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  1. Cant fault anyone tonight. I thought Janko, Hef, Colback, Osborn and Carvalho were quality but the rest put in a hard shift too. Sheff Weds is exactly the type of team that we usually struggle against, big and physical. We seem to have a bit of presence about us now as barely gave them a sniff. Hopefully we can begin to build some momentum and the players can gain confidence in that kind of performance, Has to be said with all the negativity you read on here and moaning on twitter, thats 1 loss in the first 8 games, 2 points behind the top 6. Win on Saturday and thats not a bad start at all. Something has been said and done during the international break as the level of performance has been upped in the 2 games since so far.
  2. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    End of the day Forest will have a squad of about 26 which Karanka will pick from, quality and options in almost every position. Its down to him now to make it click and work on a consistent basis.
  3. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    Keep hearing about this massive squad that we now have. If we do sign this striker (work permit permitting), then it will be 17 in, but I dont understand why people are talking as if we haven't moved a shit load on too. Instead of simply adding a few to a shit squad, we have pretty much replaced the majority of it. This is a quote from an article in the post earlier. "A hefty 17 players will probably have come in, by the end of the week. But 19 have also departed." https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/huge-tide-change-nottingham-forest-1994113
  4. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    Not seen a bad word about Yacob from West Brom fans, a proper leader, ball winner and 110% each game. I can see him starting alongside play maker Tachtsidis as the 2 DMs. One has over 150 Prem appearances and was a starter in the 2 seasons West Brom finished top 10, the year he was dropped by Pulis they went down. The other has over 140 Serie A appearances. Colback will fight with Yacob for a place and Geddy with Tachtsidis. Watson has not looked good this season, including pre season and in such an important position, we can't afford to be carrying player. Yates and Bridcutt will be probably be loaned out in Jan, can't see either getting a look in now. In my eyes its 4 players for 2 spots, not 7, thats if their all fit mind.
  5. I think in the transfer window just gone numbers were needed. Who wouldn't you have bought that we have now? For a push for top 6, a lot needed to leave and come in to give us a squad which could at least threaten to break into the top 6. I actually think we have a squad good enough to do that now, he just needs to find a way to get them to win games. You're right mate they will, I think the period between this international break and the one in November will be key for him. If results dont improve and we're not at least in sight of top 6 I think he will be gone before December. After spending so much money I'd have at least given him the season but like you say, the fans don't make the decisions.
  6. Does it actually matter who we bring in. If we sack Karanka, the new man won't last 6 months, or the guy after that. A few on this forum are deffo in the minority though. Karankas name was sung loud and proud throughout the match on sat, I think most fans have accepted it will take time and we are not a quick fix.
  7. Cracking away day off the pitch, but poor on it. I will never understand him starting Colback and Watson. Thankfully we have a 2 week break in which he can actually reflect and hopefully get a few players back fit. Results will need to turn after it.
  8. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    I thought Byram was outstanding, really hope its not serious. Lolleys injury is apparently minor but we shall soon see when both are officially confirmed.
  9. Im glad the players showed what they can do last night after the over reactions of some Forest fans. Its clear this group is talented and also the style Karanka is trying to implement, passing, attacking football. Its no surprise that our best performances have come against West Brom and Newcastle, who both like to play a bit of football. AK needs to find a way to get that team to do the same vs teams that like to scrap. It will start by cutting out the sloppy mistakes which we did last night. Im pleased Karanka put out a strong side, another chance for the players to gel and get to know each other on the pitch and winning brings confidence. Strong performances from Hefele, Byram, Robinson, Bridget, Dias, Carvalho, Lolley and Murphy. Still unbeaten, roll on Brentford.
  10. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    According to Karanka it was Breretons choice to leave. If they player doesn't want to fight for his place then £7m is a good price for 3rd choice and you'd have thought one will come in. Fans always hold more sentiment to players who have come through the academy, the board have done a lot more right than wrong since they were appointed, especially on the ins and outs front. We will just have to back their judgement on that one.
  11. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    I can only assume the money from the sale will go towards bringing another striker in.
  12. GupiRed2

    Karanka out

    I wasn't referring to you in particular, just people on twitter and even in the stands at times last season.
  13. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    Yep its not a 2 or 3 year plan. Its promotion this year and he clearly trusts the more experienced players more. Murphy on sat had 1 chance and scored it. Although I think Brereton will develop into a good player, we dont have the time to develop him here. We have seen how defensive errors have really cost us last season and this season. Again for a promotion push this season, Karanka doesn't feel he can trust Worrall at this stage of his career. Karanka sees them both daily so he knows their abilities better than us. I do hope Worrall is just a loan and not a loan with a view to a perm.
  14. He doesn't rate Bridcutt and doesn't want to throw Yates in yet. The game changed when Osborn, Lolley and Carvalho came on. Lolley was direct, Carvalho was technical and faster in the final 3rd and Osborn was much faster with the ball and better with his distribution than Watson. Our problem was we were so slow but thats to be expected when Colback and Watson are your DMs, you need to move the ball faster somehow and it has to stick in the final 3rd, not come straight back. So Id stick Osborn next to Colback. For all the stick Murphy got, we only really gave him one chance and he took it. I can understand he wants 2 players for every position to cover injuries as we will pick them up throughout the campaign, but I can't remember any team chopping and changing throughout the season and going up. Only Cash kept his place in the front 4 from the last league game and it showed. It will be interesting to see if Karanka does find a settle side or keeps making 3/4 changes each week.

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