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  1. Good win, should have been a lot more comfortable. Janko is superb.
  2. Agree, was just thinking he's having his worst game and then he does that.
  3. Agree with that, if they keep sitting deep we've got to be quicker on the ball to get behind them.
  4. Just scrolled through all the usual impatient moaning bollocks that's all. Gave me a laugh.
  5. Good half, bossed it bar Fox losing his man early doors.
  6. Agree Nottmred, the ref seems to be having a good game until we get near their goal then he just goes blind.
  7. Haha, thought you lot would be beside yourselves with joy. Cracking free kick.
  8. Charlie Cheswick

    Dedicated stream thread.

  9. Tactics don't make you miss three sitters in a game and two or three other decent chances. Good point on Sudani though, we definitely need to pick players who know where the goal is.
  10. Haha, you get my point. I think Lolley is great too but if they're going to squander every chance we get you're better going with players right now who can take their chances. Considering we need to start picking up wins.
  11. Charlie Cheswick

    News chit chat

    People like Corbyn and Theresa May don't get to be their parties' leaders because there are great politicians waiting in the wings. I sometimes think how is Theresa May still the Tory leader then remember the alternatives. Like with the Tories, it's hard to think of anyone in Labour who you'd think, they'd do a great job.

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