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  1. Saul B€R€NSON

    Forest v Blackburn

    Fuck her off pal, she's clearly not a keeper. www.thaibrides.com is where you need to be. Those cunts never moan, do what they're told.
  2. Saul B€R€NSON

    Greatest ever?

    Seriously. The greatest footballer of ALL TIME is Archie fucking Gemmill? You total fucking dolt.
  3. Saul B€R€NSON

    Greatest ever?

    Who is this Andy? He comes across as a bigger cuntbadger than johnwh1974.
  4. Saul B€R€NSON

    Jollies this year...

    I'm thoroughly looking forward to my two week all-inclusive in Mosul.
  5. Saul B€R€NSON

    Forest v Huddersfield

    Spazaz will flog Brereton as soon as any decent offer comes along, a la Burke.
  6. Saul B€R€NSON

    Greatest ever?

    Half of Pele's supposed 1000 goals were scored in the fucking Brazilian school playground! Who cares if Diego was a ****, and he was, a gigantic one, but the way he single handedly won World Cups for Argentina and titles for Napoli will never be mastered. Pele is also a viagra promoting ****.
  7. Saul B€R€NSON

    Greatest ever?

    What an utter bullshit yarn from a celebrated drunkard. Pure fairy tales. As for the poll itself, nobody touches a peak Maradona, and I mean nobody.
  8. Saul B€R€NSON

    NFFC Rumours

    The modern day Barry Roche.
  9. Saul B€R€NSON

    Forest v Huddersfield

    3-0 Forest. Thomas Gaynor 'trick.
  10. Saul B€R€NSON

    What's Lviv backed today.

    I don't know about that. Fella's not won a major since 1983.
  11. Saul B€R€NSON

    Will we be relegated?

    I haven't spent half my life in Langley for nothing i'll have you know.
  12. Saul B€R€NSON

    Will we be relegated?

    Us going down? It's as certain as another Islamic inspired bombing on these here shores shortly...
  13. Saul B€R€NSON

    Wolves v Forest

    3 games, no wins, two measly points. Here's to our man Warby!
  14. Saul B€R€NSON

    Anyone out there?

    Suck my beard, you fucking ball sack.
  15. Saul B€R€NSON

    Anyone out there?

    A bloke from Clifton giving it the big 'un. Irony mastered.

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