the record breaking goal here... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sAMK7EMKMx4 As you can see he is wearing gloves, and it is those ACTUAL gloves I am talking about here. They have been signed and beautifully mounted in a box frame, along with photos from that game and a little plaque saying when the gloves were worn. Also included is a signed ball, not from the game in question, but from that season's Carling Cup Wembley Final, where presumably Paul Smith was presented with a commemorative ball to mark his world record breaking feat. The ball itself is a limited edition (92/150). They were originally bought, for a substantial amount of money, at an auction at the City Ground. Hopefully one of you will get this unique piece of Forest and footballing history and give them to someone and make their Christmas (or keep them for yourself and make your own Christmas). The framed gloves can be COLLECTED in time for Christmas from her Dad's house IN NOTTINGHAM (Woodthorpe area). Again, apologies if this post is contrary to the spirit of the forum, but like I said she wants a true Forest fan to have them and love them as much as her brother would have. Merry Christmas one and all.

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