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  1. 1972

    Forest @ Club Vote

    New Game - No registration - A season is a month Standings: http://www.frauenfussball-vote.de/?action=eliga1 Vote for Forest: http://www.frauenfussball-vote.de/?action=vote_ms&v=Nottingham%20Forest%20LFC Please support two german Forest fans, you can vote every 10 min.
  2. 1972

    Forest @ Club Vote

    Yes 1 Vote/hour ,and you must decide in wich competition you make the vote.Every vote is a goal ! Together we make a team strategy in the Teamboard (Vereinsboard in german) you can show the site in englisch language ! The site is on www.club-vote.com .Most players come from Germany,Austria and swiss. For 14 Months we play for Nottingham Forest.We need more players to break the dominance of the Queens Park Rangers and Liverpool. The game is very simple ,its doesnt take much time and you can play it by mobile phone from anywhere. One vote is one goal, Competitions : 22 European Leagues, 8 National Cups ( EIS-Cup Cup of England,Ireland and Schottland) ,a European Cup and the Champions Cup A season is one month long.In a season you can vote for 6 different teams.There a alliances between the different teams and their help each other. The registration and the game are for free ! Already 1-3 votes/day would be enough ,if we find enough players. Please visit the site ,then register and vote for nottingham ! If you vote for Nottingham, the coaches see your Nickname and send you a PN ,if you interested then answers and say if you only speak englisch.Then we send you more info . If you not like it,you can delete you account every time...its a free game bye....sorry i speak not good englisch
  3. 1972

    Forest @ Club Vote

    Hmm nice picture ,it says all. I see theres no interested people here @Admins - please delete this topic
  4. 1972

    Forest @ Club Vote

    The game: http://www.club-vote.com 1st League England: http://www.club-vote.com/?action=eliga1 League vs Middlesbrough: http://www.club-vote.com/?action=vote_ms&v=Nottingham%20Forest EIS-Cup Semifinal vs Carrigaline United :http://www.club-vote.com/?action=vote_lc&v=Nottingham%20Forest If you interested? visit the teamsite: http://www.club-vote.com/?action=info_verein&verein_id=311 The new seasan starts at febuary 1st ! if you interested contact (PN) the coaches at the game
  5. 1972

    Forest @ Club Vote

    CV Season 51 (January) 1 Nottingham - Arsenal 46:12 2 Nottingham - West Ham 36:1 3 Nottingham - Aston Villa 28:0 4 Nottingham - Sheffield 81:44 5 Nottingham - QPR 404:559 6 Nottingham - Liverpool 139:251 7 Nottingham - Ipswich 22:6 (Current game) 8 Nottingham - Bolton 9 Nottingham - Swansea 10 Nottingham - Middlesbrough 11 Nottingham - Tottenham 12 Nottingham - Manchester 13 Nottingham - Manchester U. 1.QPR 1027:413 18 2.Liverpool 3.Ipswich 4.Bolton 5.Tottenham 6.Swansea 7.Nottingham 734:867 12 ..... 14.Arsenal EIS-Cup 1st R. - Nottingham - Aston Villa 42:38 2nd R. - Nottingham - Falkirk 49:0 Last 16 - Nottingham - Kilmarnock 11:0 (Current Game) www.club-vote.com www.club-vote.com/?action=vote_ms&v=Nottingham%20Forest
  6. 1972

    Forest @ Club Vote

    Ok sorry for my english, its a browser game in wich the football fans play against other ,to support their football team in different cups and the league. It is played in germany but also in austria and switzerland too. We support nottingham since a year and need new interested players. the site ist on club-vote.com Today we losing 208:132 against Liverpool At 23 clock starts game 7 against Ipswich
  7. 1972

    Forest @ Club Vote

    Hello, We at Club-Vote, the online football game Voting logged in, a really cool game voting, which runs completely on the Internet. I would suggest you view this page you time and also to register, so that we can collect our favorite club virtual success! We vote for Nottingham and we have to take time in the 1st Division in England (highest league in the game). A season a month, you can vote once an hour ... there are various cup competitions. We play this game in germany ,but its also in english language! But we need help from the home of football In season 40, we were English Champion In season 41,42,44,46 and 47 we won the EIS Cup (Cup of England / Ireland and Scotland) During the season 45 we won the DFC Cup At present season is 51 and we need players interested! Vote: club-vote.com/?action=vote_ws&v=311 Team club-vote.com/?action=info_verein&verein_id=311 If you interested contact the coaches! regards

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