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  1. Charlie Cheswick

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    I agree but... You say that but getting kids to do it in practice no matter how well you drill them in training, especially ones that aren't natural footballers. It's easy to teach kids to play well but defending takes determination and I didn't have the brains to get that into them. That's why I figure I was a shit match day manager.
  2. Charlie Cheswick

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    You sound better than the qualified coach to be honest. There are loads of great ideas you can pinch off Youtube and lots that you shouldn't, you know within a couple of minutes if they're into it or not. The thing that worked the best for me with passing was making a narrow pitch and then splitting it up into sections and they couldn't pass longer than two of them. I was amazed how much better on the ball they got really quickly by doing that. Half of them will complain that it's too hard though haha, then they'll be twice as good the week after. Mix that with working on putting you're wingers though and you're away. Don't ask me for defensive training tips.
  3. Charlie Cheswick

    News chit chat

    Edit: It's in chapter 9, he was called Paul Bostock.
  4. Charlie Cheswick

    News chit chat

    To be fair I didn't know it had happened until she returned it. I still cringe a bit when I think about it, 'I've got this brilliant book with all these psychopaths in it, you'd love it'...
  5. Charlie Cheswick

    News chit chat

    That's what I'm talking about Bestie. We were watching some shark on the tele the other day who'd fucked God knows how many people's lives with his monetary skullduggery but he still wasn't actually dangerous. Money is money and you recover from losing it as long as you're tough enough while you don't recover too well from being raped or murdered. Just have the fucker sweeping streets for ten years and keep the dangerous people inside. I think we've lost sight of what Prison should be for. My old boss' cousin was murdered too. Her killer won't get out and that's as it should be. I leant her a book called 'The Psychopath Test' and her killer was in it. With hindsight that wasn't my best moment.
  6. Charlie Cheswick


    We tried to get one.
  7. Charlie Cheswick

    News chit chat

    Would probably be easier to just watch him like a hawk and then snap him back up again in a couple of weeks. This should be in the 'what's wrong with the UK' thread but it always amazes me that we have prisons half full of people who don't need to be there and then when you have people who are potentially very dangerous they go straight back out again. I think you should only really be in prison if you're a danger to others, every other fucker should be set on community service.
  8. Charlie Cheswick

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    Are you any good ER? All of my kids all got loads better while I had 'em but I reckon I was probably a shit match day manager. We always got complemented cause we were brilliant to watch but would fucking lose still. Honestly, it was like watching Forest for the last two years watching us defend a cross or a corner. You'd think organising a defence would be a piece of piss but I couldn't manage it, not once we went to eleven a side.
  9. Charlie Cheswick

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    I had 16 kids signed on and I'd be lucky if I got 11 show up on a Sunday by the time they were 13 or 14, that's after them all saying they'd turn up a couple of days before. We had a full quota of kids for 8 games in a row in my last season and we won all 8. The rest of the year when they couldn't be arsed to turn up we didn't win one. Then they were all complaining that we weren't very good. I fucked it off. Shame for the core of kids that bought into it cause we were really good with a full set of lads. In the end I thought I didn't really need to be giving up 10 or 15 hours of my time every week to get the ball ache of turning up short every week cause no fucker could be bothered to turn up. Kids coaching is definitely more than a one man job, I'd never do it again on my own.
  10. Charlie Cheswick


    Made a good go of it though.
  11. Charlie Cheswick


    It isn't Forest.
  12. Charlie Cheswick


    I've chosen the right time to watch my first England friendly in years.
  13. Sounds a nightmare. I went to help some woman in town once who looked like she was getting a beating and she turned out to be a loon too. Didn't get stabbed though.
  14. Charlie Cheswick

    Next 5 games will make or break our start

    I haven't heard anyone really moaning about Karanka at a game and in general people seem to be enjoying where we're at and the crowds reflect that. I feel pretty optimistic that we're heading the right way.

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