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  1. Danish Red

    Forest v Derby

    Samba again with a magnificent performance. Pants or Muric would have cost us. Need to be more clinical in front of goal though, as we seem to create some decent chances. But a great game to watch and three great points. COYR!
  2. Danish Red

    Forest v Derby

    1-0 will do ... come on, Forest ... let’s do this.
  3. Danish Red

    Forest v Hull

    This is much better already. Robinson much improved. Silva looks interested. COYR.
  4. Danish Red

    Forest v Hull

    A win would put us right up there again, but I think we’ll struggle. A hard fought 2-1 Reds. The team selection against Wigan made it all to clear who must play tonight. Mir and Bostock shouldn’t even make the bench.
  5. Danish Red

    Wigan v Forest

    Finally Mir off ... couldn’t score in a knocking shop
  6. Danish Red

    Wigan v Forest

    What a poor goal to concede... wank
  7. Danish Red

    Blackburn v Forest

    With Dawson out I think we will concede at least one, so we need to be at our best to get something here. 1-1.
  8. Danish Red

    Stoke v Forest

    Get in!!!!
  9. Danish Red

    Stoke v Forest

    This is exactly the kind of games we usually screw up and Stoke is the perfect storm building. We need to be clinical, get the first goal and they will fall apart. 2-0 reds.
  10. Danish Red

    Arsenal v Forest

    Crap game, crap performance. Crucial with a good response Friday.
  11. Danish Red

    Swansea v Forest

    Well deserved ...
  12. Danish Red

    Swansea v Forest

    A real test this, but if we get our passing game going we could do alright. 1-2 Forest. COYR.
  13. Danish Red

    So it's

    @Bulk:... surely you know what I mean . Still 90 mins and then straight off to penalties? Not too familiar with the finer details of the League Cup. Strongly considering flying over to London for this though.
  14. Danish Red

    So it's

    4-2 did the job last time, so I’ll settle for that. Possibly an early reunion for Jenkinson. Third round - still no rematch if it’s a draw?
  15. Danish Red

    An Apology

    Forum back up ... Bastards thumped 3-0 ... top Tuesday

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