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  1. Danish Red


    This exactly ... not my first choice either. In fact, he made my shit list of managers I didn't want here, but here we go. Onwards and upwards ... let's get something out of this season. Top 6 still very much possible.
  2. Danish Red

    Who do we want?

    Add MoN/Keane and Hughes to that not wanted list. Jokanovic would be a welcome change from the sometimes dire stuff played under Karanka.
  3. Danish Red

    January transfer window

    Yes, as someone already mentioned we could do with a new keeper and some additional firepower up front ... or at least give the young Appiah lad a fair crack. Murphy had a decent game against Leeds but we can’t really rely on him as our only option next to Grabban.
  4. Danish Red

    Karanka out

    Nobody knows who we would end up with if Karanka is sacked ... just a few available journeymen listed. We could also get someone exciting in ... who knows what the Greek would do. For me, Karanka will do for now.
  5. Danish Red

    Karanka out

    The definition of insanity is, doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again, expecting shit to change, so let’s try and stick with a manager for a change. ... or would you really prefer someone like Keane, MoN or Hughes at the helm? IMHO that would be beyond insanity!
  6. Would hate to lose Osborn. He might be lacking a bit of quality when played out of position, but he always puts a shift in.
  7. Danish Red

    Millwall v Forest

    Clueless performance today. Not really excited to be spinning the manager wheel again, but something must change.
  8. A must win after not picking up three against Preston ... must keep the momentum for the Norwich game.
  9. Well done to our travelling supporters tonight - at times it sounded like a home game on the telly! Very strong!
  10. How come all of a sudden we can’t defend? Score five away and be happy with one point - that’s shit. Pants needs replacing. No command of his field at all and a very poor kicker. Entertaining stuff though ... onwards and upwards!
  11. Danish Red

    Burton away in the cup

    Worst performance of the season. Clueless.
  12. Danish Red

    Burton away in the cup

  13. Two decent results in a row - too much to ask for? Karanka will set the team to counter Leeds’ strengths, not to play to ours. A draw would be good.

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