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  1. I thought he had a good game today.
  2. You're welcome. A regular Alan Shearer/Alan Hanson/OBE.
  3. Leave us football people to give out the plaudits.
  4. Colback and Yacob are superb.
  5. They had that volley. I think that's it. And that one in the first half that they fucked up without having a shot.
  6. A bit unlucky not to win. Despite the commentator saying we had two good chances we had three. Hopefully Lolly isn't fucked.
  7. I think their bullshit will see him reach tipping point. Hopefully it isn't cause one of our lot lose their heads but they'll just hang themselves..
  8. I thought Darikwa shinned it before touching him.
  9. I think he's having a very good game to be fair. Lots of cheating bastardry going on but he's dealt with most of it. I can see a point where he snaps and dishes out ten yellow cards in ten minutes. He'd do well not to.
  10. If Grabban hit that literally anywhere else it's a goal, unlucky. Need to pick up where we left off.
  11. Should probably be 1-1 on chances. They really are a dirty bunch of cunts. 2nd half we need to up our tempo a bit,
  12. Prutton isn't the commentator. Whoever the commentator is has got almost every key thing wrong, starting with commending Osborn on getting so far forward as a left back up to saying Grabban was offside.
  13. We've been fucking useless so far.
  14. What is Hefele up to? Idiot
  15. They should have scored there

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