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  1. GupiRed2

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    The last 20 years barring maybe 3/4 seasons have been shite. I'd rather not write off anymore. Cant see it happening anyway, I reckon we'll see another busy window, outs and ins.
  2. GupiRed2


    1 game back has become a 2 game ban due to his simulation vs us, so he misses the final as well if they make it.
  3. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    Weren't Mahrez and Kante picked up from the French 2nd division. He's a regular for a newly promoted side which finished 8th, Im sure we were linked with him in Jan too so at least some scouting has been done on him.
  4. GupiRed2

    If Notts go down...

    "Stoke City are commonly described as next in line but even the club’s own website admits “many details remain sketchy” about their formation, purportedly in 1863, and when the historian Wade Martin looked into it for his book, A Potter’s Tale, he could find no evidence. Stoke’s first recorded match was 1868 and, whatever the truth of their origins, they were liquidated in 1908 and did not return to the Football League for 11 years. All of which means the club potentially taking the title away from Notts would be … Nottingham Forest, founded in 1865. The evil slime, indeed." From Daniel Taylors article in Jan
  5. GupiRed2

    If Notts go down...

    Couldn't agree more.
  6. GupiRed2

    If Notts go down...

    ...we become the worlds oldest football league club. I wonder if the club will acknowledge and incorporate that somehow.
  7. GupiRed2

    Jack Colback

    Wouldn't break the bank for him but he is a top class midfielder at this level. Doubt he'd sign for us with O'Neil in charge anyway.
  8. GupiRed2

    Rotherham v Forest

    This squad is easily good enough to finish in the top 6. The problem is, the bench is often stronger than the starting 11.
  9. GupiRed2

    Rotherham v Forest

    Awful team selection again, seems to be the same each week.
  10. GupiRed2

    Forest v Swansea

    Current form for our last 6 games is won 3, drawn 1, lost 2. Thats ahead of West Brom, Derby, Bristol City and Mboro.
  11. GupiRed2

    Will we go up

    MON in his interview admitted the team are miles away from where he wants them to be and that he would like to have them playing like your Brentfords and Swanseas. He has come in half way through Jan and needed to get to know the team fast and get results fast. He's got a 41% win record which should really be 58% had we not been robbed by officials at WBA and Preston. Part of me hopes with a full pre season and starting the season on a level playing field rather than chasing the play off pack he may implement a better style of football, but that might just be me being optimistic.
  12. GupiRed2

    Forest v Swansea

    Yep true, just can't understand why he's happy to turn to these players when we're in desperate need of a goal, but from the start of the game he's happy to start 3 defensive minded midfielders with 0 creativity.
  13. GupiRed2

    Forest v Swansea

    Bringing on Pele and Carvalho was the catalyst. Had we stuck with Yates and Watson, we'd have lost.
  14. GupiRed2

    Forest v Swansea

    Shite, poor team selection. A long way off where we need to be.
  15. Every manager is a risk, and every manager needs time. Has MON had enough time, I dont think so. He's had to come in and get results straight away. Even as things stand right now we are only 3 points off and have been robbed out of points away at Preston and West Brom amongst others. His football isn't easy on the eye but he's come in with a purpose to get instant results. Maybe with a full pre season and a transfer window he can have a bigger influence who knows but Id like to see him at the start of next season.

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