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  1. Danish Red

    Forest v sheff wed

    Draw. 1-1.
  2. Danish Red

    Rotherham v Forest

    This ... !!
  3. Danish Red

    Rotherham v Forest

    Osborn is having a shocker today ...
  4. Danish Red

    Rotherham v Forest

    So easy. Disgusting.
  5. Danish Red

    Rotherham v Forest

    3-1 reds
  6. Danish Red

    Ipswich vs Forest

    Win ... still in it, but the teams above us (and a few below) look strong. Crazy season.
  7. Danish Red

    Forest v Villa

    How we can play like this basically every second game and still have a shot at top six is baffling...
  8. Danish Red

    Forest v Villa

    They’ve all been awful to be fair. Simply not good enough...
  9. Danish Red

    Forest v Villa

    Get him off ... won’t last long
  10. Danish Red

    Forest v Villa

    Our passing is atrocious... need to show some muscle.
  11. Danish Red

    Forest v Villa

    Soft again...
  12. Danish Red

    Forest v Villa

    Villa will be expecting something from this as well, but we have looked solid recently. Hate the way Grealish runs at the defense, though. Need to start on our front foot like in the Derby game. 1-0 Reds.
  13. Goal difference +10 now ... could be valuable. Great win.
  14. Our situation up front worries me ... with Grabban out we will play old Muppet alone on top with only Bonatini as a sub, and he hasn't really been magnificent for us, has he? Think we will nick this, though ... 2-1 reds, but it won't be pretty.
  15. Danish Red

    Stoke v Forest

    We’ve seen this inconsistency under several managers now, but today’s performance was about as bad as any this season. Really frustrating as we seemed to have a decent chance of bettering ourselves in the table today. Can’t wait for this season to end...

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