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    The politics thread

    Or to put that another way... If you're wondering why all you're hearing is Corbyn this or Corbyn that heres some of the things the tories don't want to talk about.. Virtually doubling the national debt The Windrush Scandal Life expectancies going down Grenfell Accident and emergency waiting times are the worst on record Cutting flood prevention Increasing tuition fees Wasting £8 billion preparing for a no deal Brexit Spending £100m on pointless Brexit ads Failing to deliver any type of Brexit Spending £13.8 million on a ferry company with no ferries Making food banks necessary for many Refusing to vote against privatising the NHS Voted against a pay rise for nurses Cutting police numbers by 21,000 Accepting illegal Russian donations and suppressing reports Spending £1.2 million on anti Corbyn Facebook propaganda Promising to build 200,000 houses and actually building none Austerity policies that have led to the lowest growth since 2010 despite borrowing more in their first 3 years than Labour did in 13 The Dementia Tax 120000 preventable deaths. Stopping the 'seeing a GP in 48hrs' target Introducing The Bedroom Tax Ignoring the Fox Hunting Ban The Learndirect disaster Slashing Green subsidies Scrapping child poverty targets Universal Credit Raised retirement age and cut pensions to millions of WASPI women Reducing the number of beds available for mental health patients Anyone want to add a few more?
  2. Charlie Cheswick

    Championship chit chat

    As soon as Cardiff got shot of Warnock that was them gone as a promotion team. I've thought Leeds were the best team in the division for a couple of years now but they tend to implode.
  3. Charlie Cheswick

    Brizzle v FOREST

    I'll go with an optimistic 1-1. We usually lose to these don't we?
  4. Charlie Cheswick

    The politics thread

    I saw this comment earlier, thought it raised some good points... 'Say Jeremy Corbyn had been the Home Secretary for six years, during which time he slashed some 20,000 police jobs taking us back to 1970s levels of per capita policing. Let's say he also slashed the UK Border Agency budget so that over a million people per month were coming and going through UK airports without being properly checked. Let's say by virtue of an extremely self-serving EU referendum non-campaign he managed to get into 10 Downing Street, where he kept up his agenda of cutting the UK security services and border agency. Then there's a home-grown terrorist attack by a known Islamist fanatic in a city where Corbyn had cut the police budget by £157 million. Let's say Jeremy Corbyn "lost" files on an internal pedophile ring. Let's say he wanted to take the homes from the elderly. Let's say he cut 30% of your disabled benefit. Let's say he signed an arms deal with the (ISIS-funding) Saudis worth millions. Let's say he wanted to take away your child's free school meal. Let's say he forced NHS staff to use food banks. Let's say he made so many cuts to the NHS that people are suffering waiting for ambulances and A&E doctors. Let's say he went against doctors, nurses, teachers, fire fighters, the armed forces... Let's say he took away funding for University for upcoming doctors and nurses. Let's say after all these cuts there's still a deficit and he'd missed every target he'd set himself for reducing it. What would you have to say about Jeremy Corbyn under these circumstances? And why are they not saying those things about Boris Johnson and the Tories right now?'
  5. Charlie Cheswick

    The Women's World Cup

    Anyone been watching this? What are your thoughts? I've seen a bit, it looks alright to a point, but a bit like watching pre season friendlies, with the excitement factor only raised because the goalkeepers seemed to be as good as Alan Rough on a rough day.
  6. Charlie Cheswick

    News chit chat

    Rumours about him have been going around for some time.
  7. Charlie Cheswick


    Nice touch by the Kosovans today.
  8. Charlie Cheswick

    NFFC Rumours

    More than 12 million with a bidding war then. As long as we don't do the old fashioned Forest thing of saying our price is 6 million and anyone who bids that can have him.
  9. Charlie Cheswick

    Premier League chit chat

    I'm struggling to remember any Scandinavians who scored more than one goal, here's my last throw of the dice... Leonardson, Fjortoft and Pederson. I'd say they have about ten each.
  10. Charlie Cheswick

    Premier League chit chat

    Solskjaer John Arne Riise
  11. Charlie Cheswick

    What Have You Been Watching?

    The Devil Next Door. Thought provoking and I don't want to add mine in case anyone else watches it. Either way, I reckon he was there but not the exact guy. Hence the recollections. Enjoy despite...
  12. Charlie Cheswick

    The politics thread

    Anyone else want to see this report on Russia come out instantly? Apparently dates back to when Blair was in. I think it's fair to know if any of our lot have been up to any Russian shenanigans before we're asked to vote for them. Like an is your MP a crook fact checker. Alongside all the other obvious your MP is a crook kind of stuff that gets ignored.
  13. Charlie Cheswick

    The politics thread

    I see here, like any Tory, you see the value of money but nothing else. If you saw the latter you'd be figuring out the long term benefits of sending mentally fit people into adulthood, realising the money spent now saves on a lifetime of money spent later. Mind, if you see the state of adult mental health services I guess that would be cuts for life. At least they've all been declared fit for work though eh. Talking of magic money trees, your lot have found theirs with their election promises, mind, they could be spending what they're promising right now, but like all shit chatting Tories, they're liars and won't follow through with any promises unless those mean smiting people who can't fight back. Can you remember Cameron being in charge of cracking down on offshore tax havens while simultaneously having his family money come from them? Did you hear anything about it since he obviously did nothing because why would he? Of course you didn't. That's blatant corruption right there. Back to CAMHS, what you're talking about is school funding, not mental health funding, so tell us how well CAMHS is doing? ps, talking of magic money trees, the National debt has pretty much doubled in the last nine years. Strong and stable and all that.
  14. Charlie Cheswick

    The politics thread

    Stop chatting shit. As somebody who works at a SEN school, plus another school for kids with difficulties, and have an autistic kid myself, I can tell without doubt the people who you support have destroyed child mental health services. Your child is suicidal? Have this appointment in 6 months to assess them... I don't know what bubble you live in but you need to break out of it.
  15. Charlie Cheswick

    The politics thread

    Nothing problematic here https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/nigel-farages-shock-peerage-claim-20860581?fbclid=IwAR1m21LPZkHIRUMCWTgO2tcjFxrSOVe8tXoz9fLpZ0CwoUpcariPl6m9ahg
  16. Charlie Cheswick

    The politics thread

    I get a bit annoyed that people give the EU more importance than the government's treatment of the disabled, cuts to mental health services, cuts to the police and fire service, the pay freeze for public workers, the usual broken promise of not building any affordable housing... people voted to give this lot more power and are angry that it hasn't been delivered. We'd be better off sacking this bunch of crooks off and being run by Europe, that's how bad they are. My vote goes to whoever is 2nd to these bastards in my area, so Labour. I don't care for Corbyn but this bunch need getting out.
  17. Charlie Cheswick


    Can anyone remember it wasn't going to interfere unless the evidence was clear cut? Right? Time to fuck it off. I'm pretty sure nobody in existence still thinks it's a good idea.
  18. Charlie Cheswick

    Forest v Derby

    Silva was immense, another good win.
  19. Charlie Cheswick

    Climate Change - Fact, or biggest tax con ever?

    Maybe our solution would be to have massive penalties for any imports that aren't made to our environmental standards (which we can set as high as we want)? This would mean we had control over our whole environmental footprint. On top of that people wouldn't have an endless supply of cheap crap that they'll never need.
  20. Charlie Cheswick

    Nigel Wray...

    Wasn't it him in charge of the sell off debacle of Campbell and Cooper and Van Hooijdonk going on strike? With Saracens having a £5m investment boost straight after?
  21. Charlie Cheswick

    Forest v Derby

    To be fair if you were realistic we'd be bottom. We aren't.
  22. Charlie Cheswick

    Nigel Wray...

    Hearing that on the way to work certainly gave my day a boost.
  23. Charlie Cheswick

    Climate Change - Fact, or biggest tax con ever?

    Here's the thing, when you ship almost all of your production to China, because it's cheap, often because of wages and often because they don't have the same environmental restrictions that we do, you're still responsible for the polution they're causing. If we collectively stop buying cheap shit that's made in China, it would probably have a much bigger impact that if we tightened things up a bit at home, especially when the latter will be done anyway.
  24. Charlie Cheswick

    Climate Change - Fact, or biggest tax con ever?

    I'm no scientist although if the vast majority buy into something then they're probably onto something. The way I see it, if you do something and it turns out to be bollocks then no harm done. If you do nothing and it turns out to be true then that's everyone fucked.
  25. Charlie Cheswick

    Forest v Luton

    I think Yates was the difference yesterday without doing a massive amount. After Semedo and Sow got injured we were incoherent in midfield, having a physical player in there drew everything back together again. Injuries permitting, I can't see any reason why we wouldn't finish in the top six.

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