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  1. tramaziboy

    The politics thread

    A very convincing vote FOR Brexit. for the record eU Referendum Results By Votes; 17.4million Leave : 16.1 Million Remain By Constituency; 406 Leave : 242 Remain By Constituency Party; Lab - 148 Leave : 84 Remain Con - 247 Leave : 80 Remain By Region; 9 Leave : 3 Remain BY MP; 160 Leave : 486 Remain Brexit isn’t the problem. It’s our MPs who are the problem. March 29th and we expect to be out. Leave means Leave and was voted for as above with a clear majority.
  2. tramaziboy

    Who do we want?

  3. Marty Cash’s finish was the beat. Fekkin superb pick up and finish. fact.
  4. tramaziboy

    Who we signed & who we sold

    Signed Michael Hefele from Huddersfield for £300k https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45132928 Last minute £5m bid from Blackburn for Brereton.
  5. tramaziboy

    Recommend a film

    Watched Hell of High Water last week and really enjoyed it. Also a music documentary called Never Make It Home... https://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/never_make_it_home
  6. tramaziboy

    Your workplace

    Haha. I was on the red in Italy, in the restaurants. I found an Irish bar serving Tennents super on tap....when in Rome and all that (I was in Milan). The rest is incriminating to a degree, allegedly, so I’ll refrain.
  7. tramaziboy

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    No, I did not, E R. If I'm completely honest, these last few years I have completely gone off the game, and it makes me sad. I'm surprised anyone can get a handful of shirt though these days as I thought they were designed to be figure hugging to try and prevent those particular infringements? It used to be an attribute to have upper body strength...how many Centre forwards and central defenders used to have noses that were spread across their faces from grappling with each other. I dunno...maybe I'm just showing my age, I dunno? My hero as a child was Stuart Pearce, and there is nothing like that anymore. Another thing. Listening to interviews with footballers now is the most dreadfully, mind numbingly boring bloody experience imaginable. Utter bloody stupidity that has been media trained within an inch of their lives. Rehearsed sound bite after bloody sound bite. Devoid of any personality what so ever. I could bloody rant now, as on the flip side, as soon as one of these bloody players does say something out of line it gets picked up by the media, and social bloody media, and you don't hear the sodding end of it. Bloody Coldplay and Ed Sheran as well. Grrrr. Anyway, I digressed a while back.
  8. tramaziboy

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    For me it's because attacking players are offered too much protection by the referee. Players would either ride a tackle, or take a kick, regain their balance and continue forward. God solid centre half's and centre forwards. It's gone from being a man's game to just a bunch of fairies diving and rolling around on the floor.
  9. tramaziboy

    At it again eh...filthy backward scum

    Cheshire po po getting a load of flack on FaceBook over this post.... https://mobile.twitter.com/PrisonPlanet/status/872085675084066816
  10. tramaziboy

    At it again eh...filthy backward scum

    I disagree. If the money was there, the numbers wouldn't be dwindling. Fact is, there is no money in the coffers. The politicians can keep on pledging 'free shit', but where is the cash coming from to pay for it all exactly? More Q.E.?? It's a shambles either way. There isn't one party who I could say I agree with this time around. It's a sorry state of affairs, with a gaggle of absolute fekkin numpties ranting and raving about gawd knows what. I'm split between spoiling my vote, or voting Labour, and the only reason I'm considering voting for Labour is I think its going to accelerate the inevitable collapse of this utterly corrupt and insane financial system. Bring on the Socialist Utopia Heres a link to police cuts.. http://researchbriefings.files.parliament.uk/documents/SN02615/SN02615.pdf Note the numbers that are going up on that list....
  11. tramaziboy

    At it again eh...filthy backward scum

    In fairness, the constant cuts are due to the fact the country is running a deficit of £70 odd billion every year, with a debt of nearly £2 TRILLION, so where is the money for anything going to come from without massive tax rises? Problem with the police service is they're funding shite like this... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/23/fluid-gender-policeman/
  12. tramaziboy

    League One

    Aye, don't forget being beat at home 3-2 in the League Cup by Macclesfield Town, who I'm sure were in 24th position in the Fourth Division at the time.
  13. tramaziboy

    Norwich v Forest

    What an utterly depressing week of sports.
  14. tramaziboy

    Sod it it's friday, lets have some tunes.

    Gawd I hate that band. Bland, middle of the road tripe. My mate got dragged along to one of their gigs by his missus once, and he said at one stage, the lead singer pulled a random girl from the stage, brought out a little table and stool with a rose and glass of wine and serenaded her. If I had been there I'd have chucked a bottle of piss at the tool. That 'throw those curtain wide' track that gets played fucking endlessly is the worse. I just want to smash the radio up when that tosh comes on. Words cannot describe how utterly fucking shit Elbow are.

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