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  1. Mr Trent

    Sheffield United v Forest

    We haven't had a good team since O'Neill came in. We had a system of playing before that, it was always a work in progress this year but we had things in place to make us as effective as possible. Hence why, despite us having no more than two fit defenders for a couple of months, we were still within a couple of points of the top six. Apologies Charlie C but my bullshit detector is beeping alarmingly. Karanka was a dreadful manager, whose brand of football would cause one`s eyes to bleed. Dour defensive performances along the lines of Serie A back in the 1980,s.
  2. Mr Trent

    Forest v Blackburn

    That`s 5 wins, 3 draws and 8 defeats since Karanka left on Jan 11th. O`Neill was a daft appointment and I`ve had it with these so-called "name" managers like O`Neill and Karanka, whose best days in management are well behind them. We have a talented group of players at this club but their confidence and self-belief is on the floor. There are loads of good young managers right across Europe and a couple in the lower divisions of the EFL. I`d look to Northern Europe if I was Marinakis, to places like Germany and Sweden. We need a young manager on the way up, whose best years in management are still ahead of them. Marinakis should cut his losses and plan ahead for the new season before O`Neill does any further damage.
  3. Mr Trent

    Rotherham v Forest

    Simon Jordan on Talksport, when asked what he thought of Martin O`Neill`s appointment, quickly declared that he`s a busted flush. A remnant from the 20th century, out of touch with the modern game. Jordan once owned Palace and I`m sure he was puzzled by Marinakis picking a dinosaur like O`Neill. We need an up and coming manager, someone whose best days in management are ahead of them. I don`t give a flying fig about O`Neill and Keane being ex-players. So was Psycho. Marinakis should drive the pair of them out of town before the football next season becomes unwatchable and the summer recruitment even worse.
  4. We have good players in our squad but as a group, they seem to lack attitude and ambition. Where are the leaders on the park, driving their teammates on till the final whistle? We go 2-0 up at Villa Pk inside 6 mins and instead of trying to neutralise the game and slow the tempo, we allow Villa back into it. Our game management is arseways. We go 3-0 up at Norwich with 13 mins to go and any side with the right team mentality would see out the win - but not Forest. The Norwich players have that winning attitude in spades. They recently played at Blackburn and played poorly by all accounts, yet scored a late winner and left with 3 pts. Likewise with Leeds, who`ll keep plugging away and grind out a win in stoppage time, because of the collective belief among the group. Maybe that`s why Leeds and Norwich are leading the way, while Forest are back in their mid-table comfort zone in 10th.
  5. If you could harness the level of negativity on here, you`d have enough to power the National Grid. The Championship this season is ultra competitive with a mere 5 pts seperating the top 8 teams. We are up there competing with the best of them instead of looking over our shoulders at the drop zone, like previous seasons. So what`s not to like?
  6. That was a good point on the road against a decent side. This league is unbelievably tight and still wide open ten games in. Two points seperate Brentford in 6th and Villa in 15th. I don`t think Karanka has yet found his best starting X1 and personally I`d like to see Osborn getting more game time. But overall I`m optimistic because of the quality in the squad compared to previous seasons.
  7. We have assembled a pretty decent squad at the club, but we will never see the best of them under Karanka's shackles. That sums it up for me, mate. Karanka is ultra cautious and was master of the scoreless draw at M`boro. But draws won`t get us out of this division and the man has to gamble on a more attacking formation. The game has moved on and we as punters want to see players express themselves and play with more abandon, instead of sticking rigidly to some Mourinho-type gameplan - Karanka`s mentor at Madrid.
  8. Mr Trent

    Karanka out

    That was a woeful result on Saturday. Brummie had a midweek game and just a few days to recover. Forest had the whole week to prepare for what should have been a winnable game. We have some very good players in our squad but we`re not yet playing as a cohesive team. This must be the last chance saloon for Karanka in English football after splashing so much of the owner`s money and anything short of a Top 6 finish will be viewed as a failure. Look at Neil Harris last season working off scraps at Millwall, or even Warnock at Cardiff. We`re only one-ninth of the way into the season and I`d prefer to wait till at least mid November before deciding on how good (or bad) Karanka is as a manager.
  9. Mr Trent

    Bristol City v Forest

    Agree with the earlier poster, I haven`t felt so optimistic about Forest for a long number of years. The competition in this league is more severe than ever and a point at Bristol is a decent start.
  10. Agree, good points there, especially the one about being missing from your kids all day while you follow Forest on the road. The problem with the Championship is that it`s one hell-hole of a league to compete in. Look at the three who came down last season - Sunderland, Hull and M`boro - and how they fared out. There isn`t a huge difference in standard among Championship players.The key difference is finding a manager who can make that group hungry and competitive for an entire season. This can take time, even a couple of seasons, but that logic doesn`t apply in this division. If a new manager doesn`t hit the ground running and string a few wins together, he`s already under scrutiny from the fans. Karanka has unfinished business after his career went tits up in the premier with M`boro. I`m hoping he`ll have learnt from that. As a player, he was a decent centre-back at Athletic Bilbao before moving to Real Madrid, so his management focus was primarily on keeping clean sheets. M`boro had the 5th best defence in the premier during Karanka`s time there, but worryingly for us lot, he had the worst attack with 19 goals from 27 league games. He got M`boro promoted and I`m sure he was well backed by Gibson on the budget front. But that negative style of play is old hat and I`m sure Karanka now realises that attack is just as important as defence. I`m happy enough to have him in charge next season and I`m confident he`ll have us competing top half and hopefully around the play-off zone.
  11. Mr Trent

    Boro v Forest

    Remember what Mick Mc Carthy said at the end of our game at Portman Road? "We all know that Forest will have plenty of possession and will knock the ball around and try to play neat and tidy..." He was just short of saying that we`re toothless in attack and offer as much threat as a mugger on a zimmer frame. We should be safe, if only because the bottom 3 or 4 clubs are utterly crap. But what are Karanka and his crew doing all week on the training pitch? The owner should bring in a specialist attacking coach to work on creating chances and scoring goals.
  12. Mr Trent

    Forest v Derby

    When Karanka was appointed gaffer the M`boro fans posted loads of comments on social media. He`ll tighten up your team at the back, said one, and make you defensively solid. Expect plenty of draws, said another, as Karanka`s teams play with caution ahead of invention. Another poster warned us not to expect flair and attacking intent. Oh great! But the one that caught my eye was this: Karanka over-analyses the game and is an anorak for detailed planning, sucking the spontaneity out of a team and not letting the players express themselves. Six games unbeaten is not so much a run as a marathon for us, after the wobbly days of Warburton. I`m right behind Karanka sorting us out defensively, as every good team is built from the back. But as he builds this project, I hope he puts as much emphasis on attack, because if we don`t create and score goals then we could end up with more scoreless draws than any of us want.
  13. Mr Trent

    QPR v Forest

    Karanka`s recent signings have certainly refreshed the team and given us some cause for optimism. But I won`t get carried away on the back of a brilliant win at Rangers. We won away at Wolves last month and I thought, hang on, this could be the start of a successful run. Then we fell on our arses in the following few games and I began to worry about relegation. But I definitely think we`re safe with this group of players. We`ve added some older heads in there to give us leadership and players like Watson have been around the block in this game. Pantilimon is reassuring in nets and Tomlin looks like he`s enjoying this new chapter in his career. The big number of new signings did worry me, as regards FPP and all of that. But maybe Marinakis can offset his spending at Forest to his other club - Olympiacos? What accountants call "crossover" and where clubs like Man City can juggle their spending among the other clubs they own and circumvent FPP. I don`t know.
  14. Mr Trent

    Wolves away

    I`m still in shock, especially keeping Wolves scoreless. Let`s hope we can build on this in our next league game against Preston. They (Preston) are a physical side, in your face, and hard to beat. But a win would give us great momentum going into the game at Craven Cottage. Fulham will be a serious test and are the form team right now in this division.
  15. I didn`t realise Vaughan was hitting 35. On his day he`s a tidy defensive midfielder breaking up attacks but I can`t see the club extending his contract after the summer - even for 12 months.

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