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  1. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    Its been rejected. Its the 22nd of Jan and I can't think of any big money signings yet. January is an expensive market to work in as it is but with FFP, it seems every team is being cautious and with good reason. Lets see where we are come the end of the month. If we're still struggling to find value, Im sure we can recall Walker.
  2. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    We did that with Lascelles and Darlow, and they both came back very disinterested. I guess it comes down to the player. He's young, hasn't had a full season in that position yet and is getting a lot of minutes in a good dressing room pushing for promotion. It makes sense for him and us to wait for the summer. There are too many examples of young players moving to big clubs too soon to halt their progression.
  3. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    He's signed a long term contract with us and we would be mad to sell in Jan when we have such a good chance of going up. The summer is a different story, especially if he gets a call up with Poland and does well at the Euros. We could easily spark a bidding war and get in excess of £20m. He's had an outstanding season so far and will only get better in that position.
  4. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    You say that, but if you look at Sheff Utds side, you'd think they should be in the bottom 3.
  5. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    He made 30 appearances for Monaco 2 seasons ago in a team which contained Falcao, Fabinho, Moutinho, Jovetic, Tielemans and Lemar. They finished 2nd and then he made a big money move to the Prem. He must have something about him and a loan is a good gamble. Paul Taylor mentioned that its Anigo who wants him, and he is responsible for signing both Sow and Samba. A risk yes, but one Im happy for us to make, especially if Sabri can work his magic in getting the best out of him.
  6. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    Yet they signed him for about £10m when they were in the Prem and Monaco previously spent big money to get him. He clearly has something about him, might just need the right manager/club to get it out of him. We're lacking big time when it comes to pace, especially for our counter attacking play and this lad has pace in abundance.
  7. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    Huddersfields style of play is shocking. He was signed under Wagner, in the prem, when they played a better style of football but obviously had to settle in a harder league. Its a gamble for sure and his confidence is probably pretty low since being frozen out by Cowley, but maybe Sabri can get his Monaco form back. He certainly has pace, can beat a man and is still young.
  8. GupiRed2

    Championship chit chat

    Its crazy/hilarious that they do this every season. Win our 2 games in hand and it gives us a chance of leapfrogging them when we meet on the 8th. They'll be without Philips too.
  9. GupiRed2

    Forest v Luton

    3-1 Forest.
  10. GupiRed2

    Reading v Forest

    January is a very difficult market to work in. You'd have thought the selling clubs will want to bring in a replacement first before getting rid of their better players. I can't see us buying anyone till later in the window.
  11. GupiRed2

    Reading v Forest

    A draw was fair but fuck me, that feels like a defeat. The idiots thought it was job done, pathetic.
  12. GupiRed2

    Chelsea v Forest

    I'll spend my money how I like thanks. Nothing silly in ever supporting your club! London away days are always a lot of fun and I dont think anybody is going expecting to win...
  13. GupiRed2

    Forest v Pie eaters

    Sow and Ribeiro I think have been good signings, just unlucky with injuries and we have missed them whilst they've been out. Silva has got better as the season has gone on and is starting to gave more influence on games. I completely agree with what you're saying in terms of buying 2 players of real quality with the money. We're in a healthy FFP position, and every team in this division seems to be dropping points. If ever there was a time to bring in quality to give us a boost, its now.
  14. GupiRed2


    You play the cards you're dealt I guess. Obviously doesn't trust certain players aka Mir, Bostock. Even Adomah barely gets a sniff these days, so Lamouchi has set us up to be hard to beat. I have no doubt we'll add some quality in attack in Jan so I guess we can judge once theyve been integrated into the squad.
  15. GupiRed2

    Forest v Pie eaters

    Transfers are always a risk. Its easy to pick out the ones which haven't quite worked out and then ignore the likes of Silva, Samba, Sow, Ribeiro. The prices in Jan are inflated but I think we have positioned ourselves well with sales to be able to spend a little. Plus I fully expect Carvalho to be sold.

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