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    Shopping, Dancing, Soccer especially the Foresters, Chelsea, Sex in the City, Big Brother, Hollyoaks, Being fabulous, WWE, Soaps, David Beckham, Lvivska (bringing sexy back), Strictly come dancing, Fashion, cottaging and DaneB (the B is for bicurious).

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  1. Bummer

    The politics thread

    What's happened to this prick?
  2. Bummer

    The Women's World Cup

    Got to admit I don't enjoy watching the women as much as I enjoy watching men.
  3. Bummer

    Fawaz suing Forest

    Who's this weirdo?
  4. Bummer

    Forest Memorabilia

    It's not a poster, it's wallpaper.
  5. A Sexy Portuguese beauty. His girlfriend is pretty too.
  6. Bummer

    NFFC Rumours

    Not my type.
  7. Bummer

    What's happened?

    I like it.
  8. Bummer

    Official Mugshot Thread

    Can you repost these, they're not showing up anymore. Thanks.
  9. Bummer

    where has the Brexit thread gone?

    So when is this happening?
  10. Bummer

    Is there only me on this poxy forum

    Shit wrong account. How do you delete posts?
  11. Bummer

    Is there only me on this poxy forum

    No, I only post as ER.
  12. Bummer


    He's bi.

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